What’s #frapalymo?/ Was ist #frapalymo?

#frapalymo stands for “Frau Paulchen’s Lyrik Monat” or “Mrs Paulchen’s Poetry Month”.

@FrauPaulchen is a poetess from Germany who started a monthlong poetry project in 2011 or 12. At first, it took place in May and in November but it has now changed to November and three or four weekly projects throughout the year called #frapalywo(I did not translate those prompts but will do in the future if there is interest.)

When she started this project she wasn’t aware that there is a National Poetry Month in October in which many bloggers take part. I assume that is the reason why there are not many participants to the English translations. November, of course, is also “National Novel Writing Month” but never mind 😉 .

In November @FrauPaulchen posts a poetry prompt the day before and we can write a poem for that prompt the next day. I am translating the prompts but unfortunately, I can’t manage to do that the day before as the prompts often come late and I am an early riser and in bed early too.

Also, the translation needs a little time because I often have to search for English translations or media for the prompts. So please bear with me. Just in case you wondered: you do not need to take part with a German poem. Write it in any language you feel to write in. You can either let her know about your poem directly on her blog as is described in my translation or let me know via the comments here on the blog, via @Morgain620 on Twitter or via email: bee.halton[at]gmail.com.

#frapalymo’s so far:

(not all posts are integrated into this blog, please bear with me and with so many blog moves I also lost some posts…)

#frapalymo November 2018

#frapalymo November 2017

#frapalymo November 2016

#frapalymo May 2016

#frapalymo May 2012


Fuer meine deutschen Leser die Erklaerung auf Frau Paulchen’s blog: Paulchen Bloggt ~ #frapalymo