January 11, 2022

Welcome To An Experiment

Hello, out there all you lovely people. It’s 2022 and I am still determined to learn languages. As many as I can manage into the rest of my life. I could also imagine teaching you the two languages I already know: German, my mother tongue, and English my adopted tongue.

Not exactly sure yet, how to do that. I would like to do something else than the usual path. For now, I am experimenting with French, which I learned in school, and Dutch which I am learning now. When I pondered how I became proficient in English I remembered that I started to blog in English and I wrote poetry and stories too. And letters but who writes letters these days?

I also thought I would like to do something fun in trying out to use both French and Dutch. For many months now the “The Word Of The Day Challenge” blog is calling out to me. So why not combine both? Yes, I admit starting with words like “PERIPATETIC” might not help you particularly when you want to go on holiday in France or the Netherlands. But if you like languages and just want to have some fun why not?

Today I am just looking the translations up for this word but from tomorrow onwards I follow the proper rules for “The Word Of the The day Chalenge”. Oops, there are no rules 🙂

Peripatetic” means that you travel on foot from one place or another or that you are a follower of Aristotle who taught while walking.

So does this word exist in German, French, or Dutch?

According to “Google Translate” it’s

PERIPATETIK in German (which is a noun)

AMBULANTE (female) or AMBULANT (male) in French (which is an adjective)


PERIPATETISCH in Dutch but it seems this word doesn’t really exist there. Google Translate offers several other words for it which we simply ignore today because I am running out of time and the dinner cooking is awaiting me.

Please stay tuned to find out if this experiment has a future!

Please stay safe, stay kind and remember to learn a language 🙂

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