Celebrate no matter the weather with these delicous iced coffee recipes.

Good Morning Peeps!

Are you living in an area that is hit by a heatwave? We are not. It was rather fresh in North Norfolk in the last couple of days because the wind comes from the north instead of from the South but today we might get about 24c. Or maybe that’s tomorrow. You never know so close to the sea :-).

No matter where you are at the moment please check out this video for coffee lovers to find five delicious coffee recipes. I think they are great in all weathers. Please, also make sure to visit Sara Lynn Cauchon’s page “Inspired” to get more brilliant recipes and other ideas.

video credit: Sara Lynn Crouchon via YouTube

May you have a wonderful Friday and great weekend!

I think I have to count some sheep….

November 2018

I have a lot of sleeping problems lately. On the one hand, our neighbour has his tv on really loudly beside our bedroom. On the other hand, my psyche seems to work through something.

Here something funny from this spring….

March 2018

Even though the title of yesterday afternoons German post is pretty much the same the post itself isn’t quite. Yes, you might have figured out by now that I love animations and some of you might know that I have a thing for Minions. But do you know that I love Shaun the Sheep too? In fact, my car a white Citroen C1 is named after Shirley the fat sheep in the series. I just love them and here is one of my favourites just in case you need some funny relaxation. Go on… you know you want to!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


Ich glaub ich muss mal Schaefchen zaehlen…

November 2018

Hatte viel Schlafprobleme in letzter Zeit. Zum einen hat unser Nachbar seinen Fernseher sehr laut an neben unserem Schlafzimmer. Zum anderen scheint meine Psyche was aufzuarbeiten. Hier dann mal was lustiges vom Fruehling…

Maerz 2018

Ich muss zugeben manchmal ist mir lesen zu viel und ich schaue einfach nur fern. Da aber hier auchย  mit so ungefaehr 200 TV Kanaelen oft nichst vernuenftiges zu sehen ist, schaue ich immer mal wieder bei YouTube vorbei und lasse mein inneres Kind raus.

Heute darf es mal Schaefchen zaehlen ๐Ÿ˜‰

Is ja bald Ostern, da passen die Schaefchen ja schon. Und auch das Problem mit dem Nachwuchs, der einfach nicht macht was die Allgemeinheit macht. Das kommt ja bei so Familienfeiern zu Ostern, Weihnachten etc dann schon raus. Never mind. Erinnert Euch einfach an diese Animation!