Foto des Tages: Ein Besuch in Mundesley, UK

Wir leben hier in Nord Norfolk fast direkt an der Kueste. Eines der liebenswerten Seebaeder ganz in der Naehe ist Mundesley. Es ist beliebt bei Familien, da der Strand von guter Qualitaet ist und es eine eher ruhige Gegend ist. 

Das Oertchen bietet neben Cafe’s, Viktorianischen Hotels auch einen Golfplatz und diverse Veranstaltungen wie Flohmaerkte und Kaffee und Kuchen in der Kirche.

Eine von mehreren Kirchen in Mundesley: All Saints Parish Church Mundesley

Beach Road fuehrt von Bacton durch Mundesley und wird dann zur Cromer Road, die durch Trimmingham, Side- und Overstrand nach Cromer fuehrt.

Hier findet Ihr unser liebstes Fish und Chips Geschaeft aber auch Cafe’s und Hotels, die wir noch nicht besucht haben.

Diese Bar ist neu aber Victoriana passt sehr gut
Fast wie zuhause 😉
Das Manor Hotel 
Eine Reihe moderne Geschaefte zum Krimskrams kaufen

Ich habe Mundesley grade nach den Sommerferien besucht. Das Ende der Saison laesst den Ort fast leer erscheinen und auch in den Ferien ist es nicht besonders voll, da viele Familien in den umliegenden Ferienhausgebieten bleiben, die alles bieten, was man braucht. Zudem gibt es viele beliebte Seebaeder, die man besuchen kann in der Gegend.

Ausblick zur See

Die Mitte von Mundesley ist durch einen kleinen Park auf der einen Seite der Strasse und einem Gruengelaende mit Memorial fuer die Gefallenen des zweiten Weltkrieges auf der anderen Seite gekennzeichnet.

Kriegsdenkmal und Manor Hotel

Und dem kleinen Maritime Museum, das im alten Coastguard Gebaeude untergebracht ist. Das Museum zeigt die 200jaehrige Seegeschichte von Mundesely mit Geschichten von Seerettungsboten, untergegangenen Schiffen und Fischern.

Mundesley Maritime Museum

Nord Norfolk wurde am Beginn des 19. Jahrhunderts eine beliebte Feriengegend, da die reichen Bankfamilien von Norwich dort ihre Ferienhaeuser bauten und King Edward zum Beispiel in Cromer Golf spielte. Es wurde “schick” in den Doerfern entlang der Kueste eine Ruhepause einzulegen. Mit der Zeit folgten die Massen, die die neu gebaute Eisenbahnlinie von Norwich zur Kueste fuer Tagesausfluege nutzen. 

Die Britische Version des Strandkorbes: Beach Huts

Wer das Grossbritannien der Briten und nicht das des Massentourismus kennenlernen moechte, sollte einen Besuch in Nord Norfolk in Betracht ziehen. Celebrities wie Stephen Fry, Johnny Depp und John Hurt wohnen hier oder haben ein Ferienhaus und es ist eine wunderschoene Gegend, die zum Wandern entlang der Cliffs am Meer einlaedt oder in die vielen Naturschutzgebiete. Die, die gerne Voegel beobachten, finden sowohl im Herbst als auch im Fruehjahr vieles zu sehen. 


Mit diesem kleinen Einblick in Mundesley entlasse ich Euch  nun in die Nacht. Hier noch ein paar Bilder, um Euch ein wenig Fernweh zu bescheren :-).

Andere Sichtweise der Strandhuetten
Auch fuer Nachtleben ist gesorgt…
Die Dinosaurier kommen….
Strandleben nach der Saison
Ueber den Daechern von Mundesley Beach 😉
Hunde sind willkommen
Manor Hotel vom Strand aus gesehen
Blumenpracht, jedes Jahr ein bisschen anders
Sogar Star Wars macht hier Urlaub 😉


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Discover “Secret” North Norfolk Beaches ~ Part I

When I was 5 years old, I saw the sea for the first time. It was in Germany. The Baltic sea at Timmendorfer Strand and I was hooked. I can’t really remember what it was that made me fall in love with the sea so much but I think it’s because you can find stuff on the beach. The orange stuff: amber. And, of course, shells. All sorts of shells. A vast amount of shells and which child does not like to find a beautiful shell?

8 years later we were back and I still loved it. We also went to the North Sea which was even more impressive. There were more things that you could find on the beach: More and different shells, all sorts of rocks and the odd fossil too.

And I went back to the sea time and time again and in the end, I moved to the UK where the sea is never really far away. My husband and I found an affordable house just 5-10 minutes from a beautiful beach in the beautiful and quirky county of Norfolk. My husband grew up in Hertfordshire, and even though his family didn’t need 7-8 hours to get to a sea beach, he feels the same like me: We are so, so grateful to be able to go to the beach whenever we want.

Description for visually impaired readers: View from clifftop over Trimmingham beach. At bottom left, there is a little grass. Behind you can see the sandy beach with a wooden sea defence coming in from the left. There is the bluish grey sea and white waves over which spans a deep blue sky and a couple of clouds. The sky becomes rather light blue or even white at the horizon.

Before we had Sherky, our rescue greyhound, we did go on a regular basis but definitely not every day. At least twice or three times a week, and we were happy to take pictures and pick up the odd fossil or rock. Even then we realised how much the UK shore and cliffs are impacted by the power of the sea and climate change. And what a treasure trove the North Norfolk coast is when it comes to belemnites, devil’s toenails and even amber. The more often we walked at the beach, the more we got interested in what you can find. So much so, that my husband joined a Facebook group called North Norfolk Fossils.

The beach we usually go to is between Mundesley and Trimmingham and is one of the most beautiful and secret spots in North Norfolk. While the beaches at Cromer, Mundesley and Sea Palling are full of day tourists and holidaymakers who loudly enjoy themselves Trimmingham is rather quiet. There are no restaurants or ice cream vans and this year it doesn’t even have a volunteer coast guard present.

Description for visually impaired readers: The image shows the view out of our car. On the top left, you can see condensation of the window as well as blue sky and sunlight shining in the waterdrops. There is the sea in the middle in front of which there the shadow of a house and two poles. In the front, you see a field path leading down and a piece of the front of our red Discovery.

I love it when we turn into the little lane that leads down to the beach, which is easily missed, and ensures it stays a secret spot mostly only the locals know. And of course, those who stay at the campsites in close proximity. You drive down what looks like a field path and behind the campsite, the horizon and the sea open up to you.

It looks different every day: The sea has a different shade of blue or grey. The sky offers a different display of clouds every time and now in summer, it surprises us with the deepest blue you could ever have seen in a sky. Then you turn towards your left and you actually come down towards the beach and it takes your breath away: Impressive waves on stormy days or a vast band of white sand that might as well lay at the Mediterranean.

Description for visually impaired readers: The front of the picture shows the red hood of our discovery on the street down towards Trimmingham beach. On the right is short vegetation after which you can see a little of the sandy beach. Further up there is the bluish grey sea over which there is the sky with a similar colour but also some fluffy clouds.

There is a little car park because the beach is very popular with surfers, jet skiers and night fishermen which usually turn up at the weekends in summer. Mind you, the fishermen here are rather hardy and love the winter weather too. And we even saw the odd surfer in early spring when we still wore our thickest winter coats.

Since January, we go pretty much every day because we have been adopted by that beautiful and rather excitable greyhound. She loves to walk along the beach and we love to give her a run. Since then we have discovered sea glass and more and more fossils some of which we sell in my husbands eBay shop. Find out more at the end of the post.

An empty beach is the most beautiful and relaxing place on earth, in my opinion. We usually come rather early which means we have spotted deer who astonishingly manage to jump up the sandy cliffs. There are always some crows, pigeons and lots and lots of seagulls. And now in summer, you can encounter the odd seal. What an experience to see a baby seal “hobble” towards the water and vanish under the waves.

Trimmingham beach is a geologically important site because you find the youngest chalk in the UK. There is a little chalk cliff to the right when you come down from the car park. You are not supposed to hammer the bedrock. However, we quite often think that there has been someone out there doing it anyway because what falls down from the chalk doesn’t look like its broken off from the sea. But we might be wrong. But it certainly attracts many fossil hunters.

Description for visually impaired readers: A white stone on a light brown wooden surface. The stone has a fossil imprint on it which looks like a tree. It’s colour is darker grey.

It also seems that Trimmingham beach attracts teenagers and young adults who love to have a bbq or party at the beach. We often find the remnants of their enjoyment left laying around. If you follow my social media you might have heard me ranting ;-). There are, however, many locals who go on beach cleans on a regular basis that are lead by the Marine Conservation Society. We have also met some tourists who just picked up some plastic because they wanted to do their bit. Maybe not all is lost ;-).

I have planned to tell you more about “secret” Norfolk beaches and our experiences at Trimmingham beach in the next couple of months. This is my way of saying “Thank You!” to the universe who has blessed us with the experience of this beautiful beach. Even though its often not a good idea to share secret spots, I think my readers deserve to know more about this lovely piece of land.

Is there anything you want me to write about?

Feel free to let me know.


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This year, we discovered that there are many people and artists, who are interested in sea glass. So he started to also sell what we find at the beach. There are several lots of five sea glass pieces untouched, but he also sells drilled sea glass as well as sea glass pendants. And some of the fossils we find. But to be honest: it’s hard to let them go so you just get some special ones that we love to share with our brilliant customers. Please have a look at our versatile eBay shop and “window shop” for garden statues, accessories, Scalectrix, sea glass and fossils. We are looking forward to welcoming you as customers at Quickentree74’s eBay shop.