Take five

dainty flowers
all in a row
so pretty
as I sit
Waiting for my dog
To finish his 5 minute run
around the garden
Dainty flowers
Smell so good
As I breathe
In their sweet aroma
Now it is time
To take 5
Go get a coffee
And then
Relax with my book


Bee’s poetry challenge for Carol anne, perhaps love…

This week, Bee has challenged me to write a poem with the words, perhaps love, in it! So here I go! I take her up on the challenge!

Perhaps love…
is a fleating thing
do I believe in it?
I am not sure
Only time will tell
Perhaps love…
Is a whisper on the wind
An action…
Love is the thing
That conquers all
Or does it?
Perhaps love…
Will grow in my heart
The longer I wait…
The longer I have faith…
Perhaps, love?
A question?
A thought?
Perhaps, perhaps
Its love…


Carol annes poetry challenge from the Bee…

This week, Bee gave me this prompt to write on.

My thoughts wander to…

It took a little bit of thinking, on my part, but now, here it is, finally!

sitting, thinking
my thoughts wander to
to what?
to so many things
its hard to put down
in a poem
just one thing
so on reflection
I am going to try
to empty my foggy brain
of wandering thoughts
so, here I go…
I think about today being thanksgiving
Thinking about all I am thankful for
I think about my therapy process
Where are we going?
What will we work through in our next session
I think about my weight loss
All I have accomplished in 8 months
And I cant believe it
I think about Christmas
The gifts I still need to buy
All the things we as a family will do to celebrate
Those are my wandering thoughts on this fine Thursday