On a yellow background there is a bee on the top right side and orange writing says in the middle: Give and you shall receive.

How NOT to design a shirt and why I try again

Today I ordered a mug.

A mug of my design which I was waiting to order.

It is this mug:

image of a white mug with a loudspeaker in yellow and red saying: On your keyboard! Get Tea! Write!

image of a white mug with a loudspeaker in yellow and red saying: On your keyboard! Get Tea! Write!

And I thought I let you know a little bit why I created it and what it’s all about:

As many of you know I have given up my job at the end of March as I just could not do it anymore. I have no new job yet, but do a course to teach English online and am pondering to do some coaching too. However, I have to coach myself first I think πŸ™‚

For years I thought about the idea to put my poetry on shirts and when I read about Teespring I was rather thrilled. It sounded great. I did two designs before the above one but they were not a great success.

The first was a grey shirt with this poem on it:

hunting is only unobjectable to me

if no animals are involved.

The hunting of languages though

is a rather intriguiging

and noble act of


LOL besides being a really bad poem it has THREE!!!!! spelling mistakes in it (do I really want to teach English soon????) As I write this I am roaring with laughter. There was no design involved either and the boring writing must have put off everybody. You guessed it: it did not sell. However, I am still wearing my spelling mistakes with pride as the t-shirt is really comfortable and gives a great pyjama top. Yes, I bought one because I wanted to know how they are and how the buying process goes.

The next of my trials was rather unsuccessful too:

Looks to me like I avoided the spelling mistakes this time and I even did some sort of design but as I am known for not finishing projects it did not sell either. Well, again one. Mine. That one was a little small but still very comfortable.

So when I figured out that life is going to put a rather big roadblock in my way I tried again. After all, they say third time lucky or “Aller guten Dinge sind drei!!!”

So far I have come up with the “On your keyboard! Get Tea (there is also one for coffee & wine)! Write!” design which you can get as a mug, organic t-shirts and stickers. My idea for that one was to change

“On your marks! Get set! Go!”

into something motivational for writers and bloggers to start their writing day. The best husband (Jeremy Clarkson voice) in the world did not get it. So I am wondering if it is not easy to understand and just something that spawned in my crazy mind. If you have thoughts on it, please let me know. (Yes they are my babies but I will survive if you think its stupid. Really! I promise!!! πŸ™‚ )

beige shirt with a yellow & red loudspeaker on the top right side which says: On your keybaord! Get coffee! Write!

beige shirt with a yellow & red loudspeaker on the top right side which says: On your keybaord! Get coffee! Write!

What I love about Teespring is the fact that you can fundraise with your designs for a cause. They even offer to directly give the money to your chosen charity. That keeps things easy and clean in my mind. Lately, I have often thought about the idea to give one percent of my income to a good cause. I can’t remember where I read about it but it feels right to do so. I have supported different causes over the years but inequalities in the world have troubled me a lot in the last couple of months. That is why I chose the World Literacy Foundation because they do such a good job all over the world to help children to learn to read and write.

I am so much aware of how much more difficult my struggle with my mental health would be if I could not read and write. I would not have the chance to connect with other bloggers or blog for one which is a huge help in difficult times. Reading and writing is also a big part of my life and I agree with the World Literacy Foundation that it is a human right to know how to read and write.

I struggled a little at first to decide how much of the sales I wanted to give but ended up with 50% of each sale for their work and I think I need to up my game to actually get some money in for them πŸ™‚ .

The other times I changed the suggested prices for the shirts to cheaper ones because I thought they are rather expensive. Especially as they add a handling fee and shipping price to it. That is around 50p & around 4Β£ in case of the mug. For shirts, it is about 80p & 2.80Β£. You can order them also from other countries and I think they adjust the prices to your currency.

This time I left the prices as Teespring suggested. That was mainly because I think their products deserve their prices and it is for a good cause after all. Let’s get some money to let kids learn to read & write!

On the right side of my blog, you can see another one of my designs with one of my favourite poems or maybe just questions. And then there is this one too:

red or dark pink women’s shirt with white writing and symbols: two hearts, a head with wheels inside and a sunset and waves. The writing is set wonky and says: breathe out breathe in love yourself, breathe our breathe in know yourself, breathe out breathe in calm yourself.

The different designs are not always available as they run for three weeks and then are a couple of days off. However, you should be able to order them and when they print again you can get them. My goal is 20 orders for a print but I remember last time they did even one order too.

Right then πŸ™‚ get stuck in and tell me what you think or go and get some! Thanks!

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