Binging “The 100”

I don’t usually review TV-series. However, at the moment I am “forced” πŸ˜‰ to binge on “The 100” and what a hard task that is. LOL.

A little explanation at this point.

I have a market research app on my phone. I allowed the app to keep an eye on the pages I regularly visit, and I get points for it which translate into Amazon gift vouchers. A couple of weeks ago, I used parts of those points to get a headset for my TEFL teaching. At the same time, Amazon offered me a 4 week free trial of Amazon Prime, which meant, I could get the headset without shipping costs. “Fair enough”, I thought. The best husband (Jeremy Clarkson voice) in the world likes the ex-Top Gear presenting team, so I decided it would be worth it to check out the second series of “The Grand Tour”. We did not like the first but the second is ok.

Oops I digress.

When they showed the trailers for “The 100” on Freeview I was quite taken. This sort of series is right up my street. It’s not up the best husbands street though. So I decided to watch it when he is not around. And then I forgot all about it.

Checking out Prime Video when I got the free access the series jumped right at me and here I am. Binge watching 4 series of “The 100” in 4 weeks. And that my dears is not all: I also got the first book with said Amazon voucher and on top, they show the 5th series on Freeview. Guess what? I truly binge.

I am reading the book, am at series 2 on Prime and I watch series 5 on Freeview!

It’s a bit confusing I admit. The book seems to be different than the series. I am not very far yet, but I like the characters and the story so far. However, I think I like the series better and that does not happen very often.

What I really like about the series is the fact that all the characters are so controversial and multilayered. For all those who do not know “The 100”: Earth was destroyed by a nuclear war. There were 12 satellite stations in space at the time and they connected and created the Arc. However, their resources are ending and so they send 100 juvenile “criminals” down to earth to figure out if it is still inhabitable. Of course, it is and, of course, there are survivors of all sorts there too. They are not particularly happy that the “sky people” come down, and want their share of earth’s sparse resources.

To me, the scenario sounds rather believable. Also, the different fractions who inhabit the earth look rather realistic to me. There are the “Mountain Men”, people who cannot live outside because their bodies are not adjusted to the high radiation. There are different tribes of “Grounders” which are humans whose bodies have adjusted to the radiation. The Grounders though are “harvested” by the Mountain Men as they need blood infusions to keep surviving. And guess what? Of course, they kept the “old” culture and “saved” paintings and other artefacts. They are power trippers too. Their technical development matches that of the “Sky People”. The Mountain Men try everything to keep the Sky People at bay.

The series, in a way, is about one question:

“What is the right thing to do when I need to survive?” & “Is it ok to kill other humans to keep my people and me alive?”

But it also shows the effect that that sort of decision has on a person. There are parts of the series which are rather tough and I can’t watch them. But these parts build a postapocalyptic world that is believable.

To me, the series just seems to show our reality in an exaggerated version.

What fascinates me most are the women in the series. They are all kick-ass in their own way. None of them follow that stereotype that says women are “nurturing” “peace-loving” and “non-violent”. My goodness, we are and we are not. I have come to believe, that women are as aggressive as men are and men are as nurturing as women are. It all depends on what conclusions the individual has chosen when growing up and dealing with life. It also depends on in what sort of environment the individual grows up. And of course, what society expects from the individual.

These women take very controversial decisions. These women fight with all they have. These women survive and they are in no way less than the men at their side. That is one reason why I started to like “The Hunger Games” too. Those who fight in the Arena are of the same making.

I am very curious if the book goes the same way or if the makers of the series have taken many freedoms to make a great TV experience. It is very strange to read and watch a story at the same time. Also to watch the beginning and the current storylines at the same time. But I love it.

I love it because the conflicts between characters take me in not only emotionally but also logically. It makes me ask what I would do in a similar situation. It makes me wonder where humankind as a whole is heading, and how much “culture” and “civilisation” can change in the blink of an eye.

I have another two weeks left of my free trial of Amazon Prime. Should be just enough to get series 3 & 4 done. And after that, I keep watching series 5 on Freeview. And probably get the other books of the series. Cool!

Video Resources: IGN on YouTube

Do you watch “The 100”? And if “yes” what do you make of the series? And if you read the book: How do you feel about the story? I am so curious!



The most important factor in survival is not intelligence or strength but adaptability ~ Charles Darwin


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