Good News Tuesday ~ Our Friends the Trees

In the last couple of months my focus has shifted enormously. The protests of Extinction Rebellion in April have made me realise that each an every one of us need to do our bit to reduce the use of plastic, electricity and water.

One way of changing the climate crisis is planting trees and last weeks Good News Newsletter showed us that Costa Rica is an example for all the countries in the world as it has doubled its rainforest canopy within a couple of decades without killing the economy. In fact, it’s rather the opposite: Regrown rainforests offer around 18.000 jobs in the eco-tourism industry and indirectly supports another 30 000.

Forests but particularlly rainforests play a major role in storing Co2 one of the greenhouse gasses that help exelerate the climate crisis and producing o2. Forests are called the lungs of the earth for that reason and so, in fact, trees are our friends.

This is how it’s done:

video credit: Karen Holl via YouTube

If you want to help to plant trees consider to use Ecosia as your search engine both on desktop, laptop and mobile devises as they support tree planting projects all over the world.

Let’s search and plant some trees ๐Ÿ™‚

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Love & Rage my friends