#Poem on Friday ~ Take Life in Your Hands

Hello out there, how are you? I hope life is treating you well and if not that you have a mug or glass of your favourite beverage and lots of ice cream and chocolate. Yes, I know that is not the most healthy option to cheer oneself up but sometimes it is the only way… πŸ™‚

It’s Friday and my time to post a poem so let’s not talk the day away just go for it πŸ™‚

take life in your hands

choose what encourages you

see the sun rising

Happy Friday to you all despite everything πŸ™‚

#Poem on Friday ~ Human Being

Hello out there, how are you? I hope you and yours are well and safe. Please take a moment and breathe and remember you rock. Might there be a hidden blessing in these difficult times? My blessings are with you.

Human Being

Human being not doing

Remember your roots

Remember peace

Remember harmony


Human being

Happy Friday to you all despite everything!

line of clouds over North Norfolk sea and beach

Blast from the Past: Eucalyptus Tree/ Eukalyptusbaum

Eucalyptus Tree

neighbour from southern continent

dancing and bending

waving and dreaming

throwing a trance

of simmering heat

over me



Nachbar von suedlichem Kontinent

tanzend und sich niederbeugend

winkend und traeumend

wirft eine Trance

simmernder Hitze

ueber mich

photo of sunrise at Trimmingham Beach, UK, November 2019

Blast from the Past: Black Wings Stretched ~ #poem

Hi there dear readers. Lovely to have you here for a short post. I hope life gives you a break and you can enjoy a wonderful day!

It’s 1AM where I live when this post goes up. In about 8 hours I’ll see the doctor to find out what kind of cancer treatment will await me in the next view months.

I have scheduled a couple of “blast from the past” posts just in case I don’t feel like blogging. Please bear with me.

I’ll keep you updated as soon as I can. Thanks so much for your good thoughts and prayers. I appreciate it a lot πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ.

And for today a short poem from many moons ago 😁:

“Black wings stretched ~ Cormorant rests on windy beach ~ Couple holding hands


1 AM late night ramble!

1 AM!
Time for me
To let my lab out
For his nightly sniff
Around the garden
To see
Will he do his thing
And pee?
But all he wants to do
Is sniff, sniff
There must be some nice smells
On the grass
I am loving
The noises his little labby nose makes
As he sniffs the air
And grass beneath his feet
When I call his name
For him to come on and come inside
He ignores me
Too interested in his surroundings
Then all of a sudden
He is done
And he comes and stands by my side,
Looking at me
putting his nose in my hand
what a cute puppy!

I love love my little lab! He’s sooo cute!
Good night!
❀ ❀


Horrid nightmares!

Hello all of you lovely bloggers!
Well its 2:15 AM here in ireland, and I am wide awake, since I had an awful nightmare, about someone chasing me to kill me! I hate nightmares!
But I don’t know anyone who likes them?
So now I am awake and will make a cup of tea after I let my dog out!
My dog wasn't even with me when I jumped out of bed! He was asleep in his own bed, normally he's on my bed, snuggled up beside me!
Love that boy to pieces!

Now that I am up, I don't know what to do with myself! Anyone got any suggestions?
Well I'll write a little about how I am feeling, I suppose!

night terror
really scary
scared me half to death
when I awake
I jump out of my skin
and hope
I don't have to do it all soon, again.

Good night all!


A little poetry for you!

Hi all you lovely bloggers of the blogosphere!
How are you on this Friday evening? How has it been for you? Fun? Not so fun? Did you enjoy the start of the weekend? I hope you are enjoying your weekend, and that todays been really awesome!

I haven’t written on Bee’s blog in a while, so here I am tonight!
Bear with me, I’m exhausted, so this post could be a little scattered!
I thought I'd write a little about how tired I am! No sleep equals exhaustion!
πŸ˜€ ❀

Beyound exhausted
sleep wont come
but I am
Even with my meds on bord
And a warm bed
I cant rest my head
Sleep evades me
I am frazzled
Tired and anxious
I just hope
With the right amount of self care
That I will finally lay down my head
Fall into slumber
And awake feeling refreshed
And rejuvenated

#Poets on Friday ~ Erich Fried ~ Exiles

Hi there dear poetry lovers, how are you today? I hope you are well and if not that there is always a poem to help you through.

Today I won’t bore you with one of my poems but will introduce you to one of my favourite poets called Erich Fried. I am not sure how well known he is in the English speaking world even though the Austrian-born poet lived for many years in the UK when he had to flee his native Nazi-occupied country. In Germany, he is mainly known for his wonderful love poetry. “Was es ist/What it is” is one of the few poems I found translated. However, he was an inherently political man who often saw through the games politicians play to get us to believe what they want. In “100 Poems without a Country” he talks poetically about exile, tyranny and how to keep up the hope and fight for freedom.

For a long time, I wasn’t aware that he lived here in the UK for such a long time but when I realised his poetry became even more important to me. He has translated some of Shakespeare’s work into German which I also didn’t know for a long time. I think that is quite a feat because it is hard enough to understand old-fashioned English but bringing it into old-fashioned German must have been really hard.

MoonHopoe shared a documentary about Erich Fried in which you can hear him talk about his life. It seems to be from 1988 the year in which he died. Please enjoy and be inspired to read some of his poetry. Thanks!

And als always: Follow the link underneath the video if it doesn’t play here on the blog.

video source: Moon Hopoe on YouTube

Erich Fried’s Poetry on All Poetry

Poetry by Erich Fried on PoemHunter

Podcast about Erich Fried’s poem “You” on The Poetry Exchange

Happy Friday to you all!!!!

#Poem on Friday: Hopes

Wow, 2020 is already three days old and I wonder what will happen this year. It is always a wonderful time when a year starts and we are full of ideas and hopes. May all yours find a way into reality!!!!

New year full of hopes

Here we go again with plans

breathing in and out

Happy Friday everybody!!!!!


2020 is here! yay!

Hi everyone, and a very happy new year! I hope your 2020 is starting off great!
Heres a little poem to start off this brand new year!

New year
New start
Goals, resolutions
Will we keep them?
Who knows
We’ll try to
All that matters
Is we tried
Happy 2020
Welcome it with open arms
and an open heart