#Poets on Friday ~ Erich Fried ~ Exiles

Hi there dear poetry lovers, how are you today? I hope you are well and if not that there is always a poem to help you through. Today I won’t bore you with one of my poems but will introduce you to one of my favourite poets called Erich Fried. I am not sure how well known he is in the English speaking world even … Continue reading #Poets on Friday ~ Erich Fried ~ Exiles

English translation of Edison quote

Let’s write some #poetry!

This is another post from February 2013. I posted poetry prompts every week and wanted to try out different poetry forms. This one is quite interesting. Maybe it inspires you to try and write a decastich too 🙂 : Not enough C so there we are at D: Decastich  There is not a lot of information about the Decastich. According to The Poets Garret it … Continue reading Let’s write some #poetry!

Carol Annes good night poem, sweet dreams, everyone!

Well its midnight here in the emerald aisle! I’m off to bed, have therapy in the morning! I had a really great evening, which included a prechristmas drink, a pink gin! So I shall big you all good night, sweet dreams to you all! As my head Hits the pillow My mind Starts to slow Sweet dreams ya’ll Good night Until tomorrow When we’ll do … Continue reading Carol Annes good night poem, sweet dreams, everyone!