Quote by Edward Abbey

Wild & Wise

video credit: meditative mind via YouTube

Do you hear the call?
Wild & Wise.
Your heart.
Your gut.
Your inner voice.
She is there
for you
to find.

for visually impaired readers: image of Bee in garden. She wears a floppy brown felt hat and yellow top. She smiles.
image of Bee after hair loss

🐝 Too much & a #Poem 🙋‍♀️


This cancer-chemo-thing sucks at times. Sorry for my language. 😧

Spent this week organising appointments. That’s something I don’t enjoy at the best of times. Now… seems to take out everything of me. 🤯

However, I manage to do it now and not procrastinate for weeks… Looks like it teaches you stuff too. 👍

But I still need to learn to accept my limits. That doesn’t come easy… 🧐

Happy Friday, folks! I hope you can rock life and find happiness in unexpected places 🙋‍♀️🐝

This cold grabs my heart

Silently sadness creeps in

Hear the cockerel Call

Napoleon with three of his 12 ladies

Re-post: Poem on Friday ~ Horror

August 2020
I can’t believe that I wrote this poem 5 years ago, and abuse is still a topic that needs addressing 😦 .
June 2015
No Grimm on TV today. Well, I’ll keep away to get some writing done.

This week’s prompt

This week’s prompt challenged us to look at our Grimm Reapers of happiness, innocence or whatever was/is important to us. It also challenged us to find symbols or fairy tale characters to express what happened. You can find the full prompt here.

My poem

I needed a few days to think about my prompt and let an idea germinate. It’s not fully prepared yet, but I will have a go anyway.


“Don’t’ go astray.”
Says the wolf to the cub
“Remember what grandpa told?
There is little red riding hood outside
Hiding in bush and wood.
She’ll tempt you and tease you
And in the end
You fall in the well oh so deep
So don’t go astray.”
Says the wolf to the cub
“Or she’ll be on her way.”
So the cub grows up
And has never gone
The way his mother told.
But he’s fearful and tearful
Of everything red
And secretly waits for the day.
The day arrives and red riding hood
comes hopping along on her way.
The wolf grabs her hood and howls like a dog
And never lets go of her there.
“What is it with you?” asks little red hood
“Why are you so grim to me?”
“You tortured my kind” he answered grim
And put his claws on her.
“It wasn’t me you stupid gid.
The kiddies did that to your folks.
So leave me alone and go on your way
And never return around here!”
The wolf he growled and the claw cut deep.
He wasn’t to listen to her
Because she was the temptress, and he was right
and no one would change his mind.
A few days later the hunter came
To the forest oh so deep.
And what he found was a little red hood
And nothing left to see.
Because little girls do not tempt grown men
It is them who brainwash little girls
To believe wolfs are good and they are allowed
To do whatever they please.

Suggestions on how to take part

You can still challenge yourself with this prompt and find a mention of your blog and post next Tuesday on this blog.

  • Read “The Day Jobbers Essential Poetry Prompt” here on “The Bee Writes…” on Wednesdays
  • Write your poem as close or far from the prompt as you feel comfortable
  • Post it on your blog or here in the comment section or both
  • You have time for that until the next Tuesday
  • Use “The Day Jobbers Essential Poetry Prompt” picture if you want to
  • Go and read another “Day Jobbers Essential Poetry Prompt” Poem from the comments
  • Most of all have lots of fun
image of river Woernitz and shadows

You’re not mine ~ A Poem

August 2020

Hello, out there all you lovely people. I hope you are having a bearable day despite everything. Or even a great day? That would be wonderful. Today I am sharing another poem. I wrote it in June 2015, thinking about the children of my husband. My path in life did not include bearing children. However, to me, all children deserve my care and my protection as much as it is in my ability.

I was lucky enough that my step-children accepted me from the beginning. They are now wonderful young people who start to go their own way which is sometimes a hard thing to accept. More so for my husband, I guess.

I so often think of my grandmother, who said that to her all of her children and grandchildren were still young children. It was hard for her to see us as grown-ups. And I now understand how she felt.

This is not my best poem, I admit. Not all can be. But it expresses well, how I feel and how important they are to us.

June 2015

You’re not mine

You’re not mine
Not from my womb
Not from my blood
I love you
No matter what

The pain you feel hurts me.
The joy you feel pleases me.

I am a keeper of your soul
A guide for just
A little while.

Then I must let you go
Your own way.

And I know
All will be well


No matter what
I love you
Even though
You are not mine

Happy Saturday to all of you despite everything!

Image of rocks and sea with quote by John Muir

Poem on Friday ~ Let the door do the talking

August 2020
I am using this month to work through my old posts. Some of them I post with the date they were initially posted. Some I re-publish for this month because they were fun, exciting or simply are still up-to-date. This poem was just plain fun. Feel free to use the prompt even though it is from 2015.
June 2020

Invited to let the door do the talking

Yes, I invited you to get “intimate” with your bathroom door. Well, not what you think of course!
I had a good look at our bathroom door a few days ago and realised how wonky it is. As we live in an old cottage a lot of parts are a little wonky which made me wonder how much this bathroom door might have seen in its life.

What would the bathroom door say?

What would it tell you if it could speak? Has it always been a bathroom door? Has there always been a bathroom? Who knows. Of course, I could ask our landlord and landlady who live beside us but that would be a little cheating, wouldn’t it?

Experimental Poetry

Since a few months, I like to get more experimental with my poetry even though I am not too big a fan of poetry that doesn’t really make sense. But hey! Life is short, and time for creativity even shorter. Let’s get rocking and connect the bathroom door with “Language is a Virus”.
For more enlightenment have a look here.

My Poem


A knock sometimes.
Never a kreen or a piaaak.
I creak usually
When you open me
When you close me
I creak
Yes creaking I do
I will never
Tell you my secrets
Of hidden tears
Or laughter
I creak
Yes creaking I do
I will never
Tell you my secrets
Of beauty
And disgust
I creak
Yes creaking I do
I will never
Give away
Your secrets


My poem after “Language is a Virus”

This poem looks a little different when I was working with it on “Language is a Virus” and it’s “Visual Poetry” gadget: Unfortunately, I lost this image
There is still time to take part in “The Day Jobbers Essential Poetry Prompt”.

The Cut-Up-Machine-Poem

August 2020

I love to play with words. Even though I mainly write haiku-like poems currently, it is nice to have a look back at some of my experiments:

October 2016

Yes, I know when this is posted it will be November but does it matter? In the last few days, I have written some new poems and posted them here. However, I need some fun and a little playing around and therefore I am going back to one of my favourite poetry sites: Language is a Virus.

It has a lot of writing prompts, writing gizmos and gadgets, and all in all, it is just great fun for any writing block to just vanish. Today I am using The Cut-Up-Machine and enter this text:

I’ve cut it up

It is October

and I sit on

the sofa.

No  mug of tea.

I had coffee.
Lot’s of it.

Now I am hyper like a

chicken on crack.

I can see the branches of 

the trees outside

dance in the wind

It winds them up

and down skillfully.

And I wonder


The Cut-Up-Machine

will make of this.

Let’s see what “Language is a Virus” will make of it :-). It’s been cut twice:


I’ve cut it up

down winds winds on wonder

What The the trees sit sofa.

No mug of wonder

What The branches this.

on the winds on down wonder

What The coffee.

Lot’s a chicken sofa.

No coffee.

Lot’s crack.

I am outside dance

had mug up and skillfully.

And mug the I trees

had mug

can had is had

in down wonder

What The….


I am sitting here barking with laughter…… 🙂


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#Poem on Friday: Busy and short

Hello you dear readers! I am so glad you are here. Just sit down, have a cuppa of your favourite hot beverage, grab a cookie and relax. I suspect we need it in these uncertain times.

That is why I keep it real short today 🙂

baking and cooking

the holidays are coming

rest with stones and rocks

Happy Friday to you all. Just remember in all the chaos that you rock!!!! 🙂

image of dark goyne reaching into calm sea at dawn

#Poem of the Day ~ Dark Heavens

Hello out there, are you rocking and rolling? I very much hope so and if not feel the love that I send out every day to this planet and it’s inhabitants!

It’s time for a little haiku

image of a wooden goyne heading into a wave

Dark heavens looming

The sea storming towards land

candle in window

No storm at our shores by the way. Rather more a short heat wave 🙂

Happy Thursday to you all despite everything!