#FirstLineFriday: Never Burn a Bridge

Hello out there, how are you faring? Do you have a cracking Friday or is the day *addcursewordofyourchoice” 😉 ? If the latter is the case I am sending you a big thing to punch to get rid of your frustration and a hug. You will find a solution for your challenge, please, just don’t give up.

My Friday is ok. My mind is a little all over the place as it always is so please bear with me. 🙂 Today I decided to take part in “Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie’s” “First Line Friday”. You can find the challenge and rules here at “First Line Friday: November 8th, 2019“.

The suggested first line is “Never burn a bridge you could push them off later ” which made me grin. There is nothing like a good dose of sarcasm to get through the day 😉 . So with no further ado here is my contribution:


Never” dare I say

burn too much emotion into

a unicorn. They

bridge this and that sentiment.

You though

could soar with the clouds or

push my buttons.

Them!” they said disgusted.

Off with them”.

Later they regretted forever.

I admit I cheated a little with the first line as it is vertical not horizontal and I hope pushing these limits give you something to enjoy. 🙂

Have a happy Friday no matter what and feel free to take part this great challenge!!!!!

Thirteen ~ A #poem

It’s Friday the thirteenth and some years ago I wrote a poem about this glorious number:

All my black cats & ladders

are dancing in my mind ~

Thirteen ~

holy to some ~

dangerous to others ~

Where is the truth?

Do you believe in bad luck on Friday the thirteenth or are you not bothered.

Find lots of information on Friday 13th on Liveabout.dotcom.

Sending you love and good vibes no matter what you believe 😊

Poem on Friday: Maybe

March 2019

My prediction from July 2016 seems to come true: it won’t be as bad as remain predicts but it looks like the leavers get nothing. Who wins? Globalisation and big corporations. And some politicians too, I suspect. Well, let’s brace ourselves for the ride…

July 2016

I am writing this post on Tuesday 28th of June and the poem at the end of the post somehow has changed my negative view on the EU exit of the UK. The more I think about it the more I believe the EU is better off without the UK. I do not dare to predict the future of the UK. It won’t be as bad as the “remain” campaign predicted but hardly any of the goals of the “leave” campaign will become reality.

Never mind. 52% proud British citizens have gotten the power back to their country. What comes after that and what they might have done to the world economy doesn’t matter to them. To me, they feel more and more like sulking teenagers who demand more freedom of decision to do things that are clearly stupid but they are old enough to do that now.

I just feel sorry for the 48% who wanted to remain because those will have to suffer for it. And I am sorry for all the youngsters in this country who might have lost a lot of chances for their future because their parents and grandparents stubbornly needed to go for the wrong decision for all the wrong reasons.



maybe – there is a light
maybe – there is a tomorrow
maybe – there is love
maybe – there is hope
maybe – there is …


Poem on Friday: Whole

April 2019

Soul searching for a year has helped to become more whole. It is a good feeling!

September 2017

Feeling whole was one of my goals from the moment my life was shattered when my mother passed away. Not sure I am there yet but the “Lost Souls” series of poems certainly has helped to get there.

The “Lost Souls” series is a series of poems I wrote since 2012 exploring the experience of not feeling as a whole person but as many pieces. Even though I have never been diagnosed with dissociative personality disorder I have read a lot about it and always felt that that describes my experience very well.

There has been a time when I did not think about myself as “I”. My inner dialogue always addressed myself as “we” meaning I did not think “I do this or that” but “we do this or that”. I never thought that to be strange because I was never aware of it until much later.

This time is long gone and I feel much more a whole person and not so much in many pieces than I used to and I believe this poetry series has helped a lot. But here one of the poems:

February 2012

My souls
lost in

the way

to wholeness!


Poem on Friday: Where is home?/Wo ist zu Hause?

March 2019

Just before the referendum, I had started to feel at home in the UK. Maybe that is why Brexit bothers me so much. It took away the feeling of being “at home” here.

September 2017

A question I have asked many times since last years referendum. Here is my answer from April 2012:

Where is home?

soft hills

full of myth

and beauty

greeting me


hiding away

the pain

hiding away

the horror


hiding away

I have

a long time



tiny soul

has no home

never had!

Video credit: Aurora via YouTube

March 2019

Kurz vor dem Referendum began ich mich in Grossbritannien zuhause zu fuehlen. Vielleicht verstoert mich Brexit deshalb so sehr. Es hat mir das Gefuehl “zu Hause” zu sein genommen.

September 2017

Diese Frage habe ich mir oft, seit dem Referendum letztes Jahre gestellt. Hier ist die Antwort, die ich im April 2012 gab:

Wo ist Heimat?

Sanfte Huegel

voller Mythen

und Schoenheit

gruessen mich



den Schmerz


den Horror



hab ich mich




winzige Seele

ohne Heimat

nie eine gehabt!



Poem on Friday ~ Fire / Gedicht zum Freitag ~ Feuer

A poem from January 2014


what is
not needed
new life
the Phoenix

Description for visually impaired readers: dark landscape on bottom with trees on horizon. Sun rises in middle surrounded by clouds which gives an impression of fire. On top of image clouds mainly in greyish purple colour

Ein Gedicht vom Januar 2014:


nicht mehr
benoetigt wird
der Phoenix

Poem on Friday ~ My Mug full of Luck

September 2018

One I just had to re-share even though it is not Friday the 13th 😉

June 2014

On Friday the 13th one really should write a poem about bad luck, but as it happens 13 is my lucky number.

Yes, my fellow pupils at school nicknamed me pretty early “Little Witch” which is a famous children’s book in Germany. And guess what: the main character the little witch, of course, is ginger. Besides, I was number 13 when I did my exams and I was pretty lucky then.

So I’ve decided to turn things around make it my lucky number. And it works :-). Well, if you believe in that thinking that if you think a lot of negative things and kind of expect them to happen they will happen. The negative energy of negative thoughts just attracts more negativity.

I think there is something to it. You might call it an accident or chance or co-incidence but in the end, it is all the same. I just do not want to expect negative things anymore. What happens will happen no matter if I make my life unhappy with negative thinking. I rather try to be happy and deal with the Sh.. when it happens. I am learning I admit :-). So what can I write about today then? Well, a mug, of course 😉

My mug full of luck

My mug full of luck buzzes like a bee.

It warms me
cools me
just like 
I need.

My mug
full of luck
like a bee.

It makes 
me smile
when I cry
calms me
when in 

My mug
full of luck
like a bee.

Not a day
the mug
in my life.
Not a day
its luck.


Well, somehow the luck part has gone into the poem. Just could not help it believe you me :-).
In this sense, I wish you a very lucky day with wonderfully creative and positive thoughts. Make it happen guys and gals! Bee happy ;-)!

Poetry Friday ~ Outsider









Real and imagined

Insults I

Suffered so









Just a feeling




Isn’t feeling it


That matters?



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Poem of the Day: Warning Unheeded

The sun in red sky

Rises over our trouble

Warning unheeded


description for visually impaired readers: dark soil with dark grasses in the foreground. Behind this, the beach low down also dark. Light blue sea under the red sky on horizon and sun rising in the middle of the picture. Sky at top of the image is light blue with yellow and orange towards the horizon.