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The Great International Literacy Day Reveal!

Which isn’t one 😉

Well, looks like no matter how much I shouted Literacy isn’t a topic that interests many. Or my “prizes” were just too bad LOL. Can’t help it, that was all I could afford at the moment as I am still without a job and still have a lot to pay.

This means no special line for World Literacy Day tomorrow and next week.

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On September 8th is the World Literacy Day which highlights the importance of literacy not only for the individual but also for society as a whole. I want to create an extra mug or shirt line that will run from September 8th to 14th only. And you can help choose which it will be. Find out more  here


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And until September 5th to help me create a new line for World Literacy Day on September 8th, 2018! Find out more here


Why Literacy is Important

I stumbled over the topic of literacy and the lack of it by accident. In spring I decided that I wanted to create an alternative way of creating some income for my family and me. As I love a good cup of tea and like to be creative I started a line of writer’s mugs. They are meant to encourage our inner procrastinator to get out of the way and get on with writing with the slogan: On your keyboard! Get Tea (Coffee is the other version)! Write!

Description for visually impaired readers: A green mug with a yellow megaphone at the top left. Black stars are coming out connecting it with the slogan: On your keyboard! Get coffee! Write!

I want to do something for literacy for all with these mugs

However, I also wanted to do something good with them. I wasn’t in a good state mentally and very soon financially too but I felt that I could only thrive if I keep the wellbeing of others in mind. Years before I had signed up to Teespring on whose platform you can create your own t-shirts, mugs and other products. They have the great option of supporting a charity with the products created and the charity I found interesting was The World Literacy Foundation.

I chose them just because I love to read and write. It just felt it was the right choice even though I did not know much about the importance of literacy then. I also did not know that there is still so much lack of literacy worldwide and not just in developing countries.

Some facts about Literacy in today’s World

According to UNICEF World literacy of children has continuously been rising between 1986 (83%) and 2016 (91%). This is a good sign, however, there seems to be a taboo about illiteracy in developed countries. According to the World Education Blog, 75 Million people in Europe do not have basic necessary literacy skills. As Europe and other developed countries often have mass schooling since decades those individuals do not receive the attention they need as they feel embarrassed to speak out about their problems. I can remember a TV ad campaign when I came to the UK in 2007 where the problem was indicated. It showed that there are ways to help individuals who can’t read or write. I also remember how strange I found it that we still have the problem.I’ve always been aware how important reading and books are to me but I never realised how much an impact it has on society in general and our economies.

Description for visually impaired readers: A blue mug with a black slogan: On your keyboard! Get Coffee! Write! Underneath a white stylised mug with steam coming up.

Lacking vital literacy skills disadvantages a person at every stage of their life:

As children, they lack behind in school and probably will be bullied. As young adults, they can not get into the job market because they can’t write a proper covering letter for an application and can’t fill in job forms. Let alone being able to comprehend or learn the more complicated procedures at workplaces today. As adults, they can’t support their children’s learning and stay in poorly paid jobs. They also can’t support their families health because they do not understand health information for example. I think a lot of health improvement happens via self-help. There are lots of books and internet pages that can help you but if you can’t read you can’t access either. In general, literacy allows a person to understand the world around him or her and effectively communicate with others.It costs countries a lot of money if their workforce is highly illiterate because they have to give out more benefits, employers have to add programs to ensure their staff are literate and they just have fewer employees who are productive.

Without being able to read or write I would be in a bad place

When I realised how important literacy is for an individual and society I started thinking how it helped me: I have always read many self-help books to deal with my mental health and reading was also an escape for me when I was young. I learned to broaden my horizon and taught me that you can live in many, many different ways not only the way I lived it.

Without literacy, no blogging community would be possible. What would you do without your blog, the blogs you read and the bloggers and readers you are connecting with? My life certainly would be a lot less enjoyable without blogs. And I believe everybody deserves to be able to access a blogging community, self-help books and a job that can support you. That is why I think it is so important to support literacy organisations.

I keep shouting about my mug series until I’ve managed to raise funds for the World Literacy Foundation

And that is why I keep shouting about my mug series: Because 50% of the profit goes to the World Literacy Foundation and its work. I even have created a summer promotion which means you can get 20% off mugs if you add code SUMMER18. Please, don’t miss your chance because it stops on August 31st, 2018. And there is another summer special: There are shirts and hoodies available too until August 25th. So, please, don’t miss out on a quirky mug or shirt and support literacy for everybody!

Description for visually impaired readers: a yellow mug with the slogan in black: On your keyboard! Get Tea! Write! A white stylised mug sits between the words “Get”, “Tea” and “Write”.



On Your Keyboard! Get Tea! Write! and other mugs to buy to support Literacy for all ~ US/Canada

On Your Keyboard! Get Tea! Write! and other mugs to buy to support Literacy for all ~ Europe



You can find out more about the World Literacy Foundation and what they do in my older post: Please support The Bee & the World Literacy Foundation.


Literacy at UNICEF
World Education Blog: Illiteracy is a Taboo in developed countries
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Please support The Bee & the World Literacy Foundation

For today’s YouTube Tuesday I introduce you to the World Literacy Foundation.

Founded in 2003 by Andrew Kay its aim is to end illiteracy worldwide. According to their page still 20% of the world’s population can’t read or write. And that is not only in the developing world: According to the Literacy Trust UK “Around 15 per cent, or 5.1 million adults in England, can be described as ‘functionally illiterate.” . And according to CreditDonkey “Approximately 32 million adults in America are considered to be illiterate; about 14% of the entire adult population cannot read.” That is mindboggling and sad.

However, the World Literacy Foundation works in both countries to change that: They offer reading clubs and books to those children as they believe literacy and education is a human right and I can only agree.

When I read up on their work I realised that I had heard about Sun Books Tablets already. It is the other project of World Literacy Founder Andrew Kay in Africa to bring education to everybody even in the remotest parts of the continent. Sun Book Tablets are solar panel powered tablets to allow children with no access to electricity to learn no matter what.

This YouTube Video explains how they work:

Another great project is “The Library in the Clouds” which gives aboriginal children in Australia the chance to read:

The reason why I introduce you to the World Literacy Foundation is a project I have started to help my family financially and get myself out of my current mental health crisis. I had started to volunteer at Norfolk Community Health & Care NHS Trust but had to stop because of anxiety getting too much.

However, I felt I needed to keep doing something no matter how bad I felt and to not fall entirely into the black abyss. I remembered that I had signed up to Teespring (one of the pages where you can create your own t-shirts) many moons ago but never fully used its facilities. And to distract myself I created a couple of t-shirts, mugs, bags and stickers. It helped my low self-esteem a lot to see that I can actually create something nice. Now I just need to get over myself and start shouting about it.

50% of the profits go to the World Literacy Foundation to support their incredibly important work. The Support The Bee & Literacy Campaigns restart after a couple of days so even if you missed the deadline they’ll come back and you can put a reservation in too:

If you support a charity and blog about it or if you just want to share your favourite YouTube Video: Just leave your link in the comments and visit you!


SunBook Tablets

National Literacy Trust


World Literacy Foundation

Credit Donkey



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Unterstuetzt The Bee & die World Literacy Foundation

Fuer den heutigen YouTube Dienstag stelle ich Euch die World Literacy Foundation vor.

Sie wurde 2003 von Andrew Kay gegruendet und ihr Ziel ist es, Analphabetismus weltweit zu beenden. Auf ihrer Seite stellen sie dar, dass 20% der Weltbevoelkerung nicht lesen und schreiben kann. Und das nicht nur in der 3. Welt. Der Literacy Trust UK sagt, dass ungefaehr 15% oder  5.1 Millionen Erwachsene in England als Analphabeten gesehen werden koennen. Und CreditDonkey bemerkt, dass 32 Millionen Erwachsene in America als Analpheten gelten. Das sind 14% der US Bevoelkerung. Das ist unglaublich und sehr traurig.

Allerdings arbeitet die World Literacy Foundation in diesen Laendern, um das zu aendern. Sie bieten Lesegruppen und Buecher an fuer Kinder aus einkommensschwachen Familien, denn sie glauben daran, dass lesen und schreiben koennen und Bildung ein Menschenrecht ist. Und ich kann dem nur zustimmen.

Als ich ueber die World Literacy Foundation nachgelesen habe fiel mir ein, dass ich bereits von Sun Books Tablets gehoert hatte. Das ist das andere Projekt von World Literacy Gruender Andrew Kay in Afrika, um Bildung zu jedem in Afrika zu bringen sogar, wenn er voellig abgeschieden lebt. Sun Book Tablets sind Sonnenenergie betriebene Tablets fuer Kinder, die keine Elektrizitaet haben, damit sie trotzdem lernen koennen.

Dieses YouTube Video erklaert wie es funktionert (in englisch aber Deutsche Untertitel sind moeglich):

Ein anderes grossartiges Project ist die “The Library in the Clouds”. Die “Buecherei in den Wolken”, die eingeborenen Kindern in Australien, die Chance gibt, zu lesen. Dieses Video erklaert sie (englisch leider keine deutschen Untertitel moeglich):

Der Grund, warum ich Euch die  World Literacy Foundation vorstelle, ist ein Projekt, dass ich begonnen habe, um meiner Familie finanziell zu unterstuetzen und mich selber aus meiner psychischen Gesundheitskrise heraus zu holen. Ich habe beim Norfolk Community Health & Care NHS Trust angefangen ehrenamtlich zu arbeiten allerdings musste ich das wegen meiner Angstzustaende aufgeben.

Allerdings merkte ich, dass ich egal wie schlecht es mir geht, ich etwas tun musste, um nicht noch tiefer in den schwarzen Abgrund zu stuerzen. Ich erinnerte mich, dass ich mich bei Teespring (einer der Seiten, bei der man eigene T-shirts kreiren kann) angemeldet hatte. Das war vor einer langen Zeit aber ich hatte nie alles, das sie bieten, genutzt. Um mich abzulenken gestaltete ich ein paar T-shirts, Tassen, Taschen und Sticker (eine deutsche Version ist in Arbeit). Es hat meinem Selbstwertgefuehl geholfen, dass ich etwas schoenes “herstellen” konnte. Nun muss ich mich nur ueberwinden und es bekannt machen.

50% des Einnahmen gehen zur World Literacy Foundation. um deren wichtige Arbeit zu unterstuetzen.  Die Support The Bee & Literacy Campaigns starten nach ein paar Tagen wieder, so kannst Du auf jeden Fall etwas kaufen auch wenn Du den Annahmeschluss verpasst hast und sie nehmen auch Reservationen an.

Lass mir doch Deinen Link da in den Kommentaren, falls Du auch eine Hilfsorganisation unterstuetzt und darueber auf Deinem Blog schreibst, oder wenn Du einfach Dein liebstes YouTube video teilen moechest. Dann komme ich Deinen Blog besuchen.


SunBook Tablets

National Literacy Trust


World Literacy Foundation

Credit Donkey



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