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Why I am fascinated by Languages

Hello, out there all you lovely people. What’s occurring? Nothing much here besides six new and ginger family members. We are definitely the majority now.

Becoming a TEFL teacher rekindled my love for languages

Two years ago, I did an online course to become an “English as a Foreign Language” teacher. It was great fun, but my dream to get employment online didn’t work out because most organisations prefer native speakers as teachers. It wouldn’t have been a problem if I had been willing to move abroad and teach in person. Nor if I’d be willing to teach self-employed. But I didn’t feel confident enough to do that.

However, it has increased my love for languages. Ever since that German children’s program called “Program With The Mouse” started with greetings in different languages and explained what it meant I had a thing for them. I begged my older cousins to teach me English expressions before I learned English in school.

Over the years, I started to learn many languages but never for long until Duolingo came along

Over the years, I started to learn several languages but never got very far. Then along came Duolingo. It’s a mobile app that teaches you languages just a couple of minutes a day. They claim you learn the whole language, but I don’t think so. You only acquire a language entirely if you use it daily. But I keep using them because their approach gives you a brilliant foundation to build on. I did their French course twice and am now working my way through Dutch.

image of water with Edison quote
my favourite quote by T. Edison: I have no failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t works.

Even though I don’t understand I love to listen to the sounds of other languages

I recently discovered Wiyaala, a singer from Ghana who sings in her native tongue as well as English. And even though I don’t understand what she is saying when she does not use English, I love to listen to the sound of her Sissala and Waala dialects. I find it absolutely fascinating how people developed different sounds/words for the same thing.

And there are so many languages out there. I have to admit I lost my interest in the Eurovision Song Contest once they decided everybody can sing in English. What fun is that? I loved it when it had to be in their native language. Yes, I didn’t understand a thing, but it was so cool to listen to how they sang and how it sounded. I am quite a geek, aren’t I?

Language and culture are connected

You somehow automatically learn a culture when you learn its language.

For example, the Inuit people have a ton of expressions for snow. They needed it to survive the northern winter. Or it rains twine in Germany but cats and dogs in Britain. And I think the word for “Good Morning” in Swahili actually means “I see you”. Isn’t it fascinating?

So a new language project was born

So I thought I go and discover a little more about different languages and while doing that learn a couple more. And maybe teach someone some more English. One of my ideas when considering teaching self-employed was to go along my day and “collect” words, expressions and sentences that I use daily and then work them into a blog post.

And guess what? Today I have started. My day begins with a more or less fresh “Good Morning!”. The languages I know or that I am interested in say it like this:

“Good Morning” in 12 different languages

(the links either lead to a YouTube video showing how it’s pronounced or to Google Translate where you can click on a sound-symbol, and it tells you the same)

German: Guten Morgen

French: Bonjour

Dutch: Goede Morgen

English: Good Morning

Spanish: Buenos Dias

Russian: Dobroye utro/Доброе утро

Chinese: Zǎoshang hǎo/早上好

Italian: Buongiorno

Esperanto: Bonan matenon

Hindi: shubh prabhaat/शुभ प्रभात

Zulu: Sawubona

Arabic: sabah alkhyr/صباح الخير

Swahili: Habari za asubuhi

Sorry for this geeky Bee but it’s so fascinating how different people say things. Or maybe my brain is boggled by chemotherapy???? ;-). Ok, one more for good measure:

Video credit: Babbel via YouTube

Looks like I am not the only one who is fascinated by languages. Please, check out Martha Kennedy’s Blogpost “Languages…

And with that I leave you to this Thursday:

Happy Thursday to you all despite everything! Please stay safe, stay kind and rock your languages as much as you can!

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Learning a language on the go…

August 2019

I have worked with Duolingo for over four years now and I still love it. However, I don’t believe anymore you learn a language fully with this app. It is brilliant to get you started with a language and teaches you the basics well but if you want to go further and learn more I would suggest you try out places like iTalki. If you are interested then this page on Fluentu gives you an overview of 49 webpages that teaches languages for all budgets.

April 2015

On Saturday my boss and I were talking about languages. She asked me how many languages I speak besides German and English and I told her that I learned French at school and had done a Dutch course as well. Then I remembered that I had started Spanish on the internet but somehow I never got on with these languages.

It did occupy me though a lot and on Sunday when I had some time I had a look on my phone if there’s an app for that lol. And of course, there is. It is called Duolingo and you can reach it via their homepage on your laptop or computer as well.

Duolingo is a free language learning app which offers several languages for English speakers. I started with French but as I had it quite a while in school I did not feel challenged enough. So I started Dutch and Spanish as well.

This app is brilliant as it teaches you everyday words and expressions via listening, reading and writing. You can set yourself a goal for how many xp you want to achieve per day and it sends you reminders via email if you’ve forgotten to have a look.

Believe it or not but I can say: “I am a woman” in five languages now lol. What an achievement!!!!!!

Duolingo is really fun and that is the best way to learn a language I believe. So if you had thought about refreshing some language you had learned in school or want to learn a new one: Go and signed up for Duolingo and get started!