Ok guys, let me get that straight! ~ JusJuJan 2015 ~ Day 15

This morning I saw a post by Linda G. Hill saying that HarsH ReaLiTy is closing down. I did not really get why WordPress has decided to do so but I shared the post anyway because Jason Cushman is a creative and very helpful guy. He might not always use a language that suits everybody but neither does Charlie Hebdo and they are hailed as the defender of freedom of speech.

No, the problem is not freedom of speech. The problem is how many followers he has and how many blogs he follows! DUH?!

I always loved WordPress for its exceptional way of connecting bloggers with each other. To flag a guy, who has lots of followers and follows a lot just sounds like contradicting themselves.

It looks like me standing up for him might mean my blogs will be closed as well. Something WordPress makes very hard when you want to do it yourself. DUH?!

So let me get that straight guys: You give exceptional possibilities to connect with other bloggers and to follow and like but when someone uses it successfully you close them down?

Just Jot It January 2015

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JusJoJan 2015 ~ Day 13

Well, a day with the number 13 is just made to be written about and to be connected to Linda G.Hill’s “Rithmatic” post!

You know the drill: 13 is bad. Friday the 13th is worse.

The funny thing is though that 13 never has been bad for me. Maybe that’s the reason for me being nicknamed “Hexe/witch” when I was in school. That German children’s book didn’t help either: A little witch with red hair :-)!

But I am digressing. In the first exams, I ever had to sit in school I was number 13. In those days, I was not aware of the fact that 13 is supposedly such a bad thing. Those exams went well, and I decided that 13 is my lucky number!

Friday the 13th never has been a problem for me it’s rather the days around a full moon or new moon that are a bit chaotic in all senses no matter the number.

Do you know why 13 is thought to be bad? As many of you remember, Jesus had 13 followers up to the end. It is supposed that Judas was number 13 and as we all recollect he wasn’t a good friend to his master. A witch’s or pagan covent also used to have 13 members. The reason being that 13 is a special number: it’s a prime and has no other divisors than 1 and itself. But pagans often follow a lunar calendar which has 12 full months and usually a 13th smaller month as the lunar cycle is about 28 days long and not 30 or 31.

There is of course lot’s more information to be found about the infamous 13 but I leave it at that. Just want to wish you a happy Tuesday the 13th!

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Want to know more about the number 13? Look here:

JusJoJan 2015 ~ Day 12 ~ No Numbers for me today

Just popping in to directly pop out again.

Since 3 weeks my friend and I have planned to meet up at her place (about 45 min drive from where I live) and I am determined to keep the appointment even though it is quite windy around here (SW 5-6 Gusts 37mph).

I actually was supposed to work from 8-12 but as I worked on the first of January I got today off. That was a nice surprise because I hate working on Mondays. It muddles my whole week up if I don’t have time to meditate properly on Mondays.

On my way to them, I will go and buy some flour both for her and us at Letheringsett Mill. It’s a watermill still working and their flour is brilliant. A little more expensive than the supermarket stuff (I can get 1,5 KG bread flour for 1Β£) but it’s worth it because the quality is miles better and will last us longer.

That was one of my New Years resolutions: To buy more and more organic, fair-trade and from small businesses. If you have a look into it you realise that it’s actually not much more expensive. Our organic fruit and veg are a little more expensive but only because we buy more. It just tastes delicious. We buy from a box scheme and that makes all the difference. Flour from Letheringsett and my tea will probably come from Clipper in the future.

This post is 268 words long but I have to go!


I have actually used some numbers…… ;-)!

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JusJoJan 2015 ~ Day 11 ~ belated

Just Jot It January 2015

I wanted to jot about reading as Linda’s prompt for the first ten days suggested but somehow there was so much else to write about…. obviously I am jotting a little obsessively right now ;-).

Of course, I need to jot about reading. Am not sure if I can call myself an avid reader but certainly a passionate one. But as Shan wrote in one of her JusJoJan posts: I read in waves. There are times when I just can’t get into a book and then others when you won’t get me off one.

As it happened I did not manage to get my GoodReads goals read both for 2013 and 2014. That was a shock. The goals weren’t too bad: Around a book a week. Even a slow reader like me should have managed that! I didn’t. Never mind. That’s behind and in 2015 I am already one book ahead :-).

My actual main reading book is “Stardust” Neil Gaiman’s newest novel. It’s a fairy tale set in Victorian England and in Fairy and it is so magic and wonderful and funny and….. you get the gist. My “not-main” reading books are

  • The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx (another fellow-German-speaker in GB besides my favourite poet Erich Fried)
  • Fire and Ice by Dana Stabenow
  • You are a writer (So start acting like one) by Jeff Goins
  • English Grammar for Dummies by Steve Capelli
  • Septimity by Derek Haines
  • Siddhartha by Herman Hesse
  • Four Short Stories by Emile Zola (they are not short at all!!!!)
  • The Three Musketeers by Alexander Dumas
  • Was heisst sich am denken orientieren by Immanuel Kant

Oh, and I listen to War & Peace by Tolstoy on BBC Radio 4….

Why does it somehow feel that my reading list is too long?

JusJoJan Day 9

Life seems to go down the drain:

Terrorists just go into magazine offices and kill editors and journalists and companies short staff their departments without reducing goals or work. I feel an uneasiness I have never felt before.

And it’s not for lack of reasons for feeling uneasy: I grew up in Western Germany in the 70s and 80s. Terrorists were on the loose too. They were just religious. Just political. Not that that makes any difference.

The first thing, I can remember seeing on the TV news, was a bank boss being shot in his car by terrorists. Not exactly a picture a 7 or 8-year-old wants to see. But that’s the first time I ever consciously watched the news.

The Anti-Nuclear movement was quite busy a little later on and books like “The Last Children of Schewenborn” brought the hazards of nuclear power and weapons home to a young Bee. There was an American Army Camp somewhere hidden in the forests where I grew up and often at night they transported stuff around under heavy police guard. I could only guess what that might have been.

The cold war might not have been on its height but pretty much at its end and for a while it felt like everything for sure would go boom. No matter how perilous these situations felt to a young Bee I never had the feeling that our society stands at a cross road and the question is: Will our fight for freedom (and not only of speech) lead us to real freedom or just to a state voluntary imprisonment where big brother will be watching us. And dear me: aren’t I living in Great Britain where you are being watched literally everywhere.

This morning on the news one BBC journalist in France asked something like this: Where will all this lead? Will it make communities come closer together or will it draw them more apart? And where is the line between freedom of speech and respect for religious feelings?

But are these people, who go around killing, really religious? I am sure the prophet Mohammad did not preach to go and kill journalist just because they draw or write something they do not agree with. Neither says the bible to kill doctors who do abortions. It seems to me that these kinds of people feel very alienated in the society they live in and just take a misunderstood concept of religion as a pretext to let all their frustration out.

The question it seems to me is rather:”Why is it that citizens of so-called civilised countries feel so frustrated with the state of affairs that they let all restraints go and go on a killing spree?” Many citizens feel frustrated with the state of affairs. The demonstrations in Germany against Muslim immigrants are just a less violent side of the same coin. The rise of right-wing parties like UKIP and Front National falls in the same category: People are frustrated and afraid, and they feel that those responsible for them do not have their best interest in mind.

And I suspect they are right. It seems to me more and more that the only thing, that counts, is making money but certainly

Just Jot It January 2015

not the welfare of human beings: corrupt politicians, paedophile celebrities, companies bosses earning more and more while their employees can hardly pay the heating bill. The list could go on. Moreover, why do Mr. Marx and his vision of capitalism comes to mind?

And what kind of society do we want? Do we really want a society where people feel alienated for whatever reason or do we want a society that includes everybody and finds a balance and compromise that everyone can live with? And how can we achieve this? More and more surveillance certainly won’t make society more secure, and its citizens feel safe and included. Paris has clearly shown this and MI5 in Britain said it clearly:”No amount of surveillance can stop all terrorist attacks!”

At the end of my thoughts about all this, there is only one question left: “What makes us/me feel secure?”

No wonder I feel uneasy!

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JusJoJan 2015 ~ Day 7 & 8

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Yesterday was my day off, and I was jotting a whole lot. I’ve decided to let you know on “Fooling around with Bee”(old blog not existent anymore) what I am up to on my usual writing pad on “The Bee Writes” so I will jot down a few lines ever so often to let you know here. I took part in Wordless Wednesday that is not jotting I admit but a great feature for your blog if you like photography.

I’ve done 584 word for Zara (Blimey I am getting excited), and I prepared an interview post for “The Bee Writes…” for today and a “Resources for Free” post for Sunday as well. You guessed it: It was my day off. I also did some shopping, made some homemade spaetzleΒ (I am from Swabia so its my national pride lol)Β for my step-daughter and organised some advertising for my blog on HootSuite. Looking back on it now, I can’t believe I managed all that without feeling utterly shattered in the evening.

Well, I got up at 5am to get everything done but as I have a late shift today and don’t have to work before half twelve I slept in today…. until 7 LOL.

And today? Of course, I am jotting down this post only to head over to my Word files for some more words on Zara. Another post awaits on “Zara ~ A Writing Odyssey” (blog is currently private) and I want to prepare a guest post which was written for me by the brilliant Julie Nicholls for posting tomorrow. And that’s about it for today.

Of course, the day job is waiting but that’s only peanuts….. Have a great day and try some jotting too πŸ™‚

Just Jot It January 2015

JusJoJan 2015 ~ Day 6 ~ Totally Nuts!

Just Jot It January 2015

Just finished jotting down 538 words for “Zara” and I wanted to let you be part of my celebration with nuts and peppermint tea. What does one celebrate with elaborate ingredients like that?

A first in reaching 500 words of course. Even though I constantly emphasise on “Zara ~ A Writing Odyssey” that it does not matter how many words I write per day I felt quite victorious when I managed the 500 words today. I still believe that the main point is sitting down and writing something and if it is only ten words. No, no, no on average I manage 100 but it’s just six days into the whole thing you know :-). …

“Crack” that was a Brazil Nut. I can also offer almonds. I leave the walnut, hazelnut and Pecan nut for tomorrow for breakfast. Yes, the lady writer spoils herself rotten. Every morning, can you believe it?

For today, though I shall stop fooling around….

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JusJoJan 2015 ~ Day 4 & 5

Just Jot It January 2015

Ah, I can’t stop the jotting ;-).

Even though I did not post yesterday as I had a full shift I was quite busy with the old keyboards. I have to admit that I am not a longhand writer. My handwriting is a nightmare that even I often cannot read. Therefore, laptops and smart phones are my saving grace. No wonder it’s just with the rise of both that I have started to write like mad (well sometimes at least :-)).

What have I been jotting down?

A few hundred more words each day for the first draft of my fantasy story and plans how to get all my writing projects on the go. Besides three blogs and the fantasy story, I try to self-publish a poetry book this year and want to start writing for money. Yes, that paying device we do not speak of lol.

I also played around with all of my blogs: connected all of them with links and will probably change the layout or theme. Not sure for “The Bee Writes…” as I quite like that one, but I already did with “Zara ~ A Writing Odyssey”. With this one, I don’t know yet. But this year has a few days left to decide…

Day 2 of 2015 and I am still writing….

…. I also have just lost a whole blog post. The gods only know how I managed that. Well, I am not re-writing it. Too tired.

Sorry guys and gals. Therefore I just jot down:” No blog posting when tired, no blog posting when tired, no blog posting when tired……”

This is a little mishappened post for “Just Jot It January

Just Jot It January 2015
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