A last “Jot It” Stream of Consciousness Saturday with Love from me to you

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No don’t worry I do not stop taking part in SoCS. It’s much too much fun to leave. But it’s the last day of “Just Jot It January” and as I have to work in the afternoon I have to be a little bit practical and connect the projects I take part in. I hope you forgive me.

Linda’s prompt for today’s SoCS is “scene/seen”. And I think I just skip it and do some pure, egotistic advertising.

You remember? I am going to do a blog hop for February and it’s all about love. Of course, there might be some inspiration from Linda’s last prompt at “Just Jot It January” which was “sex”.

Let’s talk about sex, baby” was one of my favourite songs a few years ago. Well, probably more some decades ago lol. It’s a song from “Salt’n Peppa” and the next line went: “Let’s talk about you and me. Let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be. Let’s talk about sex”.

Even though I am a bit prudish in that area I consider it important to keep it in the open. We have a teenager in the house and a soon to be a teenager and it will be a topic sooner or later. But also in adult relationships, it’s important to talk about “the good things and the bad things that might be!”

I think good sex has a lot to do with communication. There is so much we assume but it might not always be the right thing.

Just Jot It January 2015

Your husband might have a sore back and is a bit careful while making love but it might look to you like you are not attractive to him anymore. It is far from it but it feels like it to you.

Only if you trust each other enough to communicate what is really going on and trusting each other to be honest will allow you to solve the wrong assumptions. Taboos do not help. They keep reality out and keeps people prisoner of other peoples values.

The taboo of speaking about sex has kept so many children from telling their parents or anyone whom they trust about being abused. It makes me so angry to hear today how many children were and are affected and that is one reason why I want to talk about LOVE in February. Because “Love is a battle field” and it is not only a romantic notion.

I am very grateful for now being in a very romantic and caring relationship but I have experienced the opposite as well. Writing about it and talking about it helps me to heal from those experiences and it would be great if it would help others as well.

And then there is one more reason why I want to talk about “LOVE” in February. This week I saw a documentary on CBBC about a transgender boy. For those who do not know what that means: it is a boy who was born in a girls body. The documentary showed his way of changing his body to the right gender but it also showed how much trans-gender people had to suffer who are much older than him. I had a transgender friend and I know a little about the struggle they have to go through. No one no matter how crazy they might seem should go through a struggle like this.

Well, looks like I used Linda’s prompt after all because I have seen a lot in my life and it is part of my creativity to fight for the happiness of all and to show how things are and might happen.

Well, don’t worry. There will be some romance in “LOVE Is In Da Blog” as well :-). I hope I can inspire you to take part.

And last but not least a big THANK YOU! to Linda for “Just Jot It January” and “Stream of Consciousness Saturday”. It has given me some great inspiration and a few blog posts I enjoy enormously. May your keyboard be blessed and the ideas never run out :-)!

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I have pondered…

….. and decided to go for it: From Sunday onwards this blog will host the “Love Is In Da Blog” blog hop. The topics and some of the prompts are already figured out.

Yesterday I wrote that it will be about poems and yes that is true but it will be open for all sorts of writing as long as it is about “Love”. ย It’s all we need as the Beatles put it, after all. ๐Ÿ™‚

Maybe it is not the most innovative blog hop for February but I think Valentine’s Day just shouts for it and writing a poem or a story about love is better than just thinking about what to give. And most of all it might be a distraction for all those who are missing someone or whom are single and dread THAT day and the month.

I am very excited and can’t wait to get going. Just need to make a pic to showcase it. Any ideas????

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Just Jot It January Whatever Day

WARNING: This post takes part in Linda G. Hills Just Jot It January. Please do not follow the link and find more brilliant, funny, thought provoking and wonderful blog posts!!!!!

Oh boy, is the weather horrible out there!

This is what I tweeted just a moment ago:

Thank goodness I have already been out to do the shopping and there are lots of blog posts to write. The “Whatever” day by the way is not meant to be rude. It just means I have left my brain behind on my day off and can’t remember which of my JuJoJan days it is.

Maybe it is also because I am sad: There are just 3 JuJoJan days left and what am I going to do afterwards?????

Any suggestions?

Still no Jot today….

… as my love is waiting upstairs.

Just wanted to let you know that sometimes ~ just sometimes ~ I do more than just jotting: 818 more words for my fantasy novel and that after a hard days work. Am pretty proud of me and will go upstairs and reward myself (… and the husband ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

Happy jotting to you all ๐Ÿ™‚

Just Jot It January 2015

I’ve added this post to Linda G. Hill’s Just Jot It January anyway :-)!

No Jot It Today….

Not all of the posts in the list are re-integrated so I deleted the links. But if you put the titles in the search on top of this blog you should find some of them…sorry for the inconvenience

…. even though my love is not gone away ;-).

I just can’t be bothered. The Cider tastes nice, the fire cackles a little beside me and I am ready for bed. Therefore, I encourage you to hop over to my usual writing pad “The Bee Writes…” and have a stroll around there.

Some suggestions?

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Well, it’s not that I force you to read any of THAT stuff :-)…

One-Liner Just Jot it

Today there is more to life than writing….

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A Stream of Consciousness Jot It full of music

Why am I thinking of sex?

No, it’s not my incredibly hot husband who makes me think of it but Linda’s Prompt for the last third of Just Jot It January.

I have to disappoint you though…..

*evil grin on my so lovely face*

I somehow got distracted by Linda’s Prompt for her Stream of Consciousness Saturday which is “least” and “most”. This evening my step-daughter and I were playing Monopoly and were listening to some music. Music is important to me. There is not a lot that I do not like besides brass music and anything that has racist etc lyrics.

Last week Friday I was watching a documentary about Gershwin’s iconic song “Summertime” (BBC Summertime). It was just amazing how much was made out of one little tune. It reminded me how much I love different music styles and that my listening habits have somehow diminished in the last few years. I have always been listening to a vast variety of music from Bach to Eurythmics; from “The Sound of Music” to Led Zepplin. Lately, though it was a lot what’s in the charts and that’s not always the most amazing music in my opinion.

To come back to Linda’s prompt:

You want to know some of my most favourite songs?


Never mind I’ll tell you anyway

*even bigger evil grin on my so lovely face*

If you like what you have seen so far just visit my writing music list on YouTube and you’ll find some more rather chart-like songs but who cares…..

Schreibenย (my writing music list)

You probably are also not at all interested in my least favourite song. But if you are still with me you probably anticipate another

*evil grin on my so lovely face*

Yes, one of my least favourite songs is a Christmas classic and it has nothing at all to do with me working in a supermarket and being brain-washed every Christmas with this kind of music. It has simply to do with childhood trauma: I learned to play the recorder in a music school which used to conduct a Christmas concert every year. All of us had to take part in it and the headmaster was a huge Bing Crosby fan. The last song of the Christmas concert was of course

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas

which the man sang out of his deepest heart. He was a rather tall and huge man and it sounded like all the Ents in “Lord of the Rings” have left the novel and turned up in a little gym hall in the south of Germany. Thank goodness the man could hold a tune another wise I would have lost my mind…

By the way: There goes the rumour that Ravel’s “Bolero” helps women to get faster to a certain point… just to come back to the topic at the beginning…..

*now I better stop these evil grins“…

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JusJoJan ~ Day 21 ~ oops a daisy

Just Jot It January 2015

A day job can be so inspirational … and so the opposite.

Especially when new teams are created to make the work for everybody easier.

It would help though if these new teams would actually get some training.

Never mind.

I just despair with a bottle of cider in my hand instead of a cup of tea…..

this post takes part in Linda G. Hill’s Just Jot It Januaryย (sorry it has nothing to do with sex….)

JusJoJan ~ Day 20 ~ Dramatic

Just Jot It January 2015Ok, I admit it’s not my day 20. It’s my day 16.

It’s funny how time runs when you are busy with writing and day job. I did not realise that it has been 4 or 5 days that I have not posted here. It’s a shame to have missed these chances but to be honest I was a little disappointed about WordPress and their seemingly mindless way of taking rights from bloggers who look like spammers.

They are a pain. No not WP but spammers. One of my accounts is called “phoenixrisesagain”. I never knew that the Phoenix must be a Nazi symbol but I figured it when suddenly right-wing bloggers seemed to love to connect to my posts. It was quite funny when I was raving against these kinds of people and they happily linked to it. It does help when you read the post you do link to.

Never mind. That is not really what I wanted to write about.I wanted to write about “War and Peace” by Tolstoy but I digress even more. Back to spammers. They are a pain and I can understand that WP can’t check all of them to figure out if they are or not. Therefore, it is even more important to stand up for fellow bloggers who end up in WordPress’s spam-checking-machinery. It worked I can let you know.

Opinionated Man is back in business and more opinionated than ever. You go, boy! ๐Ÿ™‚

That was dramatic as well. All the noise that was made by many bloggers. But the dramatic I am referring to is the BBC Radio 4 dramatisation of “War and Peace” by Tolstoy. I have it on my kindle and was determined to read it but I’ve experienced a certain reluctance of reading huge books lately. When I saw that the BBC had dramatised it, it was a no-brainer to listen to it. Especially as you can do it in your own time. They first broadcast on New Year’s day. About 10! hours long. I don’t think I could have managed that.

But all through January an hour here and there was fine. Sometimes though I wished I hadn’t. Especially when the ladies got quite upset about a son’s death or a burning house. I admit I am a bit of a drama queen but the few times when I have let myself scream and shout in public are pretty embarrassing to me. I had my reasons. Everybody who knows my story can understand that. Still, it’s not lady-like or professional.

I can’t bare dramatic bits on the radio. Neither on the telly. So in a way, I am glad I managed to listen to the whole lot and it’s over now. And even with the dramatic bits. I enjoyed it. And now I am off to find another old book to listen to ๐Ÿ™‚