Poem at Night: Newborn

Hello my dear readers, how is your day/night? I hope you are well and enjoy the diversity of the blogosphere. And if life is hard, let me send you a virtual hug.

I’ve just finished the draft for a post for a German poetry project, that will take up my time in November. It was born out of #frapalymo but will live on as “Lyrimo”. We are going to post a poetry prompt for every day in November and invite poets to share their ideas and poems.

I am very excited and maybe even manage to translate the prompts into English so my English-speaking readers can take part too.

But now I am tired (wasn’t there an hour longer at night? I should be fit and all… ) and leave you with some short poetry.

Getting creative

Newborn Poetry Project

I grave for vast skies

Take care of yourselves and read you sooner or later 😘

Bee’s Poem of the Day: Unstoppable Today?

Hello, dear people of the blogoverse. How is your day? I hope life is treating you well and if not a candle is lit for sending you good vibes!

The heat has left Norfolk and it feels rather autumnal even though it is still warm. But as the soil is utterly dry since months the trees lose leaves since the beginning of August and it already looks more like October than late summer. Never mind.

Here another try of mine to create a haiku πŸ™‚

This dry soil and leaves

Leaves me saddened and longing

A heart keeps beating

May you have a wonderful day no matter what life throws at you.

video credit: Sia via YouTube

#85 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ Cormorant

description for visually impaired readers: A little video from Trimmingham beach. You see the beach and the waves crashing on the wooden sea defences on which a cormorant sits and waves its wings.Β 


waiting cormorant

at the beach

the waves roll in



When I read today’s prompt I directly knew what I wanted to write about: I walk our rescue greyhound Shirky daily either at the beach or around the field in front of our house. North Norfolk, where we live, is known for its nature reserves that are used by many migratory birds either as a winter home or just for a stay on their way further south. Since a couple of weeks, I see and hear geese flying overhead every day. They remind me of my childhood and one of my favourite books by Selma Lagerloeff: The Wonderful Adventures of Nils. I just want to fly with them and see Sweden again…


The geese, oh, the geese
Calling to me from above
Longing continues


Find today’s #frapalymo prompt here


Description for visually impaired readers: blue sky with light white clouds. An arrow of geese flying in middle of image


Oh, die Gaense da
Rufen mir von oben zu
Die sehnsucht bleibt doch


Als ich den heutigen Impuls las, wusste ich sofort worueber ich schreiben moechte: Ich gehe jeden Tag mit unserem rescue greyhound (Windhund, den wir vom Tierheim haben) Shirky spazieren entweder am Strand oder um das Feld vor unserem Haus. Nord Norfolk, wo wir wohnen, ist bekannt, fuer viele Naturschutzgebiete, die ZugvoegelΒ (* englischsprachiger link) entweder als ihr Winter Zuhause oder einfach nur als eine Pause auf ihrem Weg in den Sueden nutzen. Seit ein paar Wochen sehe und hoere ich Gaense jeden Tag ueber uns hinwegfliegen. Sie erinnern mich an meine Kindheit und (natuerlich) and Nils Holgerson,Β einem meiner liebsten Buecher von Selma Lagerloeff. Ich will einfach mit ihnen fliegen und Schweden noch einmal sehen…

Findet the Impuls hier

Poem of the Day: Oh Sun, where to now?

One challenge changed
Into a gold stepping stone.
Oh stars, where to now?


description for visually impaired readers: several pebbles of different colour and form. Top right part of a beige vase with a bee on the bottom. Top left a blue card from UK charity Mind saying: We listen when there’s nowhere else to turn.

Poem of the Day: Sun, oh, Sun rises

I release pressure
Self-made and self-contained
Sun, oh, Sun rises


description for visually impaired readers: The right bottom of the picture contains shadows of long grasses. on the left you can sea a sandy beach and a stream of seawater going from bottom left to middle right. It crosses sea defences reaching into the sea. There is sea in the middle of the picture. The low sun throws a beam of light over the sea. The horizon is yellow and orange and mixes into the blue of the sky on top of the picture. There are three cloud lines coming from the top and left of the picture made by planes.

Poem of the Day: Beach Tranquillity

Breezy, calm and soft


My fuzzy thoughts run wild


Beach tranquillity

Description for visually impaired readers: Dark stretch of dune with silhouettes of different grasses. Sun comes up behind and paints sky from yellow to orange and red. Sky on top of image is bluish grey.