We Don’t Have Time!

Does anyone else of my fellow bloggers wonder why we don’t make any changes to stop this climate crisis?

Have you done any?

And do you feel you have enough information about what really is going on?

In today’s video ScientistsWarn.TV introduce you to “We don’t have time” an organisation that created a social network which gives you real information about the climate crises but also good news about people, corporations, organisations who have and do change. Please check them out here: We Don’t Have Time

video source: UPFSI via YouTube

A Straight Talk with Greta & Svante Thunberg

YouTube suggested this video to me for some time but I didn’t realise that Svante is Greta Thunberg’s father. I also didn’t realise how much her parents are with Greta in her quest and how much they changed their lifestyle to give their children a future.

I am also wondering if we as bloggers have a responsibility here to call things by their name and to start blogging for climate security. If mainstream media isn’t willing or able to talk about what is really important when it comes to the survival of our species and our civilisation shouldn’t we use our blogs to enable humanity to get educated and make the changes that need to be done?

What do you think?

video source: UPFSI via YouTube