Horrid nightmares!

Hello all of you lovely bloggers!
Well its 2:15 AM here in ireland, and I am wide awake, since I had an awful nightmare, about someone chasing me to kill me! I hate nightmares!
But I don’t know anyone who likes them?
So now I am awake and will make a cup of tea after I let my dog out!
My dog wasn't even with me when I jumped out of bed! He was asleep in his own bed, normally he's on my bed, snuggled up beside me!
Love that boy to pieces!

Now that I am up, I don't know what to do with myself! Anyone got any suggestions?
Well I'll write a little about how I am feeling, I suppose!

night terror
really scary
scared me half to death
when I awake
I jump out of my skin
and hope
I don't have to do it all soon, again.

Good night all!


Carol Annes good night poem, sweet dreams, everyone!

Well its midnight here in the emerald aisle!
I’m off to bed, have therapy in the morning!
I had a really great evening, which included a prechristmas drink, a pink gin!
So I shall big you all good night, sweet dreams to you all!

As my head
Hits the pillow
My mind
Starts to slow
Sweet dreams ya’ll
Good night
Until tomorrow
When we’ll do it all again!

❀ ❀