Good Morning Writers! I know it’s early but some ideas for Christmas

September 2019

I know Christmas is still a little away but if you want to join in this idea from 2014 you might want to start now 🙂

December 2014 

How are you doing? How is your writing going? Are you scribbling along nicely or are you lagging behind? Maybe you need a creative break and do a little project to make a friend happy.

There is a tradition in Germany at Christmas time: Children get a little calendar with chocolates. You find one chocolate per day behind a little door with the number of the day on it and it starts on December 1st. Of course, German children get their presents in the afternoon or evening on the 24th so that is the number of chocolates available.

Creative families make their own. One example is to make little bags with the numbers of the day on them and fill them with goodies, which need not be chocolate. It can be a clementine, a rubber ducky or a ring. Any trinket that makes your child happy. All those bags are knotted on a string and hung up in the living room and the child can open one a day.

I used to do my own “writers” version when I first came to Great Britain but not for a child but for my grandmother, who missed me terribly. So I wrote her a postcard every day with a little message or story and send it to her via post one a day. She loved it and it made me happy to make her happy. Besides that: It gave me an awful lot of ideas for writing. I have also done an e-card version for friends, which was a little easier because you do not need to post in time and can schedule the sending.

No matter which you like to choose: it just gives your creativity a boost as you look around for little stories, finding trinkets and get creative in another way than your usual one. And it is great fun. So for this week I invite you to just go for it: find written or other trinkets to make someone happy but at the same time give your creativity a break and a boost.

Some ideas for Advent Calendars:

Create one for your page: Online Adventcalendar

Creative Life In Between: Easy DIY Advent Calendar

Blast from the Past: Baking up Inspiration ~ #amwriting

June 2019

I certainly have done enough baking in the last 12 months 😉

December 2017

It’s December and many of us take the time to bake cookies. In June 2014 I wrote about inspiration and baking and it seems a good time to re-post this entry:

June 2014

Do you like baking? I do even though I never do it enough. Unfortunately, there are only 24 hours in a day :-).

For me, baking is a very creative process: Besides the fact that you can decorate for example cookies or cakes in many different ways alone the process of creating something delicious out of flour, butter, sugar, eggs and some spices which on their own are not very delicious is fascinating.

In a way that is what writers or bloggers do: Out of some words which on their own would not make any sense or are just not very interesting the author or blogger creates his own voice and paints images in the reader’s mind. What a wonderful thing to do to spend your time?

Baking also has some symbolic meaning in the writing process (if you are into baking that is of course 🙂 ): When I am blocked and cannot get on with my writing or just cannot motivate myself to get on with it I often stop and bake something. My soul and my muse seem to interact with the baking process. Like mixing

the ingredients, putting the dough in a form, baking it and taking it out they seem to mix ideas, images and words together, bringing them into form and then baking them together into something new which usually emerges when I have tried the cake or cookie I baked.

What can be more motivating than a piece of freshly baked cake? Coming back to my question above? Do you like baking? Does it have the same effect on your writing or do you have other symbolic activities that bring back motivation to write or activates your inspiration? Please feel free to share them with me. I am always happy to try out something new :-).

Morning Pages ~ Basic Principles

June 2019

I might have re-posted this one recently but I think its an important part if you want to be creative and it might be a reminder for those who did “The Artist’s Way” with me back in autumn 2018 on Music Monday Care & Love

January 2017

I have read and worked with Julia Cameron’s tools and ideas for more than 20 years but in 2014 I  had another go at them and blogged about it. One part that has changed my view of creativity is her “basic principles”. I think it is good to remind ourselves of them at the beginning of the year therefore, I share my old post with you again:


As I wrote before I just have finished reading Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way ~ A spiritual path to higher creativity” but I thought it might be good to just do it again and to share with you what changes are happening. Besides that is exactly what the book suggests :-).

There is an introduction bit where she explains how she came about to write the book and start the “The Artist’s Way” movement. What I like about the book is that it is filled with quotes from different artists and teachers which reinforces what she is writing about. I also like the idea that creativity is a spiritual experience and expression.

After this and at the beginning of the course she is speaking about the so-called “basic principles”. The book explains that we usually have an idea of a God being against our creative motivations even though many religions teach that god is a creator. Artists are creators as well as they create art and so the book’s idea is to align the idea of a creator god with the creating artist: God (no matter which spiritual path you follow) wants you to be creative ~ which is a very empowering thought.

The basic principles amplify this idea to lead the reader from a culturally enforced guilty feeling about wanting to do art towards a guilt-free enjoyment of anything creative one wants to do as god asks us to do exactly that.

She then asks the reader to read the basic principles once every day for seven days and watch the changes that happen. Here are those basic principles and I challenge you to read them every day and then take notice of what changes in your perception of art, being creative and in your life as a whole.

(The following sentences are taken from the Kindle Version of Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way” at location 296)

Basic Principles

  1. Creativity is the natural order of life. Life is energy: pure creative energy.
  2. There is an underlying, in-dwelling creative force infusing all of life – including ourselves.
  3. When we open ourselves to our creativity, we open ourselves to the creator’s creativity within us and our lives
  4. We are, ourselves, creation. And we, in turn, are meant to continue creativity by being creative ourselves.
  5. Creativity is God’s gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God
  6. The refusal to be creative is self-will and is counter to our true nature.
  7. When we open ourselves to exploring our creativity, we open ourselves to God: good orderly direction.
  8. As we open our creative channel to the creator, many gentle but powerful changes are to be expected.
  9. It is safe to open ourselves up to greater and greater creativity
  10. Our creative dreams and yearnings come from a divine source. As we move toward our dreams, we move towards our divinity.

Video credit: Lilou Mace via YouTube

20 things to discover about myself

December 2018

You know that I am facilitating Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way” on Music Monday Care & Love. Two years ago I tried this too but did not finish. Here are some of my answers to one of the tasks from two years ago. It made  me smile

May 2016

I had a bit of a troubled time with writing lately like Julia Cameron wrote. It seems to me like so much had started to change that I just needed some time to recharge.

But having put my poetry book up for sales and now some new ideas for new books seem to get my motivation back. I suspect it will always be an up and down with my feelings. So that should certainly not stop me from creating.

At first, I did not want to answer these questions publicly but today I felt like it and so here are

20 things to discover about myself

(Taken from Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way) Kindle version, location 1601)
  1. My favourite childhood toy was… Lego and one green and one blue Steiff Budgie
  2. My favourite childhood game was… Kind of role plays I made up with my friends
  3. The best movie I ever saw as a kid was…. The Fox and the Hound, the first film I’ve ever                                                                    seen in cinema
  4. I don’t do it much but I enjoy… cycling
  5. If I could lighten up a little, I’d let myself…..change jobs
  6. If it weren’t too late, I’d….study English
  7. My favourite musical instrument is….recorder, guitar and piano
  8. The amount of money I spend on treating myself to entertainment each month is…next                                                                                                                         to nothing
  9. If I weren’t so stingy with my artist, I’d buy him/her….more books
  10. Taking time out for myself is….such a luxury
  11. I am afraid that if I start dreaming….I could not keep up with the change
  12. I secretly enjoy reading…children’s books
  13. If I had had a perfect childhood I’d have grown up to be…a journalist and writer
  14. If it didn’t sound so crazy, I’d write or make a…poetry book …oh wait I have 🙂
  15. My parents think artists are…I have no idea to be honest
  16. My God thinks artists are…brilliant
  17. What makes me feel weird about this recovery is….that it seems to work
  18. Learning to trust myself is probably….the hardest thing to do
  19. My most cheer-me-up music is….It’s all about tonight
  20. My favourite way to dress it…as comfy as possible

Ah well that was fun :-).

Take care and have a healing day!

Blast from the Past: Of course/Natuerlich

October 2018

A post from March 2011

March 2011

I fought with myself.

Since I was a teenager I thought about taking my writing seriously. But you know how it goes: Everything conspires against you and tells you you do not have any chance. Well, if you do not try, of course, you do not have a chance.

I wrote anyway. Some nice poems and started a fantasy story. I never really dried out of ideas. “Ideas lay on the street” I used to say. But I considered it a hobby and tried to make my living in the “real” world. Well, it went kind of OK but I got more and more unhappy. It is good to be able to pay your bills but life is too short to pay for it with your sanity and happiness.

My writing self won the fight in the end. And of course, the first thing I got was writer’s block…..

Oktober 2018

Dieser Post wurde zum ersten Mal im Maerz 2011 veroeffentlicht

Maerz 2011

Ich habe mit mir selber gekaempft!
Seit meiner Jugendzeit wollte ich mein Schreiben ernst nehmen. Aber Du weisst ja wie das geht: Alles verschwoert sich gegen Dich und sagt Dir, dass Du absolut keine Chance hast. Tja wenn Du es nicht versuchst, wirst Du auf alle Faelle keine Chance haben.
Ich habe trotzdem geschrieben. Einige nette Gedichte und habe angefangen eine Fantasy Geschichte zu schreiben. Mir sind die Ideen nie wirklich ausgegangen. Ich habe immer gesagt:” Die Ideen liegen auf der Strasse!” Aber ich habe es immer als Hobby gesehen und versuchte meinen Lebensunterhalt im “realen” Leben zu verdienen. Tja das lief soweit ganz gut aber ich wurde immer ungluecklicher. Es ist gut, wenn man dazu faehig ist, seine Rechnungen zu bezahlen aber das Leben ist zu kurz, um es mit seiner geistigen Gesundheit und seinem Gluecklichsein zu bezahlen.
Mein schreibendes Ich hat letztendlich gewonnen. Und jetzt habe ich natuerlich eine Schreibblockade….

Tsunami of Creativity ~ Bi-Lingual

October 2018
Little did I know what else is coming our way…
March 2011
A few days ago I wrote on this blog that I am speechless with all that is happening around the world.
Yesterday I wrote on my poetry blogs (Bee’s poetry and stories & Bee’s Gedichte und Geschichten (these blogs do not exist anymore)) that I write like my life depends on it.
After the speechlessness a tsunami of creativity crashes in:
It destroys life how I knew it: doing an energy sucking job and being frustrated constantly! It creates something new: I am still doing that job but with doing what I love besides that something good is growing.
Oktober 2018
Zum Glueck wusste ich da noch nicht, was noch so alles auf uns zukommt…
Maerz 2011
Vor ein paar Tagen habe ich hier in diesem Blog geschrieben, dass ich sprachlos bin bei all dem, was auf dieser Welt so passiert. Gestern schrieb ich in meinen Lyrik Blogs (Bee’s poetry and stories & Bee’s Gedichte und Geschichten (diese beiden Blogs existieren nicht mehr)), dass ich schreibe, als ob mein Leben davon abhinge.
Nach der Sprachlosigkeit bricht ein Tsunami von Kreativitaet ein. Er zerstoert Leben, wie ich es bisher kannte: arbeiten in einem Energie raubenden Job und staendig frustriert sein. Er gestaltet etwas Neues: Ich arbeite immer noch in diesem Job aber tue nebenher, was ich wirklich liebe und so waechst etwas Gutes heran.
On a yellow background there is a bee on the top right side and orange writing says in the middle: Give and you shall receive.

How NOT to design a shirt and why I try again

Today I ordered a mug.

A mug of my design which I was waiting to order.

It is this mug:

image of a white mug with a loudspeaker in yellow and red saying: On your keyboard! Get Tea! Write!

image of a white mug with a loudspeaker in yellow and red saying: On your keyboard! Get Tea! Write!

And I thought I let you know a little bit why I created it and what it’s all about:

As many of you know I have given up my job at the end of March as I just could not do it anymore. I have no new job yet, but do a course to teach English online and am pondering to do some coaching too. However, I have to coach myself first I think 🙂

For years I thought about the idea to put my poetry on shirts and when I read about Teespring I was rather thrilled. It sounded great. I did two designs before the above one but they were not a great success.

The first was a grey shirt with this poem on it:

hunting is only unobjectable to me

if no animals are involved.

The hunting of languages though

is a rather intriguiging

and noble act of


LOL besides being a really bad poem it has THREE!!!!! spelling mistakes in it (do I really want to teach English soon????) As I write this I am roaring with laughter. There was no design involved either and the boring writing must have put off everybody. You guessed it: it did not sell. However, I am still wearing my spelling mistakes with pride as the t-shirt is really comfortable and gives a great pyjama top. Yes, I bought one because I wanted to know how they are and how the buying process goes.

The next of my trials was rather unsuccessful too:

Looks to me like I avoided the spelling mistakes this time and I even did some sort of design but as I am known for not finishing projects it did not sell either. Well, again one. Mine. That one was a little small but still very comfortable.

So when I figured out that life is going to put a rather big roadblock in my way I tried again. After all, they say third time lucky or “Aller guten Dinge sind drei!!!”

So far I have come up with the “On your keyboard! Get Tea (there is also one for coffee & wine)! Write!” design which you can get as a mug, organic t-shirts and stickers. My idea for that one was to change

“On your marks! Get set! Go!”

into something motivational for writers and bloggers to start their writing day. The best husband (Jeremy Clarkson voice) in the world did not get it. So I am wondering if it is not easy to understand and just something that spawned in my crazy mind. If you have thoughts on it, please let me know. (Yes they are my babies but I will survive if you think its stupid. Really! I promise!!! 🙂 )

beige shirt with a yellow & red loudspeaker on the top right side which says: On your keybaord! Get coffee! Write!

beige shirt with a yellow & red loudspeaker on the top right side which says: On your keybaord! Get coffee! Write!

What I love about Teespring is the fact that you can fundraise with your designs for a cause. They even offer to directly give the money to your chosen charity. That keeps things easy and clean in my mind. Lately, I have often thought about the idea to give one percent of my income to a good cause. I can’t remember where I read about it but it feels right to do so. I have supported different causes over the years but inequalities in the world have troubled me a lot in the last couple of months. That is why I chose the World Literacy Foundation because they do such a good job all over the world to help children to learn to read and write.

I am so much aware of how much more difficult my struggle with my mental health would be if I could not read and write. I would not have the chance to connect with other bloggers or blog for one which is a huge help in difficult times. Reading and writing is also a big part of my life and I agree with the World Literacy Foundation that it is a human right to know how to read and write.

I struggled a little at first to decide how much of the sales I wanted to give but ended up with 50% of each sale for their work and I think I need to up my game to actually get some money in for them 🙂 .

The other times I changed the suggested prices for the shirts to cheaper ones because I thought they are rather expensive. Especially as they add a handling fee and shipping price to it. That is around 50p & around 4£ in case of the mug. For shirts, it is about 80p & 2.80£. You can order them also from other countries and I think they adjust the prices to your currency.

This time I left the prices as Teespring suggested. That was mainly because I think their products deserve their prices and it is for a good cause after all. Let’s get some money to let kids learn to read & write!

On the right side of my blog, you can see another one of my designs with one of my favourite poems or maybe just questions. And then there is this one too:

red or dark pink women’s shirt with white writing and symbols: two hearts, a head with wheels inside and a sunset and waves. The writing is set wonky and says: breathe out breathe in love yourself, breathe our breathe in know yourself, breathe out breathe in calm yourself.

The different designs are not always available as they run for three weeks and then are a couple of days off. However, you should be able to order them and when they print again you can get them. My goal is 20 orders for a print but I remember last time they did even one order too.

Right then 🙂 get stuck in and tell me what you think or go and get some! Thanks!

Fellow Bloggers writing about Teespring:

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image of red flowers

How do you keep your creativity “healthy”?/Wie haeltst Du Deine Kreativitaet “gesund”? (#amwriting #blogging)

There is an affiliated link with Wordery in this entry

September 2017

This entry was first posted in June 2012:

When I was reading Julia Cameron‘s “The Artist’s Way” a few years ago I was quite intrigued by the idea that you need to nurture your creativity as much as you need to nurture your body and soul.

I can not remember everything she wrote about this topic but what stayed with me is that creativity blooms the best if we do not put any pressure on ourselves. Like when we were kids we just drew, sang, danced, painted… without thinking about it. We just had fun.

Julia Cameron says that this is the secret to successful creativity: Just have fun doing what you do. One of her exercises is to give yourself a day a week or if not possible just a few hours per week off where you do things just for fun. You could go to the park which you love, or read a book you wanted to read for ages; or just dance to a song you like. Whatever is fun for you and makes your creativity flow again.

I think doing this would just inspire us again as it opens our channels for the muses to talk to us ~ which for me is keeping my creativity healthy.

Now I have not done this exercise for a long time but I have become more aware lately what inspires me:

~ listening to music

~ reading especially poems

~ other blogs

~ photography

~ taking a walk at the beach

Have you ever thought about what keeps your creativity going? Do you give yourself special “days off” where you do things just for fun to get creative again? Or do you have other ways of keeping the creative juices flowing?

In diesem Beitrag befindet sich ein affiliated Link mit Wordery

September 2017

Dieser Beitrag wurde zum erstenmal im Juni 2012 veroeffentlicht:

(einige Links in diesem Beitrag sind in englischer Sprache)

Als ich vor ein paar Jahren Julia Cameron‘s “Der Weg des Kuenstlers” gelesen habe, war ich sehr angetan von der Idee, dass man seine eigene Kreativitaet genauso naehren’ muss wie seinen Koerper und seine Seele.

Ich kann mich nicht mehr an alles erinnern, was sie geschrieben hat aber was mir im Gedaechtnis geblieben ist, ist die Aussage, dass Kreativitaet am besten blueht, wenn man sich keinem Drueck ausgesetzt fuehlt. So wie wir als Kinder einfach gemalt, gesungen, getanzt, gezeichnet…. haben ohne darueber nachzudenken. Wir hatten einfach Spass.

Julia Cameron sagt, dass das des Geheimnis erfolgreicher Kreativitaet ist: einfach Spass haben. Eine ihrer Uebungen ist es sich einen Tag in der Woche (oder auch nur ein paar Stunden, wenn es anders nicht geht) zu geben, an dem man einfach mal was nur so zum Spass macht. Man koennte in seinen Lieblingspark gehen, oder einfach das Buch lesen, das man so lange lesen wollte oder einfach nur zu dem Lied, das man so mag tanzen. Was auch immer Dir Spass macht, regt Deine Kreativitaet an.

Ich glaube, das einfach zu tun, oeffnet die Kanaele, durch die unsere Musen zu uns reden koennen ~ was fuer mich “meine Kreativitaet gesund erhalten” ist.

Ich habe diese Uebung schon lange nicht mehr gemacht aber ich bin mir in letzter Zeit immer mehr darueber bewusst geworden, was mich inspiriert:

~ Musik hoeren

~ Lesen speziell Gedichte

~ Blogs von anderen

~ Fotografieren

~ am Strand spazieren gehen

Hast Du jemals darueber nachgedacht, was Deine Kreativitaet am Leben erhaelt? Gibst Du Dir einen “freien” Tag, um einfach, das zu tun, was Du willst, um wieder kreativ zu werden? Oder hast Du ganz andere Wege, Deine Kreativitaet wieder fliessen zu lassen?

Ich wuerde gerne davon hoeren 🙂 und lade Dich hiermit ein, entweder bei SeedeBuzz mit zu “buzzen” oder einfach nur einen Blog Eintrag darueber zu schreiben und dann einen Link dazu, hier in den Kommentaren zu hinterlassen. Oder wenn Du keinen Blog hast, lass es mich einfach ueber die Kommentare wissen.

Vielen herzlichen Dank!