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Happy Not-So Wordless Wednesday or Where is my Coffee?

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Hi friendly people out there, are you ok? Are you as tired as I am?
I have to admit it is Tuesday when I write this and by the time this post goes up I might be fully awake. Well, no, because I schedule them for just before 1am in the UK. I might be up at that time of the day because our neighbours tv often makes sure of it but I certainly won’t be awake. But let’s not go down that route shall we?
Well, I wanted to do a Wordless Wednesday post which would suit my muddled brain but my chocolate-coffee-graving body doesn’t let me. It made me go and get the brownies (“they are old” my brain said “and need using up” 😉 ) and a cup of tea (my stomach has more power than my brain 🙂 and said stomach had enough coffee at the weekend) but maybe you prefer coffee?
So I went to find a coffee related video on YouTube but stumbled over this rendition of Bizet’s Habanera from Carmen:

You might not want to hear it but conscientious people won’t go quietly and let big business destroy our climate and our species.
In this context I feel a bit guilty to come back to the coffee gravings. Coffee is one of the big water wasters and if you live in the UK/Europe adds tons of food miles on top. The husband and I haven’t weaned ourselves yet from coffee and black tea but we are working on it. Or I do 😉
So are there any alternatives to coffee and black tea? Let’s hear what Sarah Keith from World Lifestyle on Skinny Sips has to say:

Not sure I like any of those 😦 . What do you think? Do you have a tasty alternative to coffee or black tea that gives you hat incredible energy boost you need for the morning?
Well, let’s move, shall we? Here is some wisdom by Mr Edison…

“Viele Misserfolge im Leben sind Menschen, die nicht verstanden haben wie nahe sie am Erfolg waren als sie aufgaben.”

Thomas A. Edison Quotes

And for good measure a poem I wrote on a first many, many moons ago 🙂
July 2019
Ok, this is certainly not one of my best poems. Makes not much sense to me now. But for an explanation: It was written on the first of March 2015 and published on the second. I know, I know, I should have planned these re-posts 😉
March 2015
Pinch, Punch, First of the Month
the first
will the
close up of bee
So, my dear friends. I release you to your daily lives or sleeps depending on when you read and where you are. Hope your day or night rocks, gives you the energy you need and makes you feel like the goddess or god that you are 😉
Love & Rage

PS: I have no idea why my posts don’t get the layout right. Maybe I have to move to the dreaded new WP editor 😦

Celebrate no matter the weather with these delicous iced coffee recipes.

Good Morning Peeps!

Are you living in an area that is hit by a heatwave? We are not. It was rather fresh in North Norfolk in the last couple of days because the wind comes from the north instead of from the South but today we might get about 24c. Or maybe that’s tomorrow. You never know so close to the sea :-).

No matter where you are at the moment please check out this video for coffee lovers to find five delicious coffee recipes. I think they are great in all weathers. Please, also make sure to visit Sara Lynn Cauchon’s page “Inspired” to get more brilliant recipes and other ideas.

video credit: Sara Lynn Crouchon via YouTube

May you have a wonderful Friday and great weekend!


December 2018

That great coffee machine is broken and I miss it 🙂

August 2017

My husband got us a wonderful coffee machine for Christmas that also makes Cappucino and Expresso and I have enjoyed the odd cup of coffee lately. However, ultimately I am still a tea drinker 🙂

September 2011

I am a devoted tea drinker. Even though growing up in Germany a place known for drinking loads and loads of coffee I was raised with Tea. My parents enjoyed a good cup of tea and we used to order it from a business in Bremen. We used to have Earl Grey, Keemum, Oolong, Assam, Darjeeling and Ceylon tea sorts some people have never heard of and I was allowed to order some scented sorts especially prepared for children or teenagers. We drank tea with or without white or brown sugar, with or without honey, with or without Kandis (rock sugar special to the northern German tea tradition), with or without milk and lemon of course. It is not that we followed the posh tradition of 5 o’clock tea with sandwiches or little cakes but a breakfast without the tea pot warmer on the table and a china pot full of tea was no breakfast at all. My father used to work for Siemens and one of his co-workers came from Turkey. One day he came home and had gotten a Turkish Samovar which was mainly used at the weekends.  My friends made big eyes when they came for a sleep over and saw it in the morning.

My grandmother and my mother both knew a lot about the healing effects of herbal tea. There was Chamomile for a bad stomach, peppermint when having a cold, nettle for cleaning the metabolism and many other sorts. I follow this tradition and am very interested in herbal healing and found a great ginger tea recipe against any sort of head cold and sinus problems for example.

I need my cup of tea in the morning. Even though I hardly drink black tea anymore. When I encountered green tea I was taken and so my morning starts with a cup of green jasmine tea which has great balancing effects. Apparently, there are some studies that suggest that drinking one cup of green tea per day reduces the possibility of getting cancer by a third or so. Well, there is no question for me then :-).

When I am upset, sad or frustrated I grab the kettle and make myself a cup of tea, sitting on the sofa afterwards thinking about all those little lovely things that help to raise the mood and just enjoy the warmth of the tea running down my throat. And what is better than sitting at home by candlelight with a steaming cup of tea and some chocolate or other sweet when it is bitter cold outside?

I admit though I am going astray now and then. There is one other passion for a drink that I have: A cup of hot chocolate half with coffee, cinnamon and touch of cloves.

Dezember 2018

Die prima Kaffeemaschine ist kaputt und ich vermisse sie…

August 2017

Mein Mann hat uns zu Weihnachten eine Kaffeemaschine besorgt, die auch Capuccino und Expresso macht und ich habe hin und wieder eine Tasse Kaffee genossen. Im grossen und ganzen bin ich aber immer noch eine Teetrinkerin 🙂

September 2011

Ich bin eine ueberzeugte Tee Trinkerin. Obwohl ich in Deutschland, das bekannt fuer seinen Kaffee Konsum ist, aufgewachsen bin wurde ich mit Tee erzogen. Meine Eltern haben eine gute Tasse Tee geliebt und wir haben unseren Tee immer von einem Geschaeft in Bremen bezogen. Wir haben e Earl GreyKeemumOolongAssamDarjeeling und Ceylon getrunken; Teesorten, von denen mancher noch nie etwas gehoert hat. Und mir war es erlaubt spezielle Teesorten fuer Kinder und Jugendliche auszuwaehlen.

Wir haben Tee mit oder ohne weissen oder braunen Zucker, mit oder ohne Honig, mit oder ohne Kandis, mit oder ohne Milch und natuerlich mit Zitrone getrunken. Nicht, dass wir der vornehmen Tradition des 5 Uhr Tee’s mit Schnittchen und Kuchen gefolgt waeren aber ein Fruehstueck ohne das Stoevchen mit einer Kanne Tee drauf waere kein Fruehstueck gewesen. Mein Vater hat fuer Siemens gearbeitet und einer seiner Kollegen kam aus der Tuerkei. Eines Tages kam mein Vater mit einem  Samowar nach Hause, den wir von da an an den Wochenenden benutzen. Meine Freundinnen staunten nicht schlecht, wenn sie mal bei uns uebernachtet haben.

Meine Grossmutter und meine Mutter wissen und wussten viel ueber die heilende Wirkung von Kraeutern. Da gab es Kamillentee fuer Uebelkeit, Pfefferminz bei einer Erkaeltung und Brennessel fuer Entschlackung. Ich folge dieser Tradition, weil ich sehr an Naturheilkunde interessiert bin und habe ein grossartiges Ingwer Tee Rezept gefunden, das gegen Erkaeltungen und Nebenhoelenentzuendungen hilft.

Ich brauche meine Tasse Tee am Morgen. Ich trinke allerdings kaum noch Schwarztee. Als ich Gruentee entdeckt hatte war mir nicht mehr zu helfen. Mein Tag beginnt nun mit einer Tasse gruenem Jasmin Tee, der grosse ausgleichende Wirkung hat. Offensichtlich haben Studien herausgefunden, dass das Trinken einer Tasse Gruentee pro Tag die Moeglichkeit, Krebs zu bekommen um ein drittel oder so reduziert. Da gibt es dann keine Frage fuer mich :-).

Wenn ich mich ueber etwas aufgeregt haben, ich traurig oder frustriert bin dann greife ich nach dem Wasserkocher und mache mir eine Tasse Tee. Spaeter dann sitze ich auf dem Sofa, denke an all die kleinen schoenen Dinge, die die Stimmung verbessern und geniese die Waerme des Tees durch meinen Koerper stroemen. Und was gibt es besseres als mit einer Tasse heissem Tee und ein bischen Schokolade oder anderen Suessigkeiten drinnen zu sitzen, wenn es draussen bitter kalt ist?

Ich muss allerdings zugeben, dass ich manchmal fremdgehe. Ich habe eine Schwaeche fuer noch ein Getraenk: Heisse Schokolade halb mit Kaffe, Zimt und einem Hauch von Gewuerznelke.