A little Brexit Snark on Friday…

🇪🇺 Important anouncement:

I just want to remind everybody to change the pronunciation of Nigel Farage’s last name from the French to the British way (like garage) by tonight 11PM.


We can’t have Brussels rule the pronunciation of our last names, can we?

Bee’s Poem of the Day: Tackling Brexit

Hello everybody, how are you doing? I hope life is treating you well and if not: remember you rock no matter the bumps in the road.

I was listening to last week’s Brexitcast in which a creative person made a vinyl with the “Brexitdisco”. He said Brexit caused him lots of anxiety and he wanted to change the whole sorry business into something positive.

Haven’t laughed about Brexit like that ever!!!!! Please listen here if you are so lucky as to get it: Brexitcast: Satuday Night Leaver.

After my post on Brexit over at Filosopha’s Word (Thanks Jill, you rock!) Bexit anxiety had hit me again quite badly so I thought why not follow in the gentleman’s footsteps.

No, don’t worry I won’t bother you with me singing awful 70’s songs (I actually love, love, love 70’s music, so don’t be fooled 😁). I thought I might make a short Brexit poem every day until this country gets over itself and moves somewhere back to sanity wherever that might be.

Have to admit I haven’t followed todays development on Brexit, so please, do not expect any brilliant insights from me. Just a snapshot of todays mood in the house of Halton 😁.

Brexit bring it on

No Deal might cure some high pride

Fog on the beaches

Yes, it was foggy in North Norfolk and I wrote about that over at Therapy Bits (Thanks Carol Anne for hosting my babbling 🤪). I love all shades of autumn as I said over there and can’t wait to find out how tomorrows will be.

In this sense have a lovely evening, night, morning, day whenever you might read this 🙋‍♀️🐝

My video from todays view of the sea
Greek image of warriors with Homer Quote

Of Gates of Hell, Good News & PodCasts

Hello my good people of WordPress and wherever you might blog or read blogs. How are you doing my dears? I am nearly asleep. Done the bad step to put Farmville2 back on my phone and couldn’t stop playing last night. But we got up at 4am to allow a dog walk while it is still cool (in fact I’ve been freezing at the beach) and even two strong Italian Style coffees can’t keep the yawns from my mouth.

Of Gates of Hell

And then I thought I am dreaming. Well, having nightmares really. I wrote over at Therapybits:

The ArchBrexiteer is in Number Ten now and I had to laugh out loud when I read this Tweet (link goes to my retweet):

“Everyone thinks it’s a #Heatwave hitting the UK. But in fact it’s the Gates of Hell opening for Boris Johnson getting into number 10. #BorisDay
by @watchallirish (sorry Carol Anne I didn’t choose his Twittername 😉 ).”
No, don’t worry I am not going down that road. Most of you know anyway how I feel about Brexit and you can read my rather bad poetic take on today here on Carol Anne’s Blog.

Of Good News

What is the best thing to do when you hear bad news? Counter them with good news and aren’t we lucky today? It is Tuesday so off we go and find some Good News 😉 .
In times like these when many people feel their religion is better than that of another and many more want to put up walls, fences and other dividing devices this award in the US is brilliant:
Even though I have to admit I find it rather ironic that the country with the man in the White House who says nasty things about Muslims on a continuous basis honors a very brave man and Imam:
Imam Abubakar Abdullahi, hid 262 Christian farmers in his home and Mosque in 2018 when their fellow Islamic farmers went on an attack spree. What a hero!
In my opinion, this is such an important thing to report as the media seems to only show radicalized Muslim Imams (yes I know there are no other Imams …. ) who spread as much hate as some of our egotistic Western and so-called Christian leaders.
There are decent religious leaders in all religions and I think it is time we shout their deeds and wisdom from the rooftops or from our blogs!

Of PodCasts

In other news, The Bee has discovered PodCasts. I know, I know I am rather late but somehow it escaped my attention how many cool bits to listen to are out there!
It’s all the BBC’s fault which advertised “Forest 404” on TV. This is an intriguing PodCast by BBC Sounds about the future, AI and how forests and in fact all wildlife got extinct. It is accompanied by talks from scientists about climate change and soundscapes that make you experience the story in more depth. It was one of the coolest things I ever heard!
I have to admit though I haven’t figured out yet where else I could listen to them and where to find any that I like. “BrexitCast” is the only other series I am listening to on a regular basis (only when I scrape the paint from our bathroom walls though. Yes, The Bee develops expertise in renovating a home 😉 ) And I tried one which is called TED Radio Hour.
So my question for you my dear friends today is: Do you listen to PodCasts and can you suggest any interesting ones to me? 
That’s it for today. No, it’s not 🙂
of course, there is also a little “Blast from the Past”:

July 2019

Please forgive my bad planning of my re-posts 🙂 but maybe I like remembering spring?

March 2015

There was a time when Twitter was not connected with an information service or social network but only with the sounds birds make.

Some of us might already have the pleasure of spring approaching. Yes, I know it is still another 10 days until spring officially starts (no not meteorologically that was on the first I think) and I also know I am only speaking for the Northern Hemisphere but still: It’s getting warmer, and at least I do hear more and more birds tweeting around in the morning.

I think that’s great. For me, that is clearly a sign that warmer days (hopefully) will come soon, and life will feel a little easier. It’s also a sign that not all tweeting happens on Twitter ;-).

image of a butterdish with a blue and a green bird on it

Description for visually impaired readers: Orange butterdish with four quirky birds on it. two are blue and another two are green one each on either side


steaming mug in my hands
my spring ritual
sunshine on my face
but still
wrapped up warmly
a robin hops around
For my friends on the Southern Hemisphere: I promise you an autumn poem for tomorrow 🙂

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See you later alligators …. 😉 and don’t forget:

Love & Rage my friends Love & Rage

Poem on Friday: Maybe

March 2019

My prediction from July 2016 seems to come true: it won’t be as bad as remain predicts but it looks like the leavers get nothing. Who wins? Globalisation and big corporations. And some politicians too, I suspect. Well, let’s brace ourselves for the ride…

July 2016

I am writing this post on Tuesday 28th of June and the poem at the end of the post somehow has changed my negative view on the EU exit of the UK. The more I think about it the more I believe the EU is better off without the UK. I do not dare to predict the future of the UK. It won’t be as bad as the “remain” campaign predicted but hardly any of the goals of the “leave” campaign will become reality.

Never mind. 52% proud British citizens have gotten the power back to their country. What comes after that and what they might have done to the world economy doesn’t matter to them. To me, they feel more and more like sulking teenagers who demand more freedom of decision to do things that are clearly stupid but they are old enough to do that now.

I just feel sorry for the 48% who wanted to remain because those will have to suffer for it. And I am sorry for all the youngsters in this country who might have lost a lot of chances for their future because their parents and grandparents stubbornly needed to go for the wrong decision for all the wrong reasons.



maybe – there is a light
maybe – there is a tomorrow
maybe – there is love
maybe – there is hope
maybe – there is …


#SoCS needs dough

*attention. Rude language that might offend some readers

I thought it was Groundhog Day:

I checked Linda’s blog and clicked on the SoCS post but didn’t register the date. The prompt asked about the last mail we received… d’oh oh no duh?!

Looks like the reader on the WP was a slight bit behind. So, what’s today’s prompt?

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “dough/d’oh.” Use one, use both, use ’em any way you like. Enjoy!

SoCS badge by Pamela, at https://achronicalofhope.com/

SoCS badge by Pamela, at https://achronicalofhope.com/

So here’s the story:

I need some dough. No, not the sweet sticky stuff that adds the pounds on our hips. It would be nice to have some again but that’s a different story. This story is about Mary Berry.

You know the British Baking Queen? Of course, she had much more to teach the great British public after they left that exclusive club called EU. Good old recipes like bulking up white bread with sawdust or how to use reconstituted dried eggs in baking. She didn’t get the reputation of a national treasure for nothing.

The plan the EU Underground had hatched was sound: go in, show the images of Johnson, Farage and friends feasting on proper wine and cakes in Italy, Germany or wherever they made their escape to and get out.

No-one expected the Berry ninja moves. My goodness, that old dear could kick butt. Mine still stings. I came into the studio ready to shove the posters in front of the camera but Mary must have been tipped off. She charged at me like a chef on steroids and off I went into the wall. BERCOW!

Illustration of a yellow bang over which it says BERCOW!

Sorry, unfortunately, I have no reference where this comes from. I’ll put credits as soon as I find out.

When I came to she leaned over me grinning madly:” You little sh…. settled status slut you!” she hissed. “You lot destroyed our great British baking tradition with your baguettes and bretzels and panettone. Noone…No-one can remember Horsebread or Iussell. It was time someone did something about that!”

I must have stared at her like a rabbit in front of the snake in the middle of my shredded posters because her eyes suddenly changed into purple glowing Erbolates and I didn’t move. Neither did any of the camera crew. They hid behind their equipment or ran.

“EU no 13 what’s up?” I heard in my earplug. That woke me. I pressed the Tusk security button and my head shot forward into her grinning face. I think I must have put the setting a little high. When I got up and checked, her head lolled backwards. She did not breathe. That’s when I saw the brave one. One ginger camera woman had her camera right in front of us and said triumphantly: ”That was life on tv! You won’t get away with this!”

How right she was. That was my death sentence from the EU Underground. Our first rule:” Utmost secrecy!” So I ran. And now I need some dough…


Sorry Mrs Berry, that you have become a victim of my anti-Brexit stream of consciousness. I have no idea where you stand on Brexit but I hope you’ll forgive me :-). I also assume you would not use foul language like I gave you. Again so sorry :-).


Please head over to Linda’s Prompt Post and check out the comments for more hilarious, serious and plain bonkers SoCS posts. You won’t regret it!!!!


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The Day Brexit Didn’t Happen…

… We got up early to go to the beach but after a coffee or two decided to go back to bed.

The day Brexit didn’t happen I walked the dog around the field in front of our house after we got up eventually.

The day Brexit didn’t happen I decided to go and get some petrol. I also took the mail to the post.

The day Brexit didnt happen a business expert on BBC4 said that the UK economy would prove Brexit isn’t all that bad. It was a warm and sunny day by the way.

The day Brexit didnt happen I had a cafe au lait and a baguette with brie and visualized myself with the best husband (Jeremy Clarkson voice) in the world sitting on Mont Martre enjoying Paris’s skyline.

The day Brexit didn’t happen I pruned my first buddlia. I also saw a huge bumble bee and two ladybirds.

The day Brexit didn’t happen I hardly watched the news because there are no news.

The day Brexit didn’t happen I made delicious one bowl brownies and lit a fire because it got chilly in the evening.

The day Brexit didn’t happened I wondered where all this will end.

Image of nettles with two lady birds on them

Bumble bee on white flower surrounded by green plants

Budlia behind purple magnolia not yet pruned. Black greyhound at the left side

Budlia pruned with shadow of woman underneath

Brownie dough in baking tray before baking

So Brexit day came and went and we are non the wiser. The right wing Brexiteers threaten with riots (what a surprise) and MP’s voted May’s deal down for the third time. She threatens with a fourth vote. Wtf? Sorry for my language. The BBC local news started their evening with the phrase ” The Day Brexit Didn’t happen” and it made me laugh so I thought I do a post about it.

Some politician on that BBC4 program I mentioned said he thinks that all MP’s have lost their minds and have a communal nervous break down. That made me laugh too. At least something positive in all this mess.

Hope you have a good day, evening or night and live in a country that hasn’t gone mad yet.

Blast from the Past: The Prime Minister Wrote to me…

March 2019

Today is the day! Does Britain leave or not?

When I schedule this post I don’t know but my feelings have rather changed since I wrote this post about Mrs May writing to me. I don’t care anymore. If Britain wants a no-deal then they should go for it fully. I suspect that those who voted for Brexit and feel left behind by society will feel even more left behind because they will be the ones who pay for it. Pay with higher food prices and maybe even food shortages. They will pay with even more globalisation which left them behind in the first place. They will pay with more immigration just from Africa and Asia and not the EU. No, I was wrong above. I am still angry but now I want revenge. I know it is totally childish and doesn’t change a thing but hey? Do I have to be grown up about something I never had a say in but is going to change my life and that of my family for the worst?

October 2017

… She wrote to me to assure me that all is fine. That both the UK and the EU have our best interest in mind. I shouldn’t worry. That’s what she says and a lot of people who won’t be affected by Brexit at all told me too.

How dare they?

They don’t have to go and fill in paperwork. They don’t have to pay for being “allowed” to stay. * They aren’t affected so how dare they tell me how to feel about Brexit?????

I am so, so angry.

I tried to ignore this anger but it’s just there like a red brick burning my soul.

And as for this letter: I believe it when I see it!

Dear Beatrice

As I travel to Brussels today, I know that many people will be looking to us – the leaders of the 28 nations in the European Union – to demonstrate we are putting people first.

I have been clear throughout this process that citizens’ rights are my first priority. And I know my fellow leaders have the same objective: to safeguard the rights of EU nationals living in the UK and UK nationals living in the EU.

I want to give reassurance that this issue remains a priority, that we are united on the key principles, and that the focus over the weeks to come will be delivering an agreement that works for people here in the UK, and people in the EU.

When we started this process, some accused us of treating EU nationals as bargaining chips. Nothing could have been further from the truth. EU citizens who have made their lives in the UK have made a huge contribution to our country. And we want them and their families to stay. I couldn’t be clearer: EU citizens living lawfully in the UK today will be able to stay.

But this agreement will not only provide certainty about residence, but also healthcare, pensions and other benefits. It will mean that EU citizens who have paid into the UK system – and UK nationals into the system of an EU27 country – can benefit from what they’ve put in. It will enable families who have built their lives together in the EU and UK to stay together. And it will provide guarantees that the rights of those UK nationals currently living in the EU, and EU citizens currently living in the UK will not diverge over time.

What that leaves us with is a small number of important points to finalise.  That is to be expected at this point in negotiations. We are in touching distance of agreement.  I know both sides will consider each other’s proposals for finalising the agreement with an open mind. And with flexibility and creativity on both sides, I am confident that we can conclude discussions on citizens’ rights in the coming weeks.

I know there is real anxiety about how the agreement will be implemented. People are concerned that the process will be complicated and bureaucratic, and will put up hurdles that are difficult to overcome. I want to provide reassurance here too.

We are developing a streamlined digital process for those applying for settled status in the UK in the future. This process will be designed with users in mind, and we will engage with them every step of the way.  We will keep the cost as low as possible – no more than the cost of a UK passport. The criteria applied will be simple, transparent and strictly in accordance with the Withdrawal Agreement.  People applying will not have to account for every trip they have taken in and out of the UK and will no longer have to demonstrate Comprehensive Sickness Insurance as they currently have to under EU rules.  And importantly, for any EU citizen who holds Permanent Residence under the old scheme, there will be a simple process put in place to swap their current status for UK settled status.

To keep development of the system on track, the Government is also setting up a User Group that will include representatives of EU citizens in the UK, and digital, technical and legal experts. This group will meet regularly, ensuring the process is transparent and responds properly to users’ needs. And we recognise that British nationals living in the EU27 will be similarly concerned about potential changes to processes after the UK leaves the EU.  We have repeatedly flagged these issues during the negotiations. And we are keen to work closely with EU Member States to ensure their processes are equally streamlined. 

We want people to stay and we want families to stay together. We hugely value the contributions that EU nationals make to the economic, social and cultural fabric of the UK. And I know that Member States value equally UK nationals living in their communities. I hope that these reassurances, alongside those made by both the UK and the European Commission last week, will provide further helpful certainty to the four million people who were understandably anxious about what Brexit would mean for their futures.

Yours sincerely

Theresa May, Prime Minister


* this has been changed. Applying for the so-called Settlement Scheme is free (or was at the time I scheduled this post)