If We Were Having A Hot Beverage…

Hello out there, how are you? I hope you are well. Please stay safe and know you are in my prayers. πŸ•―

When I wrote today’s blogpost over at ” The Bee Creates” the Coronavirus epidemic was still far away.

Since then more and more countries are shutting down and I wonder which of the apocalyptic riders are called “Epidemic”. Should have read “Good Omens” more closely 😁 .

So I assume all of us are going to read more and that is why I made a summary of my posts from this week over there: ” If We Are Having A Hot Beverage…

The world is closing

Let’s share favourite blogposts

Remember blessings

So if you are not occupied with stockpiling toilettroll 😜 then let me know which is the post you enjoyed writing the most this week and I head over and read it.

Happy Sunday to you all despite everything πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈπŸ


Question of the day from Carol Anne

What brings you joy?

For me, its journaling, reading, playing with my dog Nitro, listening to music, blogging or writing, drinking tea, volunteering, and spending time with those I love.

What about you?


Carol annes poetry challenge from Bee, sorry its late this week…

Bee challenged me last week to the following poetry challenge, I said I’d do it, then time ran away with me, and I forgot! So I am late…but here it goes, I am going to try and give this a shot…

Her poetry challenge to me was…Eat it or beat it…

Yummy food
That I cooked
With my own hands
All made with care
And love…
I put my heart and soul into my creation
Sit down
Mindfully eat
Take stock
The taste, texture
Smell even
As I sit
Enjoy my creation
Eat it, or beat it
I tell myself
But nevermind the last part
There will be no beating it
Only eating it
And when I am finished
I will sink into a chair
Satisfied, and content again.


Bee’s poetry prompt for Carol anne!

This week, bee gave me a great poetry prompt. It was “I can hear and smell the new year”. Isnt that great?

Here’s my attempt at a poem using that prompt!

The new year
mostly it brings good cheer
for me
it brings much change
i can feel it
hear it
even smell it
resolutions are made
and broken, mind you
ha ha
too true!
but i can hear
and smell
the new year
this brand new year
it will appear
no matter how i pretend
that its not coming!
there is no point
as no matter what we do
it will arrive
so instead of worrying, i must thrive
so thrive I will!
happy 2019 to all!


Carol Annes poetry prompt from Bee…

This week Bees poetry prompt for me was “The ravens gather over the moor”.

This one was very challenging to me. But I am giving it a go anyway.

In flocks they swoop
In a big group
Flying high
In the sky
Over the moor
Lovely to look at
Such calm it brings
To see them fly
Oh so high
I watch, mezmorized.


Carolanne poetry prompt from Bee!

This week Bee has given me a wonderful prompt to write on. It is sand between my toes. So without further ado I give you my poem.

walking on a beach
white sand glistening
softly it squishes
between my toes
I can feel it
so delicate
so soft, such a beautiful feeling
I could walk for miles
With the soft silkt sand
Which feels so warm
In the suns rays
Warm against my skin
This is heaven