Blog Love: Take a coffee break/Darf ich vorstellen Freundeskreis Street-Art Berlin

June 2019

Quite surprised they still exist

September 2017

Take a coffee break is not only a blog about coffee! You can find great pictures on Wordless Wednesday and Music suggestions on Music Monday. There are interesting facts about book summaries and how to keep your feet happy. Just go and take a break ;-):ย Take a coffee break

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Juni 2019
Bin ueberrascht, dass sie noch existieren…
September 2017
Wer moderne Kunst und Streetart mag sollte unbedingt auf Freundeskreis Street-Art Berlin nachsehen.
Streetart aus Berlin und anderswo, Termine aus Deutschland und den Niederlanden und Banksy on the go!
Bitte hier nachsehen:ย Freundeskreis Street-Art Berlin

Blog Love ~This, That and the Other Thing

February 2019

It’s brilliant to re-discover great blogs!

March 2016

Today I want to introduce you to Sustainabilitea and her blog “This, That and the Other Thing”.

I fell through her door so to speak as she takes part in Norm’s Thursday Doors and her pictures are just brilliant. She can also be found on Wordless Wednesday and several other photo challenges which are met with humour and skill.

However, the lady used to homeschool and travel a lot so you can find some posts about ancient history of Greece and other places thereabouts. Incredibly interesting. And you can even find some poetryย if I am not mistaken. So please take a minute to hop over to “This, That and the Other Thing” and let yourself be whisked away to other worlds and universes :-). Thank you!

Blog Love: Bellesmots2000dotcom

November 2018

A very short mention from November 2012 but this blog still goes and is so worth checking out:

November 2012

Today we go to the blog of an amazing woman: Writer, cancer fighter, family woman and the blog is called bellesmots2000dotcom.

There is Friday filosophy ( ๐Ÿ™‚ ) to be found, her experience fighting cancer but most of all well-written blog posts worth a visit.

Thanks for following bellesmots!


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November 2018

Eine sehr kurze Anmerkung von November 2012 aber dieser Blog laeuft immernoch und ist es wert, besucht zu werden.

November 2012

Und so gehen wir weiter zum Blog einer erstaunlichen Frau: Schreiberin, Krebs Ueberlebende, Familienfrau und er heisstย bellesmots2000dotcom.

Da gibt es friday filosophy ( ๐Ÿ™‚ ), ihre Erfahrungen beim Kampf gegen Krebs aber vor allem gut geschriebene Blogbeitraege. Muss man/frau besucht haben.

Danke fuers Folgen bellesmots!



Blog Love: RolliWrites

A blog suggestion:

Rolli Writes

Rolli writes with gusto, he writes interesting little things sometimes funny, sometimes disturbing. Always worth a read though.

I could write loads more but I think you should have a look for yourself and make up your mind!