Re-blog: Words to Remember ~ VOTE! (By Hook or by Book)

I feel it’s not fully my business but as I have many US readers I share this anyway. Please make sure you can vote and get that nutter out of the White House! 😡

The video in Kim’s post says it all because it is a Republicans experience and opinion. Please heed the writing on the wall! Thanks 🤗

Please comment over at Kim’s. Thanks again. Happy Tuesday despite everything. 🙋‍♀️🐝

Words to Remember ~ VOTE!

Re-blog: Self-compassion

How very true! Thanks for sharing Carol-Anne!

Self-compassion involves wanting health and well-being for oneself and leads to proactive behavior to better one’s situation, rather than passivity. And self-compassion doesn’t mean that I think my problems are more important than yours, it just means I think that my problems are also important and worthy of being attended to. Kristin Neff Virus-free.

Self compassion
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#Blog Love ~ The #Poets Billow ~ #bilingual

You can find the German part after the image

June 2019

The Poets Billow was following one of my old blogs and I gave it some blog love in January 2013. It is still running as far as I can see and it is still a great resource for all poets.

January 2013

The Poets Billow is an organisation that intends to help poets to improve their poetry, “increase their participation in the literary landscape” and show poetry prizes. They offer workshops, one-on-one mentoring and several other services which look like they are really helpful.

Please go and have a look at The Poets Billow!

Thanks for the follow!

Resource: The Poets Billow

Juni 2019

The Poets Billow folgte einem meiner alten Blogs und im Januar 2013 gab ich ihm ein wenig Blog Liebe. Er besteht immer noch soweit ich sehen kann und ist immer noch eine grossartige Resource fuer Dichter, wenn auch leider nur in englisch.

Januar 2013

The Poets Billow ist eine Organisation, die Dichtern helfen will ihre Lyrik zu verbessern und mehr an der literarischen Landschaft teilzunehmen. Sie zeigen ausserdem Gedichtwettbewerbe. Sie bieten Workshops , one-on-one mentoring und verschiedene andere Dienste an, die so aussehen als ob sie wirklich hilfreich sind. Die Seite ist von den USA.

Bitte schaut mal bei The Poets Billow vorbei!

Danke fuers Folgen!


Blog Love: Take a coffee break/Darf ich vorstellen Freundeskreis Street-Art Berlin

June 2019

Quite surprised they still exist

September 2017

Take a coffee break is not only a blog about coffee! You can find great pictures on Wordless Wednesday and Music suggestions on Music Monday. There are interesting facts about book summaries and how to keep your feet happy. Just go and take a break ;-): Take a coffee break

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Juni 2019
Bin ueberrascht, dass sie noch existieren…
September 2017
Wer moderne Kunst und Streetart mag sollte unbedingt auf Freundeskreis Street-Art Berlin nachsehen.
Streetart aus Berlin und anderswo, Termine aus Deutschland und den Niederlanden und Banksy on the go!
Bitte hier nachsehen: Freundeskreis Street-Art Berlin

Blog Love ~This, That and the Other Thing

February 2019

It’s brilliant to re-discover great blogs!

March 2016

Today I want to introduce you to Sustainabilitea and her blog “This, That and the Other Thing”.

I fell through her door so to speak as she takes part in Norm’s Thursday Doors and her pictures are just brilliant. She can also be found on Wordless Wednesday and several other photo challenges which are met with humour and skill.

However, the lady used to homeschool and travel a lot so you can find some posts about ancient history of Greece and other places thereabouts. Incredibly interesting. And you can even find some poetry if I am not mistaken. So please take a minute to hop over to “This, That and the Other Thing” and let yourself be whisked away to other worlds and universes :-). Thank you!

Blog Love: Coco J Ginger Says “Ich liebe Dich”

Coco J. Ginger used to follow one of my first blogs for which I am very grateful. I just discovered my then “Thank you for following” post and found out she is still blogging. Brilliant! Please find incredibly creative and inspiring posts at Coco J. Ginger and her blog Coco J. Ginger says “Ich liebe Dich”.

video credit: Digital Research Lab via YouTube


Blimey, those were the days…/Mann, das waren die Tage…

November 2018

Blimey, those were the days when properly famous people followed me. Unfortunately, I could not find her blog anymore but her page does still exist. Somewhat differently though. Please check it out anyway 🙂 .

August 2012

Aleza Freeman self-declared coffee-a-holic is a writer ever since she wrote a poem about the many uses of a unicorn’s horn in 2. Grade. Since then she has come a long way working for newspapers, hotels and written a children’s book called “Candy Story at the edge of the Galaxy“.

Her witty and diverse blog Aleza Freeman Writer & Coffee-a-holic is worth visiting if you want to know about theatres and ladybugs (and of course there is more 😉 ).

Aleza is following me for more than three months and I want to give her a big thank you today!

Description for visually impaired readers: Illustration of three trees with differently coloured canopy to the right of the picture. In the middle black writing saying: Blog Love


November 2018

Mann, das waren die Tage, als mir richtig beruehmte Leute gefolgt sind. Ungluecklicherweise kann ich Ihren Blog nicht mehr finden aber Ihre Seite besteht noch. Auch wenn sie ein bisschen anders ist. Schaut sie Euch doch trotzdem bitte an 🙂 .

August 2012

(Links in diesem Eintrag sind in Englischer Sprachee

Aleza Freeman selbsterklaerte  coffee-a-holic~in war schon immer eine Autorin  und vor allem seit sie ein Gedicht ueber die vielfaeltigen Verwendungen des Hornes eines Einhornesis in der zweiten Klasse geschrieben hat.   Seither hat sich einiges geandert und sie hat fuer Zeitungen und Hotels gearbeitet und ein Kinderbuch geschrieben:”Candy Story at the edge of the Galaxy“.

Her witty and diverse blog  Ihren witzigen und vielfaeltigen Blog Aleza Freeman Writer & Coffee-a-holic muesst Ihr besuchen wenn ihr mehr ueber Theater und Marienkaefer wissen wollt (und natuerlich ist da auch mehr  😉 ).

Aleza folgt meinem Blog seit mehr als drei Monaten und heute moechte ich Ihr ein dickes “Danke” sagen !