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Love Is In Da Blog 2020 ~ "A Music Festival" is back!

Hello dear readers, how are you doing? I hope you are well and that great music is playing in your background. 🙂 Are you up for another month of love and music? I very much hope so as I have a wonderful list of prompts for the whole of February. In December I have asked for prompt suggestions and several bloggers were so kind as … Continue reading Love Is In Da Blog 2020 ~ "A Music Festival" is back!

5 Things I like about myself

The lovely Emilia over at My Inner Mishmash has nominated me for the “5 Things I like about myself” Challenge. I think that is rather fitting for my quest of self-love and self-esteem. Thank you so much, Emilia, for nominating me. Please head over to her blog and find out what she likes about herself 🙂   And here are the rules: Thank the nominator. … Continue reading 5 Things I like about myself

One Lovely Blog Hop

Oh, I am honoured! “Our Rumbling Ocean” was so kind to nominate “Just Fooling around with Bee” for “One Lovely Blog Hop” (that post doesn’t exist anymore). Please pay Boeta and his parents a visit as you can find the cutest boy in South Africa and lots and lots of beautiful pictures of Flora and Fauna in exactly that exciting country. Of course, there are … Continue reading One Lovely Blog Hop