The Cut-Up-Machine-Poem

August 2020

I love to play with words. Even though I mainly write haiku-like poems currently, it is nice to have a look back at some of my experiments:

October 2016

Yes, I know when this is posted it will be November but does it matter? In the last few days, I have written some new poems and posted them here. However, I need some fun and a little playing around and therefore I am going back to one of my favourite poetry sites: Language is a Virus.

It has a lot of writing prompts, writing gizmos and gadgets, and all in all, it is just great fun for any writing block to just vanish. Today I am using The Cut-Up-Machine and enter this text:

I’ve cut it up

It is October

and I sit on

the sofa.

No  mug of tea.

I had coffee.
Lot’s of it.

Now I am hyper like a

chicken on crack.

I can see the branches of 

the trees outside

dance in the wind

It winds them up

and down skillfully.

And I wonder


The Cut-Up-Machine

will make of this.

Let’s see what “Language is a Virus” will make of it :-). It’s been cut twice:


I’ve cut it up

down winds winds on wonder

What The the trees sit sofa.

No mug of wonder

What The branches this.

on the winds on down wonder

What The coffee.

Lot’s a chicken sofa.

No coffee.

Lot’s crack.

I am outside dance

had mug up and skillfully.

And mug the I trees

had mug

can had is had

in down wonder

What The….


I am sitting here barking with laughter…… 🙂


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Image of a street with white writing quoting Benjamin Franklin

I am a reader & a writer/ Ich bin eine Leserin und eine Schreiberin

In May 2019 I re-posted an entry called “Maybe I am a reader and not a writer“. Today I want to re-post the follow-up post from 2017:

September 2017

I have started blogging more intensively again and even have written new blog posts. I still try to figure out that balance of family, life, reading and blogging but I believe I can answer that question now: I am a reader and a blogger. The writer is just part of it:

March 2012

Lately I have been visiting Inspired Kathy’s Blog “I am reader, not a writer” (not active since 2016 unfortunately) quite often. I love it because it has clear book reviews based on her thoughts and liking of a book. Nothing fancy written. She chose the name of her blog because she enjoys reading but not that much to write those fancy reviews.

Well, that name got stuck in my mind and popped up on a regular basis and so I gathered there is something in there to write for me:

I wrote it before that I have been getting my love for reading books back and I am writing some (very subjective) book reviews on this blog now.

The reason why I lost my love for reading for a while was, I tried/try to become a writer. Well, I guess I am one as I have always been writing diary, poems, letters, short stories, articles for little magazines ….. I just have not been published in a major way. That does not bother me a lot but I believe that the best way to learn how to write a novel is to read good ones and find out what you like about them.

And there it goes: I changed my reading habit from enjoying a good story, having a great time and being taken away to other worlds to examining characters, story lines, story worlds etc. I started to find more faults than enjoying a good story and in a way I gave up after a while.

Then I ended up on Goodreads and somehow I got that “enjoyment” of reading back and I just love it.  I found a balance between reading for joy and reading for learning and that is a great way of being a reader and a writer.

I now consider myself a blogger which includes both: being a reader and a writer.

image of a book and half a readers body

Image by Yerson Retamal from Pixabay

Im Mai 2019 habe ich einen Beitrag wieder veroeffentlicht, der “Vielleicht bin ich Leser und kein Autor” heisst. Heute moechte ich den Nachfolge Post von 2017 veroeffentlichen.

September 2017

 Ich habe wieder angefangen mehr zu bloggen und habe sogar ein paar neue Beitraege geschrieben. Ich versuche aber immernoch die Balance von Familie, Leben, Lesen und Bloggen zu finden aber ich denke ich kann die Frage jetzt beantworten: Ich bin eine Leserin und eine Bloggerin. Und Schreiberin ist ein Teil davon:

(Links in diesem Beitrag sind in englischer Sprache)

In letzter Zeit habe ich oft den Blog von Inspired Kathy (Inspirierte Kathy) besucht, der  “I am reader not a writer” (Ich bin eine Leserin keine Schreiberin/Leider ist dieser Blog seit 2016 nicht mehr aktiv) heisst. Ich liebe diesen Blog, da er klare Buchbesprechungen hat, die sich auf ihre Gedanken und ihre Vorlieben stuetzt und nichts extravagant Geschriebenes ist. Sie hat den Namen des Blogs so gewaehlt, da sie es liebt, zu lesen und nicht diese ausgefallene Buchbesprechungen zu schreiben.

Tja, dieser Titel kam mir andauernd in den Sinn und so habe ich mir gedacht, dass es da wohl etwas zu schreiben fuer mich gibt:

Ich habe es ja schon mal geschrieben, dass ich meine Liebe fuers Lesen in letzter Zeit wieder entdeckt habe und ich schreibe jetzt auch einige (sehr subjektive) Buchbesprechungen hier auf diesem Blog.

Der Grund warum ich meine Lust am Lesen verloren hatte, war eine Schreiberin zu werden. Tja, ich denke ich bin eine Schreiberin, da ich immer schon Tagebuch, Gedichte, Briefe, Kurzgeschichten, Artikel fuer kleine Magazine geschrieben habe. Ich bin nur noch nicht in grossem Stil veroeffentlicht worden. Das macht mir nicht wirklich etwas aus aber ich denke, man kann nur ein guter Autor werden, wenn man gute Geschichten liest, um herauszufinden, was man an ihnen mag.

Und so passierte es: Meine Lesegewohnheit hatte sich vom einfachen Geniesen eines guten Buches, von einer guten Zeit haben dabei und in andere Welten versetzt zu werden, zu Untersuchen von Charakteren, des Handlungstranges und des Settings gewandelt. Ich begann, mehr und mehr Fehler zu sehen anstatt eine gute Geschichte zu geniesen und irgendwann habe ich dann einfach aufgegeben.

Dann bin ich auf Goodreads gelandet und irgenwie habe ich das “Geniesen” am Lesen wiedergefunden. Und ich liebe es! Ich habe eine Balance zwischen den Geniesen und dem Untersuchen gefunden und ich denke, das ist eine grossartige Weise eine Leserin und eine Schreiberin zu sein.

Heute sehe ich mich als Bloggerin: Das beinhaltet Leserin und Autorin zu sein.

We Can Do It… but What Day Is It Anyway? (23.4.2020)

Hello dear readers, how are you doing? I hope you and yours are well physically and mentally. We are living in extraordinary times and will see incredible changes in the future. Rather scary stuff that. I also hope you can face these with optimism. No matter what is the case with you, my thoughts and prayers go for you and yours.

Let’s start with something positive, shall we? British artists are coming together to paint and draw NHS workers portraits to say thank you. What a wonderful way to immortalise these heroes:

video credit: sky news via youtube

It is Wednesday morning at 3am when I am writing this. I woke up at twelve to go to the toilet and take another painkiller. Then I went back to bed but couldn’t get back to sleep. Never mind. I felt the best way to get about this was to use the time for something I enjoy. So I got up; made a cup of tea, and played a little with the tv on. That is where I saw the report about the artists drawing portraits.

It’s strange how the best husband (Jeremy Clarkson voice) in the world and my sleeping patterns seem to have reversed. Usually, it is him staying up half of the night, and I am asleep. But he is working full time, still recovering from a severe operation and basically does all the housework now, and it takes its toll. I am in awe how he manages it all and deeply grateful for his love and support.

I don’t worry too much about not sleeping. I am basically bound to the house for the next four and a half months so I can write and read whenever it fits. Plus my sleeping pattern seems to be one night up one night sleeping. I can live with that.

Of course, I have a reason for being worried and not sleeping. I start chemotherapy on Monday, and in COVID-19 times nothing is straight forward. I need to have blood tests done before every session. Usually, I would just get an appointment with the surgery and go. I wasn’t sure though if they still do these. Luckily our surgery has a brilliant homepage. You can basically do everything online. So I asked and they told me they do, but they could also ask the community nurse to come around because I am now classed as vulnerable. At first, I wasn’t sure which I’d prefer but decided to ask for the services of the community nurses.

Image of Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals

The hospital I am attending has lots of information as leaflets and online about their cancer treatments. Usually, they do an information evening in the radiology department and for chemotherapy but that’s not on right now. Also, chemotherapy is moved to a private hospital close by to keep vulnerable patients safe. The appointment letter I got told me though to go to my regular hospital. Confusing. So I called my oncology specialist nurse to find out. They are only in their office on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and I didn’t expect a call back when I called on Tuesday. But a co-worker of theirs picked up the call and reassured me I had to go to the private hospital and they would call me closer to the appointment. I feel I can start working as a PA after all this with this much organising and finding information.

And then there is this little thing with shielding. I should hide in one room in the house once I start chemotherapy, not seeing the husband and only use bathroom and kitchen on my own. Our home is small. We have no en suits. I can’t fully shield and also start to realise how much close contact with my husband helps me to get through this. We cannot afford to both stay home as our employer wouldn’t pay him. ( Government advice is that family members can still work but need to stay away from the person who is shielding and as a groundskeeper, he can’t work from home.). We sill figure out how to deal with this. So what day is it anyway?????

image of blue purple mountain cornflower and dark green leaves

Linda over at “Life in Progress” has started the “What day is it anyway” blog event. She invites us all to share a little of our new daily routines, struggles and successes. She writes: “

Why I’m writing this post:

Because if you’re like me and stuck at home already, or if you’re going to be like me soon, the days of the week are going to be hell to keep track of. We have a wonderful community here on WordPress and all over the Internet as well, and I’m sure many people are feeling nervous and/or isolated. I want to make sure every one of us has somewhere to congregate and someone to talk to.

I want everyone to know that you can start discussions with each other in the comments, and if you’d like to write your own “What Day is it Anyway?” post, you can link to this one. Hashtag #WDIIA.

Let’s keep in touch!

Thanks Linda, your rock!

I can only encourage you to take her up on the offer 🙂 . Here is a list of her #WDIIA posts.

Now to something different. A blast from the past

I posted this first in 2017 and it is still so cool:

YouTube Tuesday was a blog meme back in 2012 that I took part in. It has stopped or the blog has moved or whatever, the thing is I can’t find it anymore but I love the video’s I had posted then and so repost them and just take over the YouTube Tuesday meme. If you like it, feel free to share your own choice of video and link to this post so that I can visit yours. Have fun!

thanks for the video to via

Find out more here:

A short film by Blu: an ambiguous animation painted on public walls.
Made in Buenos Aires and in Baden (fantoche)

music by Andrea Martignoni
assistant: Sibe

And that is it for today.

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image of hot spring and quote by Bertrand Russel

We Can Do It… but What Day Is It Anyway? Blast from the Past Bookreview Edition (16.4.2020)

Hello out there, how are you doing? I very much hope you can keep your spirits up and that you are safe. Please know, you are all in my thoughts and prayers daily. I care for people, but as I can’t do anything practical at the moment, this is the closest I feel I can do to make a difference. Hopefully, it gives you some hope and the feeling of being appreciated.

gif source: Giphy ~ this is a lit tealight

This candle is dedicated to all those who have passed because of COVID-19 and for the families, they leave behind.

I am so so sorry for your loss!

And now to something related but different:

gif source: Giphy ~ two rows of Peanuts figures clapping on red chairs

And a HUGE “Thank You” to all keyworkers from nurses over cleaners to bus drivers out there who risk their lives daily to keep ours going!

I don’t know about you, but for me, the enormity of this virus’s impact is slowly sinking in. Every morning I wake up and think and feel: Oh my, so so much sorrow and pain!” and I want to cry. At the same timeendeavors I am amazed how many wonderful people are out there and how many creative endeavours are brought to life to get us through. But I just can’t shake this feeling of grief. I don’t think I should either. I suspect this is part of the process of going through something traumatic and big like this.

But that doesn’t mean I put the duvet over my head and hide. I keep going with what I can. Every day I can use my arm a little more. I can read and blog and am grateful for my family, friends, food and the roof over our head. And I think expressing my feelings here is an excellent way to work my way through. It feels hard though, to stay positive and motivated and hopeful. But maybe that is why I blog: To give myself a structure for looking for something good and positive.

image of hot spring and quote by Bertrand Russel
picture credit: Brainyquote

Many of us have a little more time to read. That is why I thought I re-publish a post from 2012 about a wonderful poetry book I read:

This entry was first posted in January 2012:
The Best British Poetry 2011The Best British Poetry 2011

by Roddy Lumsden

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Well this is a first: I have never reviewed a poetry book and will have to find my way into it.

The Best British Poetry 2011 is a “subjective” compilation of actual British poetry as the editor Roddy Lumsden writes in the introduction. The poetry is mainly taken from magazines like “Poetry London“, “Poetry Review” and “Edinburgh Review“. Some of the poets have been published before some have not.

Even with knowing about the subjectiveness of the book I have been disappointed. There was no poem that stuck in my head or inspired me in any way. There are good poems in there I am sure but I guess I am a terrible old-fashioned poetry reader and have trouble with poems that do not make obvious sense. I prefer poems that tell a story or show a picture. This might have to do with the fact though that English is not my mother tongue and I might not instantly understand all the underlying meanings of images and expressions used.

I am still glad to have read it as it shows the wide variety of today’s poets in Britain. There are poets from British as well as foreign backgrounds who have a different view on life and express it in different ways. There are poets who write only in English as well as those who use dialect as well as foreign expressions. The creativity is evident even though it does not resonate with me.

Ian Duhig‘s Jericho Shandy is one example.

What I like about the book is that there is an appendix with information about each author as well as about the poems.

It is definitely worth reading!


This is the German translation of the review:

Dieser Beitrag wurde zum erstenmal im Januar 2012 veroeffentlicht:

Tja dies ist meine erste Besprechung eines Gedichtbandes und ich muss mich hier erst einfinden.
The Best British Poetry 2011 ist eine “subjektive” Sammlung von aktueller britischer Lyrik wie der Editor Roddy Lumsden in seiner Einleitung schreibt. Die Gedichte wurden zumeist von Magazinen wie “Poetry London”, “Poetry Review” und “Edinburgh Review”. Einige der Dichter wurden bereits veroeffentlicht manche noch nicht.

Obowohl ich ueber die Subjektivitaet des Bandes wusste, war ich enttaeuscht. Da gab es kein Gedicht, das mir sofort im Gedaechtnis geblieben ist oder mich inspiriert hat. Es gibt darin gute Gedichte, da bin ich mir sicher aber ich denke, ich bin eine hoffnungslos altmodische Gedichteleserin und komme nicht wirklich mit Gedichten klar, die nicht gleich Sinn machen. Ich bevorzuge Gedichte, die eine Geschichte erzaehlen oder ein Bild malen. Das mag aber damit zu tun haben, dass Englisch nicht meine Muttersprache ist, und sich mir viele der genutzten Bilder und Ausdruecke nicht gleich erschliessen.

Trotzdem bin ich froh, den Band gelesen zu haben, weil er die riesige Vielfalt heutiger britischer Lyrik aufzeigt. Da gibt es Gedichte von britisch geborenen Dichtern wie auch von Einwanderern, die jeweils eine andere Sicht des Lebens haben und dies auch in unterschiedlichen Weisen ausdruecken. Da gibt es Dichter, die nur in Englisch schreiben aber auch solche, die Dialekte wie Welsch oder auslaendische Ausdruecke nutzen. Die Kreativitaet wird sehr deutlich obwohl sie mir nicht sehr nahe ist.

Ian Duhig’s Jericho Shandy ist ein Beispiel davon:

Was ich am Buch wirklich mag ist der Anhang, der eine kurze Information zum Dichter und dem Gedicht gibt.

Es ist es wirklich wert, gelesen zu werden!

View all my reviews

And last but not least let’s look at something positive and funny:

video credit: IndiaTimes via YouTube

Some people seem to think that posts with not so much unique content are not worth reading. But I need these positive video’s to keep my mood and my hope up and I feel I need to share it with you too. Only together we can get through this.

Many of us are stuck inside and probably feel like getting out and rampage a supermarket for sweets. But let’s be reminded what the results of such actions are 🙂

video source: Movieclips via YouTube

That is it for today. I wish you a creative Thursday to you all despite everything!

Just one more thing before you go: The hospital that is treating me is fundraising for a dedicated breast cancer unit which would allow same-day diagnosis and better premises for patients and staff.

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Thanks my dears, for staying with me until the end. I appreciate your presence. Please stay safe, stay kind and remember that you rock!

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Quote of the Day ~ Artists ~ Pablo Picasso

Hello dear readers, how are you feeling today? I hope you are well but if you feel down rest assured, you are in my prayers.

Today I am sharing a quote by and a documentary about Pablo Picasso one of my favourite artists. I am not saying much more about it. Just enjoy:

Every child is an artist.

The challenge is to remain an artist

after you grow up”


Pablo Picasso”

Video Credit: Star Arts via YouTube

Can’t remember when

I first encountered your art

watch these spring faces

Happy Friday to you all! 🙂

Just one more thing before you go: The hospital that is treating me is fundraising for a dedicated breast cancer unit which would allow same-day diagnosis and better premises for patients and staff.

Please, if you can spare a little money hop over to their Just Giving Page and give as little or much as you can. Or share the page on your social media. Your support means a lot to me! Thank you very much.


Blast from the Past: Quote of the Day ~ Fail ~ Samuel Beckett

“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better. Samuel Beckett”

Please head over to “Bee Wordless” and find my “Wordless Wednesday” posts. You can also find my posts about life, the universe and everything over at “The Bee Creates…“. Also, find poetry and links back to posts on “The Bee Writes…” over at Tumblr.

English translation of Og Mandino quote

Blast from the Past: Good Morning Mindful Monday ~ De-cluttering

January 2020
I published this post first in October 2015 but feel it is also a good one to consider at the beginning of a new year. Enjoy this de-cluttering Blast from the Past:

Good morning writers and other mindful ones!

How is your life going? How is your writing going? Does any clutter in your life drag you down?

Feng Shui or not

A few years ago I read up on Feng Shui. It was the hype in Germany where I lived at the time, and I tried to organise our house in a way that energy could flow smoothly. I cannot say it made a big difference to me, but on the other hand, us westerners are not that good at sensing the subtle flow of energies in our lives. So who knows maybe me living in Great Britain now had to do with some changes I made to our house then.

I do not know much about Feng Shui, but one thing that stuck with me is the practice of de-cluttering your home and your life.

The Practice of De-cluttering

Since I had to move for the first time at the age of 17, I have been moving many many times and it always astonishes me how much clutter accumulates in a home. So many things you cling onto because they seem to have an emotional worth or might come in handy one day, but you never use them.

Over the years, I have experienced an urge to de-clutter my belongings and my/our home every so often, and I feel that it usually is a sign of a new stage in personal development. I also experience that it keeps your mind, heart, and probably also your body free of blocking energies which in turn helps to achieve your goals.

De-cluttering our internet habits

I am not the first to tell you that it never pays out to have a tab open for Twitter, one for Facebook, one for… when you are writing. To keep it simple and to stay just with your writing program and nothing else is a sort of de-cluttering too. It is worth to check ourselves and develop a little discipline in keeping our phones off too.

A few months ago I had de-cluttered my online games too. I used to play at least 4 – 6 games on Facebook but it started to use up a lot of time. So I decided for two games that are my favourites and keep the rest of my day for reading and writing.

A busy time

Life has become so much more active nowadays. The demands of our professional lives are tougher, and we have so  many opportunities on the internet to occupy ourselves. I believe one skill we have to develop more than in any time before is to set priorities and stick to them.

Autumn a good time to take stock

Autumn is a good time to take stock of your life and see what can go and what is important to keep. Not only in things but also in habits and goals. Just allow yourself an hour or so to go for a walk and afterwards have a look at your home with a fresh eye. Then sit down and follow your heart at you want to say “good-bye” to in your life. It is worth it because it will make your life lighter and help you to achieve more happiness.

In this sense: have a de-clutter-some week!

Blast from the Past: Place of belonging/ Da wo man hingehoert

October 2019

I try to put down roots here in Norfolk, UK but I am not sure if Brexit lets me….

September 2011

I found Lauren Holgates blog entry about the question: “Where do we belong” or more “Were do we come from” on SeededBuzz (it does not exist anymore). She has moved a lot as a child and it feels difficult for her to answer that question.

I am from the South of Germany. A village which has grown a lot since I have moved away some 24 years ago (is it really that long ago?). The county is Baden-Wuertemberg in the south-west of the country and I lived in a hilly area called the Swabian Alb. I always claim that I am not patriotic but I am actually pretty glad to come from the place where Friedrich Schiller, Porsche , the Brezel, the Maultasche and Boris Becker come from.

It used to be a very poor county because the soil was not very good so the clever Swabians became inventors and travellers to make up for it. I am sure you find a great many of my ancestors in places like America, Russia and even Africa. Also, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, the first edition of the pushbike, the modern wind turbines and the Steiff-Teddy are just a few of the inventions my fellow Swabians created. Not to mention all the artists, writers and musicians.

But if you ask me if I belong there I would say “no”! I happen to be more a “Where ever I lay my hat that is my home” kind of person (funny though that I haven’t had a hat since my teenage times in Swabia but just bought one).
My feeling of belonging has more to do with people I have a connection with (and they live all over the world) or with my spiritual connections (you can cultivate those everywhere really).

Swabia with all its oddities (I will mention the “Kehrwoche”, “lick my a…” as a friendly greeting and calling everything in its diminutive version in a later entry) is definitely the basis of my being ~ you can not get rid of the influences of your childhood no matter how hard you try. But as we travelled a lot and I was reading a lot as well I did not stay inside those boundaries.  So maybe I come from Swabia but belong the world 😉

Image of Noerdlingen in Germany

Noerdlingen a place close to where I come from

Oktober 2019
Ich versuche, hier in Norfolk, UK Wurzeln zu schlagen bin mir aber nicht sicher, ob Brexit mich laesst….
September 2011

Ich habe den Blogeintrag “Where do we belong/Wo gehoeren wir hin” oder eher “Were do we come from/Wo kommen wir her” von  Lauren Holgates auf SeededBuzz (die Seite existiert nicht mehr)  gelesen. Sie ist als Kind oft umgezogen und findet es schwierig, diese Frage zu beantworten.

Ich komme aus Sueddeutschland aus einem Dorf, das unheimlich gewachsen ist, seit ich vor ungefaehr 24 Jahren dort weggezogen bin (Ist das wirklich schon so lange her?). Das Bundesland ist Baden-Wuertember im Suedwesten des Landes und ich komme aus der huegeligen Gegend der Schwaebischen Alb.

Ich behaupte immer, dass ich nicht patriotisch bin aber ich bin ziemlich froh aus dem Lande Friedrich Schillers, des Porsche, der Brezel, der Maultasche und des Boris Beckers (egal wie die Deutschen zu ihm stehen, die Briten lieben ihn :-)) ) zu kommen.

Es war frueher ein ziemlich armes Laendchen und so haben sie die clevern Schwaben zu Erfindern und Reisenden entwickelt um das auszugleichen. ich bin mir sicher, dass ich einige meiner Vorfahren an Orten in Amerika, Russland und sogar Afrika wiederfinden kann. Erfindungen wie der Mercedes, der Porsche, das erste Fahrrad, moderne Windturbinen und natuerlich der Steiff-Teddy wurde von meinem Landsleuten erfunden. Nicht zu vergessen all die Kuenstler, Dichter und Musiker.

Aber wenn man mich fragt, ob ich da hingehoere wuerde ich “Nein” sagen. Ich bin eher eine Person, die sich heimisch fuehlt, wo sie gerade lebt. Mein Zugehoerigkeitsgefuehl hat mehr mit Menschen zu denen ich eine Verbindung habe (und die sind auf der ganzen Welt) oder mit meinen spirituellen Verbindungen zu tun (und die kann man ueberall entwickeln).

Schwaben mit all seinen Besonderheiten (Ich werde die beruehmte Kehrwoche, “Leck mich am A….” als freundliche Begruessung und alles im Diminutiv zu benennen in einem anderen Beitrag naeher beleuchten) ist sicherlich die Basis fuer mein Sein ~ man kann die Einfluesse seiner KIndheit einfach nicht loswerden egal wie sehr man sich bemueht. Aber da wir viel gereist sind und ich viel gelesen haben bin ich ueber diese Grenzen hinausgewachsen. Insofern kann ich vielleicht sagen “Ich komme aus Schwaben gehoere aber zur ganzen Welt” 😉

Blast from the Past: Guest Post: How to Avoid the Rejection Blues by Vacen Taylor

October 2019

Wow, this was long ago…

June 2015

Profile of Author Vacen Taylor
photo via
Today I’m delighted to introduce you to VacenTaylor author of the “Starchild Series” who has agreed to a guest post about the rejection blues. Those who have been looking for more or less traditional publishing opportunities already know it and those who have not yet fear it. But there are ways to deal with it and Vacenhas good advice to offer you.
But enough of the introduction. Here is what VacenTaylor has to say:

How to Avoid the Rejection Blues

I’ve never been a great believer in avoiding anything. For me, life has always been about encountering, not avoiding. The rejection blues is no different. The basic principle behind my thoughts about this subject comes from when I was studying counselling. And perhaps, I should rearrange the title of this blog to: “How to Encounter the Rejection Blues and Move Forward”.

Don’t think for a minute I haven’t received a rejection letter. I also don’t want you to think that I haven’t experienced the rejection blues. I have experienced both many times. Yes, I know that feeling of disappointment. The lowering of my head, shoulders slumping and that sinking feeling as my eyes travel over every word of the rejection letter.

Dear Vacen,

Thank you again for the opportunity to consider your manuscript, and for your patience in awaiting our response.

We have given your submission serious attention and even though your work is intriguing, unfortunately we have decided not to pursue it further.

Yours Faithfully,

Blah & Blah.

STOP! Just for a moment. Feel all of that? This is where I tend to do things differently to what others will tell you. They might say, “Don’t worry about it.” Or they might say, “It’s subjective, just get over it.”

I say allow yourself to feel the way you need to. However, we are talking about feelings, not thoughts. These are two different things entirely. If you feel sad then allow yourself some time to feel sad. If you feel angry then allow yourself some time to feel angry. Do not, I repeat, do not dismiss those feelings. Experiencing these feelings is the very best way to allow yourself to pass through the stages of a rejection. It can be much like grief and loss in a way.

In my opinion it is best to concentrate solely on the feelings at this point, not thoughts. Say out loud, “I feel sad.” Or “I feel angry.”

Here’s the tricky part when it comes to thoughts, and they will be hovering. You know the ones I mean. They slide in, the defeatist thoughts, the negativity and the thoughts of worthlessness. My writing sucks. I’ll never be published. I’ll never become a good writer.

This is where a different type of strategy is needed. Commit to your own positive self-talk and affirmations. Sometimes this does require you to listen to what you’re saying to yourself and then change your negative self-talk into positive self-talk. “I believe in what I’m doing.” “I’m becoming a better writer with each day I write.” “Is there anything I can do better to help me become a great writer?”

Decide then and there if you can improve anything. There’s always room for improvement. Remember: even the best writers experience rejection. The difference is they DON’T give up. When you have experienced your feelings and committed to your positive self-talk then you can carry on. Keep writing!


Dear Vacen, thank you very much for taking the time to write this guest post and for this helpful advice.

Bookcover Starchild V Taylor

photo source: Goodreads

Vacen Taylor does know what she is talking about as she just has released the third book in her “Starchild” series which is called “The Healing Stone”. Her advice obviously works!  The “Starchild Series” is a sci-fi series about four children who are linked to the prophecy of the Starchild. Book 1 & 2 describes the beginning of their odyssey and the dangers they have to face. In book three they have to save a friend.
This is what Goodreads says about “Starchild: The Healing Stone”: 
After finding the Silvershade and escaping the attacking forces as the Wilder Forest city was scorched to the ground, Mai, Akra and Kalin must now face the evil that has consumed Long.
When they reach the land of Cruscar and enter the ice city of Algus, the children are confronted with an ice challenge to win an audience with Queen Isolda. A treacherous journey now awaits them if they are to reach the Healing Stone to save Long.
But Piceptus, the underworld king, will not give up his search and he will do anything to bring the pilgrims’ journey to an end. The children grow stronger as they begin to master their powers, but will this be enough to escape this danger and continue on their pilgrimage to fulfil the prophecy?
You can purchase the book here:
You want to know more about Vacen and her work? Please look here:
Vacen’s  Author page
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Happy Good News Tuesday to you All

Hi peeps, how are you doing? I hope life and this Tuesday is treating you well.
Before we begin I am sharing yesterday’s bi-lingual poem with you that I shared on my social  media:

This colour and buzzing
opens my heart.
Is there a future?
Diese Farbe und das Summen
oeffnen mein Herz.
Gibt es eine Zukunft?

differently coloured poppies but mainly Californian poppies

And then for good measure a quote that has become a motto of mine since I left my job last year. It’s also bi-lingual:

“Beginne, wo Du gerade bist. Benutze was Du hast. Tu was Du kannst”
Arthur Ashe Quotes
English translation of Arthur Ashe quote
Arthur Ashe on Brainy Quote


I hope this gives you a little motivation to deal with everything that today throws at you. No matter how far you have come and how you feel: You can do it. I believe in you.

And to keep the good vibes going here some good news too:

You might have figured by now that I’ve decided to become a rebel for life and have joined Extinction Rebellion to make a difference for our future generations. So far  my contribution is to write poetry about the climate crisis, the questions I ask in connection with it and the feelings that comes with it all. I’ve decided not to add any hashtags because I get more feedback and can start conversations this way. I still need to contact my mentor at Extinction Rebellion for the Extinction Rebellion University and I keep you updated on any progress.

One topic close to my heart is planting trees which would help to store a lot of the co2 we are currently letting escape into the atmosphere. A couple of weeks ago I introduced you to Ecosia the search engine that plants trees in this Good News Tuesday post.

Today I found another Good News story about trees. Apparently the Crowther Lab of ETH Zurich has published a study in the journal Science that shows that planting trees would be the most effective method to combat the climate crisis. It even figured out how many we need to plant and where the best places would be. Find out more in the following video or in this article by the Good News Network. If you can’t play the video in this post just follow the link underneath it and it will lead you to its YouTube location which also includes the text for visually impaired readers.

video credit: Whochit News via YouTube

Isn’t this brilliant? We all can do something to heal the climate even if it is just to search with Ecosia and let them plant the trees. So go on. Do it. You know you want to 🙂

And if you are in need for some more good news please head over to JoAnna’s Blog and find some more.

I am also still in the process of integrating old posts. Today’s “blast from the past” is a “SoCS” post from 2015.

I can’t believe I know Linda and her Stream of Consciousness Saturday for such a long time. Not that I am around much lately but I am in utter awe how she manages to keep it going. You rock, Linda!

March 2015

“Happy Birthday” SoCS!

I am glad we are acquainted and maybe we’ll become friends :-)!

2014 SoCS badge
Badge by: Doobster @ Mindful Digressions


of Consciousness
This poem takes part both in “SoCS” and “Love Is In Da Blog

Love & Rage my friends. Keep doing what you are doing and know you are in my thoughts and prayers!