I believe that preventing radicalisation is far more efficient than de-radicalisation, meaning stopping someone joining is a lot easier than trying to pull someone out once they’ve joined. —Maajid Nawaz

Of Young Women, Radicalisation and the Western World

July 2019

And we still haven’t learned anything.

We know now what happened to those three young women who left the UK in Spring 2015 to join the so-called Islamic State in Syria. I am still not sure what to think about them. Especially as the young woman who tries to come back to the UK didn’t seem to have any regrets in the beginning. But we do not know how much she was brainwashed. At first, I despised her and agreed with Sajeed David’s decision to take away her British Nationality. But thinking about it further I realised that this was the wrong decision. I assume she was brainwashed into the belief that western countries do not care about Muslim women. To take away her British nationality proved that narrative right. We had a short moment to take that young woman back and give her a chance and to learn why she went. To learn from the mistakes that Western society obviously makes when it comes to the young people of religious and ethnic minorities.  The so-called Islamic State is far from gone even though the orange man in the White House wants us to believe they are done and dusted. The danger is that this young woman will make sure she’ll help them further. Thankfully she’ll receive legal aid to fight the foreign office’s decision. And hopefully, she’ll turn her experiences around towards something positive…

I believe that preventing radicalisation is far more efficient than de-radicalisation, meaning stopping someone joining is a lot easier than trying to pull someone out once they’ve joined. —Maajid Nawaz

photo credit: idle hearts

March 2015

I think I might be getting old:

I was watching the drama that unfolds with these three young women going to Syria to “fight” for IS with utter disbelieve. Three young girls, supposedly A students, who had the chance of free education, of enough food and a roof over their head and all the freedoms that European states give their citizens, go and want to support the cruellest and life-hating organisation I have ever seen.

How can you believe, an organisation that tries to bring back medieval punishments and kill people who help others just because they are of another religion and country, will bring justice to Syria and other troubled countries?

Well, I know when you are young and passionate about something you are brainwashed quite easily into doing something stupid but sorry, you cannot be so stupid even when you are young.

What do these girls think these people are doing with them? Embrace them with open arms? Open trousers more likely!

Is that what those before us who have fought for women’s rights have gone to prison for or even died for? That young women today go and blow themselves up to make a point or go back to a medieval way of life? What the h… is going on?

These girls make me sad and angry. They could do so much good if they had connected themselves with organisations who keep human rights in high regards. They could have changed something. Now they will only be used for God only knows what.

Where has democracy and education come to that young people feel so alienated to the countries they grew up in that they feel the need to run away and do medieval, cruel and life-hating things just to get a feeling of belonging?

Western societies should be ashamed of themselves.

video credit: The Times and the Sunday Times via YouTube

what is freedom?
freedom to kill?
freedom to rape?
freedom to cage?
freedom to scare?
freedom to enslave?
what is freedom?
Illustration of three trees with differently coloured canopy to the left. In the middle black writing says: Blast from the past: A Prompt A Day for Bee 2015

Blast from the Past: #288 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ Hope That Will Never Die ~ a #poem

This was first posted in March 2015

My poems last week were a little dark. There is so much going on in my life as well as in the world around me and it needed expressing. The fear, the worry, the not-understanding needed to be expressed.

But as sure as spring comes after winter and life goes on no matter what and how hope needs expressing too. There is this song by Gila Antara which might or might not be a native American chant which has the line “We are the hope that will never die!” in it.

That line never fails to make me keep on going!

Gila Antara ~ “We Are The Power

We are the power in everyone
We are the dance of the moon and the sun
We are the hope that will never die
We are the turning of the tide!

small in sky over houses in Cromer Norfolk UK

Description for visually impaired readers: low full moon in a light blue sky over two brick houses surrounded by trees


WE so alive
ARE healing from
THE wounds given
HOPE so alive
THAT dances and stands
WILL be strong and
NEVER fall or


Illustration of three trees with differently coloured canopy to the left. In the middle black writing says: Blast from the past: A Prompt A Day for Bee 2015

Blast from the Past: #287 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ And Life Still Goes On ~ a #poem

July 2019

We celebrate 30 years of the wall coming down in November but we are so occupied with Brexit, the orange man in the White House and climate crisis that we have no time to remember the hope this event produced. Such a shame the “Ewig Gestrigen” how they are called in German, are on the rise again. “Die Ewig Gestrigen” means “Those who live eternally in yesteryear”.

March 2015

So much upheaval all over the world and around us. When I was young, I hoped that the Wall coming down meant the end of conflicts that might be the death of us all.

25 years on there are more of those than ever. But when it comes down to it, life just goes on. It does not care about the squabbles humans think are so important. It does not care about profits or money. It just cares about creating more life. And as it is a life-force it will. It might just be without us.

picture of a front garden with a wooden fence coming down at the left side


And Life Still Goes On
the rats still scurry
the scorpio crawl
the lichen still grows
the ruins still fall
after humans
to end it all!
Illustration of three trees with differently coloured canopy to the left. In the middle black writing says: Blast from the past: A Prompt A Day for Bee 2015

Blast from the Past: #286 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ Not A Question Of Life And Death! ~ a #poem

July 2019

I am still working on this topic but it’s on another level now. Not quite sure where but I am moving on…

March 2015

For a while, my poems will be very personal. I am in another stage of healing from old wounds and poetry has always helped me to figure things out. Now I know many think that personal poems can’t be good ones. But I disagree.

I believe some of the best poetry came from healing or dealing with life. Think about any famous love poem. I doubt it would have depth if the person writing it would not have loved and lost.

One question that occupies me a lot is why it is so hard for me to deal with pressure. Now, of course, it is hard for everybody to deal with pressure and stress but I realised that things get a feel of “It’s a question of life and death” for me when the going gets tough.

Usually, of course, I connect it with experiences of abuse but I realised it was only connected indirectly. I remembered that I made a deal with God: I would be good, do nothing wrong and asked him to save my mother who suffered from cancer.

When she passed away, I passed away. At least that trusting child that believed that God would do everything to make things alright again. A lot inside of me died on that day, and I nearly did as well.

The day of her funeral defined me I belief. I did not die. At least not my bodily form but something inside of me was lost on that day. I also believe that I developed a belief that if I do not succeed in something or if I do something wrong it will cause something really horrible. It will cause death.

Of course, this is not rational at all. We are not only rational creatures after all. The question is now: How can I deal with this irrational idea? Will it be enough to know that there is this deeply buried belief and reassure me it’s not a question of life and death?

Not A Question Of Life And Death
a question
a lot
at once!
Quote by Rebel Thriver: When writing the sory of your life, don' let anyone else hold the pen.

Of Thrivers & Survivors *attention might trigger”

Hello my dear friends, how are you doing? I hope all is well in your neck of the woods and if not feel embraced and blessed.

This morning I had the chance to watch the first episode of “Citizen Rose” in which Rose McGowan tells her story. I am rather torn. I expected to be motivated to act and be in my truth but to be honest I do not find her particularly empowering. I agree with many of her statements and she expresses so many feelings that I feel but I somehow cannot fully connect with her and her story. I can’t figure out why. Not that this would make a difference. 

Pondering about my feelings I figured I am jealous. Maybe she is the sort of person I would like to be. Take no shit, feel and express your rage but at the same time be incredibly vulnerable. And do your thing. 

She talks to actress Asia Argento who emphasized that she is not a victim but victorious to have survived rape and abuse. Rose tells her: “But I am a victim also. I can be a victim and at the same time victorious, strong and brave”. That made me pause for a moment because I think she spoke great truth there.

We do not become thrivers when we have our shit together and found our quest. We become thrivers when we accept that we are victims but at the same time strong and brave.

Rose also said at one point that a part of her died when she got raped. A part of her was left behind in that room where it happened. That is exactly how I feel. My whole life and especially the last couple of years are a quest to get that part back. But maybe that part is dead and I have to let go and mourn it. Or maybe I can choose the narrative I am telling myself and my life changes accordingly? What do you think?

Over at “Bee Coding & SelfCaring” I wrote about narratives and about accepting our own cycles of productivity. It seems to me that accepting all of ourselves, the light and dark parts, are the ticket to a fulfilled life. It’s a process I guess. Maybe it is life. Who knows?

How strange that today’s “Blast from the Past” also talks about what I want to stand for and accepting myself:

July 2019

I still feel I haven’t fully answered this question 😦

March 2015

As I am thinking about today’s poem, I am listening to Fun’s “Some Nights”. One line in this song is this: “I don’t know what I stand for…”.

This line has always struck me as important. Well, important to me I suspect. What do I stand for?

In the last few years, I have learned that I see myself a lot worse than others see me. I mostly feel that I succeed in nothing, am a burden to everyone and that I am worth nothing. The legacy of a difficult childhood.

But since last year my focus has changed a lot. It is much more: What do I want to stand for? What are my values? And put my money where my mouth is!

It is a relief not to worry so much what others think of me. All of us do silly things and are a burden sometimes, but we are also a help to others and achieve good things. There are always two sides to a coin and, even though, there is this shadow in ourselves we are not only this shadow!


What Do I Stand For?


A Life worth living
Survival achieved
Love found
Care given and received
Passion ~ every day
Shadow behind me
Darkness inside me
Spirituality given


what I stand for!

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Image of and qoute by Barbara Deming: Our task, of course, is to transmute the anger tha is affliction into the anger that is determination to bring about change. I think, in fact, that one could give that as a defintion for revolution.

Leaving the Anger Behind or Life is Strange

 Hello, dear people of the blogoverse. How are you doing?

I hope life is treating you well and if not, know, that my thoughts and prayers are with you. I am sure today’s blast from the past should have come before this post.  However, I used to write several blogs (oh stop, I am doing it again, don’t I? Ah… never mind 😉) and maybe I just mentioned Terry Pratchett on this one later. Who knows.

It’s funny though because I am again dealing with anger in my life. The whole non-violence thing at Extinction Rebellion brought it all up and these “RIP Terry Pratchett” posts appeared:

March 2015

Not sure if I want to write a lot today. After writing some poems, thinking about Zara, sorting some money trouble and doing a little gardening I sat down for tea with my family and my world shattered a little.

Sir Terry Pratchett author of the Discworld novels, at last, has taken Deaths arm and left this world.

Of course, I knew he suffered from a rare early-onset Alzheimer’s disease but I was not aware that it was that far ahead.

His novels have entertained me numerous times. His writing has inspired me. His humour made me think.

He campaigned tirelessly for more research into Alzheimer’s as well as a change of law about assisted suicide.

And now he is gone. May he rest in peace.

This time
had no chance
I suspect.
Maybe He patted
your cat
He appreciated
you being on time.
I imagine
you and Him
I hope
you could leave
your anger


another one
to write…

I like this poem a lot. It’s one of those occasions when I managed to create something nice out of something sad. I remember vividly how Neil Gaiman’s articles about Terry Pratchett’s anger made me long to be able to do the same.
Four years onwards and I still feel I am going in circles but then I got this message from the angels:

Peace and well-being will now reign and allow you to reach into a deeper part of your being to achieve overall equilibrium.

Life is strange, isn’t it?

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(Sorry, this video has some strong language in it. So, please do not watch it if that upsets you. If it doesn’t play here in the post the YouTube link is underneath)

video credit: Karen O via YouTube

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Image of The Bee Creates homepage

Not wordless at all but rather warm…

Hello, dear people of the blogosphere. How are you doing? I hope life is treating you well and if not that you have someone to cuddle, a big bar of chocolate or a blog to let it all out. And if all else fails know, that I am thinking of you and send you good vibes!

Are you as warm as I am? Even though it is not as hot here at the North Sea Coast as it is in other parts of the country it is still testing my ability to cope.

The weather app on my phone tells me that we currently have 31c/87.8f which we had a lot last year too. But it was a dry heat then. I can live with that. But this morning we had some thunderstorms which makes it rather humid around here. Not that I complain. Well, I do but I also see some light at the end of the tunnel: At least I did not have to water the plants today.

Because of that, I am hiding behind the curtains of our lovely home with all windows open. Makes no difference believe you me, however, I still hope that whatever light breeze might come our way honours us with a visit LOL.

image of vintage curtains and window slightly open

Had trouble to get into gear this morning. The dog only got a short walk, then I had to bake bread and collapsed on the sofa after that. Allowed myself a little time to play FarmvilleCountry Escape (I consider that self-care the best husband (Jeremy Clarkson voice ) in the world considers it addiction… it’s all a question of interpretation, I guess 😉 ) with two mugs of coffee. That triggered a “I can do it” response. So I started the laptop.

TherapyBits got another of my daily poems to read 🙂 and I had a look at my Weebly page too. Unfortunately, I wasn’t particularly organised when I had to give up my beehalton.com domain. This blog was first supposed to just host some pictures for downloading for my “Love Is In Da Blog” series on the old “The Bee Writes…” blog. That is why “downloads” ended up in the link name here which of course sounds a little like a spam page. Ooops. I am saving up to get another domain (well I try to….) but until then I have to put up with it.

Doesn’t look good on profiles though, does it? So I went back to my Weebly page where I try to bring together all the projects I am currently doing.

Image of The Bee Creates homepage

That’s the page that goes on my profiles from now on. What do you think?

As you can see I have a blog there which I stopped writing in March but have resurrected today with an added bonus: It’s not only about self-care but also about coding. I feel a little lonely in my endeavours and while coding forums are fun I love to blog, so I am sharing my experiences there. Unfortunately, you can’t sign up for post notifications for Weebly. That’s not userfriendly, is it? And the RSS had its problems. Not sure it works now. Hmmm, will have to check that out tomorrow.

It means though, making people aware what I wrote is a little bit more complicated. I’ll figure something I am sure. If you want to check out my teeny weeny post from today over there please have a look here.

It’s now just after 3pm and I need to cook. Won’t be much because who is hunger in this kind of weather? But we do love our tatters (potatoes for all non-Lord-of-the-Rings Fans 😉 ) so potatoes it is and some herb yoghurt and salad. That sounds like a plan, doesn’t it?

What about you? What occupied you today and do you have to deal with lots of heat too?

Image of harvested field, line of trees in back and cloudy sky

To cool you down a little here is a blast from the past from March 2015:

July 2019

I promised an autumn poem and must have forgotten. This is certainly another spring poem 🙂

March 2015

image of three yellow daffodils with a wooden fence in background

blooming narcissus


still wrapped up

in multiple layers


in the nearby forest

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That’s it. Have fun with whatever you are currently occupied with and remember:

Love & Rage my friends Love & Rage

Greek image of warriors with Homer Quote

Of Gates of Hell, Good News & PodCasts

Hello my good people of WordPress and wherever you might blog or read blogs. How are you doing my dears? I am nearly asleep. Done the bad step to put Farmville2 back on my phone and couldn’t stop playing last night. But we got up at 4am to allow a dog walk while it is still cool (in fact I’ve been freezing at the beach) and even two strong Italian Style coffees can’t keep the yawns from my mouth.

Of Gates of Hell

And then I thought I am dreaming. Well, having nightmares really. I wrote over at Therapybits:

The ArchBrexiteer is in Number Ten now and I had to laugh out loud when I read this Tweet (link goes to my retweet):

“Everyone thinks it’s a #Heatwave hitting the UK. But in fact it’s the Gates of Hell opening for Boris Johnson getting into number 10. #BorisDay
by @watchallirish (sorry Carol Anne I didn’t choose his Twittername 😉 ).”
No, don’t worry I am not going down that road. Most of you know anyway how I feel about Brexit and you can read my rather bad poetic take on today here on Carol Anne’s Blog.

Of Good News

What is the best thing to do when you hear bad news? Counter them with good news and aren’t we lucky today? It is Tuesday so off we go and find some Good News 😉 .
In times like these when many people feel their religion is better than that of another and many more want to put up walls, fences and other dividing devices this award in the US is brilliant:
Even though I have to admit I find it rather ironic that the country with the man in the White House who says nasty things about Muslims on a continuous basis honors a very brave man and Imam:
Imam Abubakar Abdullahi, hid 262 Christian farmers in his home and Mosque in 2018 when their fellow Islamic farmers went on an attack spree. What a hero!
In my opinion, this is such an important thing to report as the media seems to only show radicalized Muslim Imams (yes I know there are no other Imams …. ) who spread as much hate as some of our egotistic Western and so-called Christian leaders.
There are decent religious leaders in all religions and I think it is time we shout their deeds and wisdom from the rooftops or from our blogs!

Of PodCasts

In other news, The Bee has discovered PodCasts. I know, I know I am rather late but somehow it escaped my attention how many cool bits to listen to are out there!
It’s all the BBC’s fault which advertised “Forest 404” on TV. This is an intriguing PodCast by BBC Sounds about the future, AI and how forests and in fact all wildlife got extinct. It is accompanied by talks from scientists about climate change and soundscapes that make you experience the story in more depth. It was one of the coolest things I ever heard!
I have to admit though I haven’t figured out yet where else I could listen to them and where to find any that I like. “BrexitCast” is the only other series I am listening to on a regular basis (only when I scrape the paint from our bathroom walls though. Yes, The Bee develops expertise in renovating a home 😉 ) And I tried one which is called TED Radio Hour.
So my question for you my dear friends today is: Do you listen to PodCasts and can you suggest any interesting ones to me? 
That’s it for today. No, it’s not 🙂
of course, there is also a little “Blast from the Past”:

July 2019

Please forgive my bad planning of my re-posts 🙂 but maybe I like remembering spring?

March 2015

There was a time when Twitter was not connected with an information service or social network but only with the sounds birds make.

Some of us might already have the pleasure of spring approaching. Yes, I know it is still another 10 days until spring officially starts (no not meteorologically that was on the first I think) and I also know I am only speaking for the Northern Hemisphere but still: It’s getting warmer, and at least I do hear more and more birds tweeting around in the morning.

I think that’s great. For me, that is clearly a sign that warmer days (hopefully) will come soon, and life will feel a little easier. It’s also a sign that not all tweeting happens on Twitter ;-).

image of a butterdish with a blue and a green bird on it

Description for visually impaired readers: Orange butterdish with four quirky birds on it. two are blue and another two are green one each on either side


steaming mug in my hands
my spring ritual
sunshine on my face
but still
wrapped up warmly
a robin hops around
For my friends on the Southern Hemisphere: I promise you an autumn poem for tomorrow 🙂

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See you later alligators …. 😉 and don’t forget:

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Illustration of three trees with differently coloured canopy to the left. In the middle black writing says: Blast from the past: A Prompt A Day for Bee 2015

Happy Music Monday Everybody!

Happy Music Monday, everybody. I am making it short today. My blast from the past from March 2015 and the fitting song 😉

Monday is just starting for me and I am still asleep as I scheduled this post. But it made me laugh when I scheduled it and that is a good thing.  The link, later on, is in German. It tells me that I am born at an Austrian National Holiday. Who knew. It also appears that today I am 17.801 days old. (17.739 on the day I scheduled this post plus 62 days. Let’s see if I could count properly 😉 )

And how ironic: Apparently, “A Song of Joy” was number one in that week in Germany which is Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” but in a popular version by Miguel Rios. In one explanation my name Beatrice means “She who brings Joy”. But I looked it up and there are several other meanings from “voyager through life” to “Blesses”. I like the joy version and it fits so nicely with the Music choice in Germany that week :-). So, please enjoy my scribblings in 2015.

March 2015

For me, Monday is already over. Some of you probably already get up for Tuesday, and some have just gotten up to start the new week.

I find this quite mind-boggling: We are so connected today with the internet that we realise how different time is in different places on Earth.

I was born on a Monday. Apparently, Muhammed Ali fought against Jerry Quarry on that day. It also seemed to have been the Austrian National Day. I am as old as Takanobu Okabe (he is a Japanese ski jumper just in case you don’t know 😉 ) and last Thursday I was 16.201 days old. (Source ).

For nearly three years, I had practically all Mondays off. It was nice to start the week like that, and it was nice as long as it lasted. Now I can hole heartedly sing: “I don’t know why I don’t like Mondays” even though I  know exactly why ;-).

Does it look to you like I don’t know what I am talking about? Well, you might be right but never mind 😉

video credit: Boomtown Rats via YouTube




And never get

Your relief

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May you have a wonderful week and happy Monday

Love & Rage my friends Love & Rage


image of Bill Mollison and a quote

Of Rebels and Mice

(all videos in this post have a link underneath to the location on YouTube just in case they don’t play in this post. Also, visually impaired readers can read explanations to the videos that have only music in them.)

Hello my dear friends, how is your Saturday going? I hope life is treating you kindly and if not make sure you have a big pot of ice-cream close by 😉 .

Have you heard of the Summer Rebellion?

video credit: XR on YouTube

Yes, Extinction Rebellion is at it again. At least here in the UK, they are being creative in voicing their concerns for our planet, its creatures and people in five different places.

I have to admit I have to catch up a little. Lately, I keep away from the news as much as I can because they just frustrate me. The amount of bulls… that some so-called politicians talk in their quest for power is unbelievable. It affects me in bad ways so I try to keep away and rather do positive and healing things like weeding the garden or writing blog posts.                              🙂

But there is a fight to be fought. You might not believe in it but the climate is changing in ways that it never has changed before and it will disrupt your life and your livelihood very soon in more profound ways than Extinction Rebellion ever an if we do not change our ways.

video credit: Life Noggin’ via YouTube

But maybe Extinction Rebellions Summer Rebellion was just not so much in the news because they have become the new “normal” and we are just not so interested anymore? Or maybe we just do not want to face the fact that the way we live isn’t sustainable?

Well, for forty years or so we have been told by everybody who wants to sell us something that “convenience” is the most important value of our time. We have to cook, clean and garden less but to buy more to be happy. But we do not get happier with buying more. In fact, mental health issues have risen so enormously which of course helps those who support the mantra “buy more to be happier”.

But how does a Summer Rebellion help against that?

Well, if you have a look at Extinction Rebellions YouTube Channel and listen to what many Rebells say it is this: “I am happy for the first time in years. I feel I do something that is worthwhile.”

For me, they stand for a new value: Sustainability instead of convenience. When it comes to happiness they don’t call it sustainability but “Regenerative Culture”. Extinction Rebellion is taking into account that fighting for a change in society takes its toll. It also takes its toll if we live the rat race to buy more and live less.

If we want to create change and if we want to take responsibility for our actions than we have to deal with feelings of grief, guilt and helplessness. Humans aren’t machines that can change from one setting to another. To change society and to change yourself you need to take care of your feelings and your body and your mind. You can’t just charge ahead regardless.

Video Credit: XR on YouTube

That is why Extinction Rebellion offers a regenerative area in their rebellions in which you can take part in yoga, have your face painted or find a quiet space for meditation. All actions of self-care that are good for your mind and body. That is one part of the Rebellion that I believe will help to create a society that makes it possible for all to live well.

But Regenerative Culture means much more:

Video Credit: Upward Spirals via YouTube

“Regenerative Culture” means sharing, making sure whatever we take is replenished and we take care of everything and everybody. Something many of us wanted all along but we were told: “That’s not how the world works!” Well, to me, it looks like the world changes and soon this is how the world works.

Let’s help to make this dream come true!

What do you think? Is “Regenerative Culture” something to aspire for or just an idea of dreamers?

And then there was a mouse 🙂

This haiku made me smile and I also fondly remembered the house we used to live in and our landlord and landlady. They were wonderful and it was a beautiful place to live in. Unfortunately, now we have to deal with rats instead of mice 😉

March 2015

It was nice on Thursday. Not too cold and the sun was shining at lunch time, so I went out and did some weeding. There are two flower beds behind our house that seemed to have been lawn and easily grow over.

Lots of grass was there, some flowers that multiply so much you need to get rid of them and the odd thing I have no idea what it is. I sat on my heels ripping on the grass, and suddenly something grey scurried from between my feet into the flower bed. It sat there for a second and then was gone.

A little mouse had honoured me with her presence. Not that I like to have mice in the garden, but I suspect it happens when you live in the countryside. I’ve never come that close to a mouse. I bet I scared the life out of her or him.

Well, as an apology I thought I dedicate a haiku or a poem to the mouse 🙂

Buddha statue beside a palm-like plant on a stone slap area with a round stone slab in form of a sun

grey flurry 

between my feet


summer sky

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