Blast from the Past: #203 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ Monkey’s Thirteens

 April 2019

That’s a monkey business here…

December 2014

Today I am using a prompt @FrauPaulchen has used in one of her #frapalymo. Unfortunately, I cannot find it but we were meant to take a poem we like and write down all the nouns, verbs and adverbs used. Then we created a new poem out of the chosen words.

Today I chose Sylvia Plath’s Doomsday, but I cheated a little and did not take all the words. These are the words I will be using:

idiot bird leaps drunken leans broken universal clock: hour crowed thirteens. stages fall apart scenes actors halt shock: idiot bird leaps drunken leans. Streets crack ravines doomstruck city crumbles block block: hour crowed thirteens. glass flies smithereens; relics put hock: idiot bird leaps leans. monkey’s wrench blasted machines; thought hear  holy cock: hour crowed thirteens. ask end means, calculate stock: idiot bird leaps leans hour crowed thirteens.

I have also used the “Cut Up Machine” on Language is a Virus to get a different order of the words. They gave me this:

monkey’s thirteens. leans wrench idiot crack thirteens. drunken broken stock: put blasted crumbles crowed leaps bird drunken smithereens; crumbles doomstruck leaps idiot crowed leaps stages thirteens. end holy city machines; means, means, bird monkey’s end drunken thirteens. actors smithereens; hour monkey’s ask calculate thirteens. thought idiot flies crowed universal leans actors cock: leans crowed universal leaps cock: actors apart end hear leaps Streets crowed idiot relics drunken

Here is what I made of it:


Monkey’s Thirteens 
The Monkey leans on the wrench
when the idiot causes a crack in thirteens. 
Only drunken, broken stock everywhere: 
 I put blasted crumbles 
in a crowed heap which leaps the bird 
to drunken smithereens.
 It crumbles doomstruck 
and leaps the idiot crowed
or maybe
 leaps stages in thirteens.
 End the holy city machines!
It means it means, nothing
but a bird and a monkey’s end.
 Drunken thirteens
 actors in smithereens.
“What hour?” the monkeys ask.
I calculate thirteens
but in a thought the idiot flies.
 Crowed universal hope leans
 on an actor’s cock.
 Leans on crowed universal leaps
 and a cock’s actors fall apart.
The end, I hear, leaps
 Streets full of crowed idiot 
relics drunken.

Blast from the Past: #202 of #365 of A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ shades

April 2019

Sigh, such a long time ago all this…

December 2014

It feels kind of odd that I am already in the two hundreds of my year-long project. Half-way was at the beginning of December, therefore, it’s going down now. LOL. I mean it’s fewer and fewer poems to write.

It has become a ritual for me to think about where to get a prompt from or just what to write about. That will leave a hole in my day, and I am already thinking about another project but well…. Zara is waiting to be finished (a fantasy story I have since given up on), and I am determined to do so in 2015 so, please remind me of it whenever I start thinking about stopping.

But for now, it is still another poem


Description for visually impaired readers: A drawing in blue and yellow. Yellow dots surrounded by dark blue shades and space between coloured in with light blue

fifty                       shades                            of
never                                 ending
of                …
The above picture was the prompt for this poem and as you can see I am getting a little experimental. @FrauPaulchens fragmental poetry has inspired me to try out more than just words and sentences 🙂


Blast from the Past: #201 of #365 A Prompt A Day ~ Perfect

April 2019

Still pondering that topic…

December 2014

Ok, this prompt wasn’t really meant for poetry I just hijacked it ;-). Again I took it from Imaginality (blog and links don’t exist anymore). Its “Creative Advent calendar” is a great boost for your creative juices around the busy Christmas time. Today’s was meant to be “a positive headline” but well I am not writing “A Headline A Day” ;-).

So I will write a poem about a perfect world. I am thinking a lot about that lately as I can see how much money is still, yet or is going to be the ruler of our society. Would be nice to create a society where humans and their needs come first and then earning and owning money. But who knows what will happen since the Internet…


perfect. different.
for. me. or.
perfect. could.
be. so.
perfect. is.
it. wanted.
or. is.

Blast from the past: #200 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ Arrival

April 2019

I should have chosen my re-posting times a little better I think. However, shops probably already prepare for Christmas again so my timing might not be that bad!

December 2014

This month it looks like I am on the lookout for new #poetry #prompts for my project. Like yesterday I scoured Twitter for prompts and ended up on the Imaginality blog and its post from 1st December: Day 1 Advent Creative Calendar (blog does not exist anymore)

Now I do not believe in the 5 – 7 – 5 syllable rule for haiku because I do not think syllables works quite like the Japanese “on”.  According to Wikipedia an “on” is rather a sound than a syllable. Not quite sure how that could be translated into western languages and Haiku poets all over the world discuss this intensely.

However, it is a great exercise to restrict yourself to a syllable rule, and that is why I will follow the exact prompt offered by Imaginality.

Description for visually impaired readers: light blue sky in background. Huge white could towards middle of image and dark grey cloud over it on top left side.


Santa’s old sleigh bells


not heard of in Christmas shops

hectic around me

Blast from the Past: #199 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ Queen of the Night

April 2019

I admit my music choice doesn’t fit the poem properly but hey its a great aria 😉

December 2014

In my desperation for #poetry #prompts I have directed my view to Twitter again. Surely, with those two hashtags something must come up?



Ok, let’s try that one then 🙂

Video Source: Royal Opera House via YouTube


Queen of the night


you turn
me at
am your
arms around
our legs
in our

Blast from the Past: #198 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ haiku

April 2019

Not sure that worked 🙂

December 2014

Yesterday I wrote a poem about me watching a plane go by. Well, it was rather its steamline left in the sky that I found quite fascinating as it disintegrated directly. I often wonder where those planes go and who is in it and if the people who are in it go on holiday or business trip or…

It’s rather nice just to wonder as I am afraid of flying. Well, not exactly of flying: I am a bit claustrophobic and planes do give me that “being imprisoned”-feeling. A few years ago I managed a few flights within Europe none longer than 2 hours. I grabbed a book, hold it close to my nose and just tried to concentrate on it to forget where I was.

None the less yesterday I thought watching that plane in the sky would be somehow a nice topic for a haiku, and therefore I’ll try one.

winter clouds
I walk along fields
as the steam line dissolves

Blast from the Past: #197 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ gone

April 2019
Interesting idea 🙂
December 2014
A white line
the sky
This morning I was watching a plane going by up in the sky (we live close by Norwich Airport, UK). It made a white line which got curvy soon after the plane has left that spot and then dissolved entirely. I found that quite fascinating and I wanted to preserve that moment in time.
That would probably be a good topic for a haiku as well, and I shall do that for tomorrow’s post.
Have a great week and a wonderful day!

Blast from the Past: #196 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ ancient (a cheating poem)

April 2019

That poem generator does not exist anymore. Shame!

December 2014

Nearly 200 poems written! Incredible. This is one of the best projects I have ever done, and I am determined to create a book with it. That will challenge me as much as writing a poem a day as it means I have to edit my poems. That is not exactly my strong point. However, I want to improve myself and writing skills so taking on that project for next year will certainly help me with that.

What do I want to write about today? No idea. I think I’ll use another one of my poetry line creators. Haven’t done that in a while…. oh, I think I cheat again 😉


Suns mimicked reptiles like silvery trees feast.
Kapow! love, the clever dawn.
Ay! dusk, the silvery blood.
When do wings become birds?
Rise ominously like a frightening sky in fear.
Why did the tree ravage it, to fight the majesty?
Predators preen and before them flesh falls!
Though it’s now more clever and less pointy.
Ever to give a reptile, it mimicked a sky.

This one I have not really created myself. I googled “poetry line generator” and stumbled over “Had to know’s” Random Poetry Generator, which offers you a pre-set topic and nine lists of words which you can edit and create your own. I just wanted to try it out that is why I did not edit the word lists and it came up with the above poem which I find quite cute. I shall  make one of my own tomorrow 🙂

Blast from the Past: #195 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ If you do NOT want war

April 2019

The poem “If you do NOT want war” and its variations can’t be repeated enough in my opinion!

December 2014

This is a poem I wrote a few years ago. One of the few that I actually edited. It was quite long when I wrote it first and then cut it down to the main points.

Right now I am in a bit of a playful mood that is why I use the writing games on “Language is a Virus” for the poetry prompts. One is called “Poem Collage“.

You key in your text and click “generate”. It puts each line into a moveable picture and you can re-arrange the whole poem. And this is what I made of my original poem “If you do NOT want war“:

War or not ~ that is the question

Do you really NOT want war?


If you do NOT want war ~ don’t do war


If you do NOT want war ~ don’t teach war


If you do NOT want war ~ don’t talk war


If you do NOT want war ~ don’t think war.


DO you really NOT want war?

I admit I have played a little more with this poem than the Poem Collage would have allowed. Am wondering if this version makes it more intense. Am also wondering if I should do that for the rest of the week with other poems as well. That would be an interesting prompt….. 🙂

Blast from the Past: #194 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ diastic poem

April 2019

I need to use “Language is a Virus” more often for my poetic work.

December 2014

Today I am a little lazy and use one of the poetry creators from ” Language is A Virus“.

You add a so-called seed text in the first box, then a source text in the second and click which creates a new poem in the last box. It’s great fun and gives me a new poem which is really …. very…. eccentric :-).

You can find my seed text here:

#188 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ Just For Fun

You can find my source text here:

#193 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ Bushes

And this is the diastic poem “Language is a Virus” made of it:

words tired lines words words imagine creativity
or dare taken
me long versed spoken
has lines and satisfies taken
it’s any
their who Questions
by just easy These
words their Questions verse
words masterly toll work