Illustration of three trees with differently coloured canopy to the left. In the middle black writing says: Blast from the past: A Prompt A Day for Bee 2015

#267 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ Beautiful

forget me not sky
i bath in the evening sun
on the horizon

Description for visually impaired readers: dark line of trees on bottom. Sun rising over it a little to the right surrounded by yellow sky. Above blue sky with clouds


#212 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ Year-End Review

May 2019

Maybe a half year review would be a good idea too?

December 2014

Do you review your writing progress at the end of the year?

This week I read an interesting article on “The Write Practice“. “The Write Practice” is a brilliant blog that encourages you to do creative writing for at least 15 min a day, six days a week and offers writing prompts for this writing exercise.

Now, I do not follow that practice as I blog daily which is my “writing practice”, but I get their articles and writing prompts, and they quite often teach me invaluable lessons.

The article I mentioned above was about the benefits of a year-end review of your writing. The aim is to see what worked, what didn’t, what were your themes and let go of your goals for new ones to develop.

I liked that concept and am thinking about doing exactly that even though I would not print out my whole blog. I can understand why Joe Bunting suggests that but I feel that is too much of a fuss.

I feel though that looking back and reading all the poems I have written so far for “A Prompt A Day For Bee” will give me a boost for the last 143 poems.

Therefore, today’s prompt for the poem is “Year-End Review.”


poetic review
and stairs
not many
given prompts
stumbled upons
seven months
of writing
a poem a day
the end
is in sight
and rhyming
for me
is a

#211 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ Clouds

May 2019

Little did we know how much more extreme the weather is going to be….

December 2014

On Boxing day morning there was a review of all the extreme weather we had in 2014 on BBC Breakfast. It was amazing what we had to put up with, and I think it is not clear if that is man-made or if it is just a “normal” climate change happening anyway.

After all the “dark ages” were not named after the decline of wisdom in Europe but after a phase of weather that was dominated by clouds and rain and a decline of temperature.

Well, a poem about the weather is due I think 🙂


clouds over sea

sky over sea

fluffiness of                               vivaciousness
water molecules                                in the sky
                               none           not expected at all
to be seen
but so hoped for
for a long

#209 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ A Challenge

May 2019

Not quite sure a limerick is my kind of poetry 😉

December 2014

Madeleine Begun Kane had a look at my blog on Monday and threw a challenge: To take part in her Limerick – Off Monday. Her offered lines had to do with “appease” and “peas” and the first line I have chosen is

“A gal told her kids, “Eat your peas”

A gal told her kids, “Eat your peas

or I’m going to tell all the bees!”
The kids laughed out loud
which scared a small crowd
of mice eating lots of Swiss cheese

#208 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ Horizon

Description for visually impaired readers: A harvested field over which a line of tree goes into the horizon. A light blue sky with fluffy clouds over it

This poem was first posted in December 2014


On the horizon

a new year

what might it bring?

#206 of #365 of A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ Where the Tree Grows

May 2019
Ok, it’s no Christmas. I admit I haven’t planned this re-posting at all. But maybe you are one of those who already prepare for the next Christmas????
December 2014
Christmas craze nearly
at its highest
where the tree grows at the lighthouse
customers in my back

Blast from the Past: #205 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ Tree

April 2019

I know it’s just about Easter…

December 2014

Only 160 poems left to write. That’s nothing….. :-).

Am busy with organising my writing life and have started already to implement some things. All in all, I am pretty excited.

I am also excited because I feel more experimental with my poetry. Mainly due to @FrauPaulchen’s wonderful fragments. You got a little taste of my experiments in the last few days and today I will add another one. Just need to find a prompt….. 🙂


A barn…… we know
the story and……….. all its 


Blast from the Past: #204 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ Guten Abend, gut Nacht…

April 2019


December 2014

Lately, I hear the melody of a lullaby my mother sang to me when I was young a lot. I think, what I am hearing, is the beginning of a version of “Santa Clause is coming to town” but it reminds me of the German lullaby. The German words of the lullaby are

Guten Abend, gut Nacht
mit Rosen bedacht
mit Naeglein besteckt
schlupf unter die Deck.
Morgen frueh,
so Gott will,
wirst Du wieder geweckt.
Morgen frueh,
so Gott will,
wirst Du wieder geweckt.

Oh, I just found out that it is a song composed by Brahms called “Wiegenlied“. Well, I never knew my mother brought me up that sophisticated ;-). It is a lovely song but when I sing the words today, I feel a bit awkward because the last two lines mean: Tomorrow if God pleases you will wake up again!

That I find a bit harsh and scary for a child to hear every night. No wonder children are afraid to sleep. I am, however, also aware that this “if God pleases” was rather a knowing in the olden days that you do not have everything in your power and that lots of things can happen. It was not meant to scare children. I cannot remember that I was scared at those words when I was young. I just always wondered why I should be picked by nails.

“Naeglein” is an old-fashioned word for “Cloves” which I did not know as a child. I thought it meant the diminutive of “Naegel” which means “nails”. Never mind.

To cut a long story short: When listening to the Christmas song that starts with Brahms’ melody I was inspired to write a poem to the song:

video source: Fledermaus1990 via YouTube


You tiptoe in my memory
when Santa comes to town
a soft lullaby
on your lips.
How long
are gone!
Not coming back
to town
like Santa
year after year.