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Until I found out about the World Literacy Foundation I was not aware that so many people still can’t read and write. And that not only in developing countries. I want to do something about it and so I decided to support their work with a writer’s & blogger’s mug series on Teespring.

The World Literacy Foundation was founded in 2003 by Andrew Kay. Its aim is to end illiteracy worldwide. According to their page still 20% of the world’s population can’t read or write. And that is not only in the developing world: According to the Literacy Trust UK “Around 15 percent, or 5.1 million adults in England, can be described as ‘functionally illiterate.” . And according to CreditDonkey “Approximately 32 million adults in America are considered to be illiterate; about 14% of the entire adult population cannot read.” That is mindboggling and sad.

However, the World Literacy Foundation works in both countries to change that: They offer reading clubs and books to those children as they believe literacy and education is a human right and I can only agree.

When I read up on their work I realised that I had heard about Sun Books Tablets already. It is the other project of World Literacy Founder Andrew Kay in Africa to bring education to everybody even in the remotest parts of the continent. Sun Book Tablets are solar panel powered tablets to allow children with no access to electricity to learn no matter what.

This YouTube Video explains how they work:

Another great project is “The Library in the Clouds” which gives aboriginal children in Australia the chance to read:

The reason why I introduce you to the World Literacy Foundation is a project I have started to help my family financially and get myself out of my current mental health crisis. I had started to volunteer at Norfolk Community Health & Care NHS Trust but had to stop because of anxiety getting too much.

However, I felt I needed to keep doing something no matter how bad I felt and to not fall entirely into the black abyss. I remembered that I had signed up to Teespring (one of the pages where you can create your own t-shirts) many moons ago but never fully used its facilities. And to distract myself I created a couple of t-shirts, mugs, bags and stickers. It helped my low self-esteem a lot to see that I can actually create something nice. Now I just need to get over myself and start shouting about it.

50% of the profits go to the World Literacy Foundation to support their incredibly important work. You can find the fun mugs here and for EU fulfilment area here

If you support a charity and blog about it or if you just want to share your favourite YouTube Video: Just leave your link in the comments and visit you!


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