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#ClimateJusticeSaturday ~ Climate Warriors ~ a Film

Hello out there, how are you all, you lovely people? I know we are facing a multitude of challenges currently, but let’s remember to stop now and then and think. To look behind the current and apparent problems towards the ultimate challenge for humankind.

Climate Crisis!

From the few sources that I have read ( European Bank: Spending to counteract coronavirus creates chance to “tilt to green”; Harvard. T.H. Than: Coronavirus and Climate Change, WHO: Climate change and human health – risks and responses. Summary. I gather that climate change increases the transmission of viruses and will cause epi- and pandemics more often.

In the last three months, we have seen how much havoc pandemics can cause. It’s not the economy that has been saving us in the previous three months. It is doctors, nurses, farmers, cleaners… who do. We have also seen that we can do a lot of things differently and that we might not need everything that we thought we might need.

There are solutions out there, and it is time for us to grab those solutions because it is we who do the change. Not politicians. Not corporations. Not banks. We!

On Thursday, I stumbled over a film called “Climate Warriors” by a German filmmaker. It was published in 2018 and gives thoughtful insight into the fight of several climate activists from Germany and the United States. It also gives knowledge about our current energy use and how we are misled by corporations and some politicians. This film shows some solutions, and as a plus, you see Arnold Schwarzenegger vs D. Trump on climate change. 🙂

This film is available on Amazon Prime for free, and you can buy it on YouTube. I could not find any other sources, but I am sure there are others too.

Here is a trailer to give you an idea.

video credit: Fechner MEDIA Production via YouTube

Happy Saturday to you all despite everything!

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#ThrowbackThursday: Good green news/ Gute gruene Neuigkeiten

June 2020

Looks like some places understood the climate emergency earlier than others:

August 2017

We need more of that!

July 2011

For all who think being energy self-sufficient and grow a green community is not possible: Please have a look at Wildpoldsried, a little village in the south of Germany that changed their ways when they got a new mayor in 1997. He and his officials agreed that “goals should be to build new industry, keep initiatives local, bring in new revenues and create no debt” (source BioCycle) and achieved that with help of renewable energy positive laws and contracts with Energy Businesses that give back revenue. 

Since then they built a new community hall, senior residence, school, gym etc without making any debt. They supported local farms who wanted to heat and produce energy with biogas digesters, organised a district heating network and build 7 windmills so far. All homes are equipped with solar panels and they got a natural wastewater treatment plant. All things that many critics say is not possible for the whole community. Who wants to know more please have a look here: 

Wikipedia: Wildpoldsried

Ortsansicht Wildpoldsried

By Richard Mayer (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC BY 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

August 2017
Wir brauchen mehr davon
Juli 2017
Fuer alle, die die denken, dass Unabhaengigkeit in Sachen Energie und die Entwicklung einer gruenen Gemeinde nicht moeglich ist, sollen sich Wildpoldsried ansehen. Die kleine Gemeinde in Bayern aenderte sich’ als sie 1997 einen neuen Buergermeister bekamen. Er und seine Verwaltung hatten sich zum Ziel gesetzt ” neue Industrien anzusiedeln, Initiativen lokal zu halten, neue Einnahmen zu gewinnen und keine Schulden zu machen” (frei uebersetzt von einem Artikel in  BioCycleund sie haben das mit Hilfe von Gesetzen, die erneuerbaren Energien gegenueber positiv eingestellt sind und mit Energiekonzernen, die fuer zu viel Energie bezahlen, geschafft. 
Seither hat die Gemeinde einen neuen Gemeindesaal, ein Altenheim, eine Schule, ein Sportzentrum ect gebaut ohne Schulden zu machen. Sie haben Bauern, die mit Biogas Anlagen heizen und Energie erzeugen wollten unterstuetzt, organiesierten ein oertliches Heiznetzwerk und bauten 7 Windkraftanlagen. Alle Haeuser sind mit Solaranlagen ausgeruestet und sie haben eine Bio-Abwasser-Anlage. Alles Dinge, die oft als unmoeglich fuer eine ganze Gemeinde kritisiert werden. Wer mehr wissen will, moechte doch bitte hier nachsehen:
Wikipedia: Wildpoldsried
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Really, Herr Cummings?

Hello out there, how are you? I hope you and yours are well. I also hope that you can keep up the good spirits in these times of heightened tension.

I wrote this post a day after Dominic Cummings did his statement in the Rosegarden of Downing Street Number 10 on May 25th, 2020. I was angry and needed to let it out but decided it might not be a good thing to post it directly. I’ve re-read the post and think it’s still important to post it. Because it shows a kind of behaviour of often (but not always) white nationalist men, who think they are better than others. I also feel that this sort of behaviour plays a role in the George Floyd case in the US.

Image by Sumanley xulx from Pixabay

But it’s also the kind of thinking of Bolsonaro in Brazil, Putin in Russia, Orban in Hungary, Modi in India, die AfD in Germany… you name it. I start to believe that we are lead to concentrate on our own countries racist problems that we oversee it is a global problem. I think we need to ask: “Why is the racist plague again spreading everywhere? While a the same time the countries of the allied forces praise themselves for having defeated Nazism in WW2. Why now? What are the roots of this kind of thinking? And what are these people gaining from spreading hatred between people?
And no, I do not think of conspiracies. I see a world-wide trend and wonder why it suddenly has so much appeal to some people even though we are more connected than ever.

But now my thoughts about Herr Cummings’ actions and his explanations from last week:

I watched the press conference Dominic Cummings held on Monday in the Rose garden of Downing Street No 10. And I felt for the umptieth time that we somehow ended up in a bad horror film.

What we are experiencing not only here in the UK would have been considered science fiction or Dystopia when I was born 50 years ago. No self-respecting democratic government would have so openly disregarded democratic principles like many governments do now. Yes, people with right-wing political views always somehow got away with it more than those who leaned towards the left. Well, at least in Germany. But every single government would have made sure to look like they at least care a little for their populace.

What am I talking about?

Two British newspapers (The Guardian and The Sunday Mirror) investigated where Dominic Cummings had disappeared at the end of March. He is the chief advisor for PM Boris Johnson and was head strategist for the Leave EU campaign in 2016. According to these newspapers, he went with his family from London to Durham in the North of the country. That is a distance of about 260M/418KM. Britain had already been under COVID-19 lockdown a measure that he had supported and advised the Prime Minister to implement. Supposedly, both he and his wife showed signs of having COVID-19, and they took their 4-year-old son with them.

More and more information came to light, and more and more people called for his resignation. So he (or someone) decided to invite journalists to a press conference in the rose garden of Downing Street. Usually, only heads of state do press conferences there. Also, in the British democratic system, political advisors are supposed to stay out of the limelight.

If all this would not be bad enough, he made clear he did not regret this trip, nor would he apologise or resign. And I haven’t even mentioned his supposed reasons for this trip.

Please consider for a moment the situation: Britain is in lockdown. Hundreds of Covid-19 patience start to die from the illness. Family members are not allowed to be with them when they are dying. Only a few people are allowed to funerals. Many single parents still have to go to work because they are in low-paid jobs which usually can’t be done from home. They are not allowed to drive anywhere to get help from family members for their childcare.

The British public was told to stay at home to safe the NHS from being overwhelmed. No one is allowed to go to their second homes as to not to bring the virus to less affected places and overwhelm the NHS in more rural areas. And most of the British public do as they were told. A huge sacrifice. So many can’t see their family because they stay away to keep their vulnerable family- members safe. So many can’t celebrate births or mourn together when they lost someone. No one is allowed to go to the beach or other beauty spots to not spread the virus.

Image by J Garget from Pixabay

In this situation, Herr Cummings gets a call at work from his wife, who tells him she is showing signs of a COVID-19 infection. Some time later, he shows similar signs. So they decide to take their young son, make a 260M/418KM trip up to Herr Cummings’ parents. They stay in a house on the estate of his parents. Later they make a day trip to a nearby castle and return to their London house. All that time the press had wondered where Herr Cummings was.

In my opinion and not only mine, Herr Cummings behaviour is outrageous in itself. But then, on Monday he started to explain why he made all these trips. And it gets worse.

According to Herr Cummings, his family was not safe in their London home. I am not sure what the threat was, but as far as I can see, neither he nor his wife informed the police and asked for protection.

So, they decided to go and hide at his parent’s estate in Durham even though they have family living in London. Also, there is a volunteer group helping parents who are supposed to self-isolate and have no one to take care of their children if ill.

They have COVID-19 symptoms, and as far as I can see, these can get serious in no time at all. If that happens, you certainly can’t drive a car. We assume they stopped at a petrol station to go to the toilet. According to my husband, their Discovery might be able to make the trip without having to fill the car up. With COVID-19 symptoms, we also assume they are spreading the virus. Have I mentioned that he is considered a specialist in pandemics who supposedly has warned successive British Governments to prepare?

When in Durham, they use the health service for their son. Remember no one in the UK was supposed to use the health service outside of their usual home. Later they make a trip to a nearby Castle because Herr Cummings wanted to find out if he can see correctly to make the long trip back home to London. Really? You go for a drive with your wife and child to find out if you can see correctly? I think maybe social services should visit them and find out if the child is in good hands. Supposedly all this was done to keep their son safe.

Then he went on to complain that the media is spreading lies about him. That from a man who instigated a campaign that riddled with lies against EU immigrants and the Eu itself.

And if all that was not enough the so-called Prime Minister said that Herr Cummings acted according to his instincts as a good father and we should move on now. Herr Cummings still has his job and has not apologised.

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

So what do we conclude?

If you are Boris the Butchers mate you can do whatever you want no matter if you set the rules for the people or not. The rest of us have to do as the government says not as it and its aides do. If we follow our instincts as parents, we can break the law and then move on. We can also endanger our children to find out if our eyesight works. Anyone who got fined for breaking lockdown rules can get their money back. Or so we hoped. Yes, I am confused too.

I know there are many more facets to this story that I haven’t even considered. There are also many more conclusions you can take from all of this. But I need to leave it there.

I had promised myself to be positive on this blog. I had promised myself to be kind and understanding and to learn from those who are not on my side of opinion.

But I feel, I need to talk about this outrageously hypocritic behaviour because it is wrong. And I am so enraged that I could start a revolution. So I better leave my anger somewhere safe.

Thinking of it now, another of my conclusion is: we are at a crossroad for humankind. Will we stay in ancient tribal behaviour or grow up and work together to overcome the challenges ahead. And I start to wonder if concentrating only on our countries problems is part of this tribal behaviour. Maybe we need to think bigger. Maybe thinking bigger will give us the hope that helps to keep going and throw out all “-ist” behaviour. And create a world where all are safe and live a meaningful life.

All these conclusions do not answer the questions I asked at the beginning. For me, there are more and more questions, and unless we start asking them all over the world, we won’t find an answer nor a solution.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

#GoodNewsTuesday: Dozens of Bikers Visit the Lemonade Stand of the Girl Whose Mother Helped Them One Year Ago

(Maybe I need to listen to the wisdom of this nurse… I definitely needed a “Good News Story”)

Hello out there, how are you? I hope you are well and if not feel a mug of your favourite beverage coming your way. No matter how bad you feel currently: You will find a solution to your problem!!!!

Today I share a story from 2018/19. In September 2018 nurse Daryn Sturch helped bikers who were involved in an accident. A year later, her daughter had a lemonade stand, and they came along to make it an incredible experience.

The reason why I chose this story is what her mother said: My big takeaway is that I really want people to step back and understand that we can look differently, talk differently, dress differently, have different interests… but just because we are ‘different’ doesn’t mean that we don’t share the same core values,” Sturch said in a statement shared with Fox News. “It’s about respect, love, kindness, and the desire to serve others.”

We need so much more of this attitude!!!!!

Please follow the link underneath the video if it doesn’t play here on the blog

video source: RTV6 via YouTube

This post takes part in “Good News Tuesday” inspired by JoAnna on “Anything Possible”. I found this story over at the Good News Network. Please head over to both and find more uplifting news.

Happy Tuesday to you all despite everything!!!!!

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Something Powerful For You

Hello out there, remember you rock!!!! Please never forget that you can manage anything life is throwing at you! Yes, you can!

I have allowed myself some downtime in the last couple of days. While I do not have massive side-effects (yet…), they are still taking their toll, and I have promised myself to rest when needed, no matter what blogging plans I have.

This morning though I was listening to a song that I love, that gives me hope and makes me cry every time 🙂

I believe besides Love Hope is the most powerful thing in the world and that is why I want to share this song with you today:

Woyaya – Wiyala

Please check out this incredible and versatile singer from Ghana which I discovered at the beginning of 2020.

Wiyaala on Wikipedia

Wiyaala’s Homepage

Wiyaala on Circumspecte


We are going
Heaven knows where we are going
But we know we will get there

We are going
Heaven knows where we are going
But we know we will get there

We will get there
Heaven knows how we will get there
We know we will

It will be hard we know
And the road will be muddy and rough
But we’ll get there
Heaven knows how we will get there
We know we will get there

We are going
Heaven knows where we are going
But we know we will get there

Woya ee woyaa yaa (repeat till fade)

Happy Tuesday despite everything!

#ThrowbackThursday: On Enemies

​I posted this first in February 2017. It’s worth pondering:

Wise words from the Dalai Lama:

“If you can cultivate the right attitude, your enemies are your best spiritual teachers because their presence provides you with the opportunity to enhance and develop tolerance, patience and understanding.”

Description for visually impaired readers: close up of hand of stone buddha. A little snail house sits in the left hand

Pangeia on #GoodNewsTuesday plus “Germlish” & other Creations

Hello out there. How are you doing? I hope you and yours are safe and well. And if you have a challenge to face, know you are in my thoughts and prayers. 

No, that is not just a platitude of mine. I send out a blessing for all my readers on all my blogs every day. It is my belief that I do not need to know you in person to be able to send supportive energy to you. And you do not need to be a believer in this sort of thing to benefit from it either. Doesn’t it make you feel better just to know that someone thinks of you daily? 

First of all, I want to give you a positive story today:

There is a bit of a cold spell going on in the UK and I think Canada as well. So today’s story still fits wonderfully. I’ve discovered the fashion brand Pangaia which developed winter coat fillers from wildflowers. How cool is that? So no more words from me watch this video and find out more (please follow the link underneath if it doesn’t play here on the blog)

video credit: Pangaia via YouTube

This post takes part in “Good News Tuesday” inspired by JoAnna on “Anything Possible”. I found this story over at the Good News Network. Please head over to both and find more uplifting news.

But I want to let you know a little more.

I’ve set myself a couple of challenges to get through cancer treatment. In the last couple of weeks, I let you know what I am up on all my blogs. From next week onwards I will add some membership only posts on “Buy Me A Coffee”.

I am going to give you an insight into my blogging day and teach you every day English or German hence “Germlish”. My mother tongue is German, but I also have a Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. I do not feel I fit into the “normal” English teaching jobs, so I decided to create my own way of teaching. 

This is not for people who want to use their language skills for school or university. This course is for those who wish to use their language skills for everyday use to speak to their friends on social media, for example. It will give you the basics and ideas and suggestions on where to get more information about more language teaching from. 

I am not quite sure how often, I will be able to do so depending on how my cancer treatment goes. My plan is to do a short daily post besides Sundays. Well, we’ll see how that goes. 

Wittgenstein Quote about language

And otherwise what have I been up to?

Last week I got invited by Dough J Cooper to review the second book in his “Bump Time” series. I read the first book last year and was totally hooked. Even though I felt I had enough on my plate, I decided to read and review his second book too and am so glad that I did. I wanted to know how Diesel and Leilah’s stories would progress. It was certainly worth the read. Find out what I thought about the book here on “The Bee Creates...”. And you can find out here what else I have planned to read this year. 

On “The Bee Writes…” I stepped back in time and published two book reviews from previous years. One was for Terry Brooks “The Morgawr”. The other for Mahtem Shifferaw’s poetry book “Fuchsia” which really impressed me. What genre’s do you prefer to read?

I took some time to update the layout on “Bee Wordless” on Blogger. The grey background brings out the photos much better. And the first page shows pictures with the post titles which I think fits much better for a photoblog. I love it, and I hope you enjoy it too. Find all the latest posts here

That is it from me for this week.

Have a lovely and creative week despite everything. I am looking forward to meeting you all!

Happy Tuesday to you all!!!!!


Coming Soon…

How wonderful. It was such fun. 🙋‍♀️🐝

Caramel (Learner at love)



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Sharing our Skies ~ Photo of the Day

Hello out there, how are you doing? I hope you and yours are well. Please remember you rock, no matter what challenges you are facing. 

Today I want to share two of my photos of the sky where we live. We are in the UK in North Norfolk. That is in the East of the country where Britain bulges towards the continent. It is a slightly flat area so you can see vast skies and I love to take pictures of it.

Image of cloudy sky and trees in distance
This is the sky where we walk the dog on April 28th, 2020
Image of a field and trees on the horizon with cloudy sky above
And this was a day later

May you have a happy Friday despite everything and feel free to leave me a link to your skies 🙂