Re-build bridge in Mostar Bosnia

Come Away With Me to Bosnia & Herzegovina & Risk Factors for Breast Cancer

Hello out there, how are you? I very much hope you and yours are well. And if you are not, know my thoughts and prayers are with you. Here are a hug and a huge mug of your favourite hot beverage. You can do it! No matter the challenge. So, we have managed to come […]

image of Croatian City probably Trogir

Come Away With Me to Croatia & My Story + how to self-examine your Breast for signs of Breast Cancer

Hello, my dear readers! You rock! Please remember that when you master your challenges, no matter how they look like.  Last week I told you about the signs/symptoms of Breast Cancer for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This week we check out how to self-check for breast cancer, and I tell you more about my story.  How […]

image of Bled island in lake and surrounding mountains and forests in Slovenia

Come Away With Me to Slovenia & Beating Cancer

Hello out there all you lovely people, how are you? I very much hope you are well and if not that you get all the support you need.  I have started radiotherapy last Thursday and have decided to take it easy with the blogging this month. I am still just a little bit more than […]

Image of Hallstatt in Austria at the Hallstaetter Lake

Come Away With Me to Austria & Beating Cancer

Hello everybody, how are you? I hope you are going to have a wonderful week despite everything. I am supposed to start taking Tamoxifen today. This is a drug that is supposed to stop cancer from coming back. The sort of breast cancer I have is called: oestrogen receptor-positive (ER-positive) breast cancer which means it […]

McMillan Coffee Morning 2020 Background Bunting
Museum in Samarkand Uzbekistan

Come Away With Me to Uzbekistan & Beating Cancer

Dear people of the blogosphere, please bear with me. Not sure I will be able to write more later in the week that is why I schedule this post (Thursday 10.9.20). I already made the playlists for today’s “Come Away with Me” so you have something to enjoy. But I am very tired this time […]

Romanian Castle

Come Away With Me to Romania & Beating Cancer

Hello everybody, how are you? I hope you are faring well. Here things are turbulent. In theory, I am going to have the last chemotherapy today. However, I am writing this post on Saturday, and on Friday, I had the phone review with the nurse from the chemotherapy department. She said that one of the […]

Mountains close to Rhone Glacier

Come Away With Me to Switzerland & Beating Cancer

Hello out there dear readers, how are you? I hope life is treating you well and if you need support that you get all you need. Please sit down, grab a mug of your favourite hot beverage if you live in the South of this beautiful planet and a chilled glass of your favourite cold […]

image of mountain in clouds and quote by Confucius about travel

Come Away With Me to France & Beating Cancer

Welcome to another week full of opportunities. Currently, I have to remind myself that there are opportunities in all situations. I believe it is a question of attitude, even though my behaviour seems to suggest something different. I struggled with the last chemotherapy Unfortunately, I struggled quite a bit after the last chemotherapy. I am […]