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Come Away With Me to the Netherlands & Beating Cancer

Hello everybody, how are you rolling? I hope not off the sofa because you had too many snacks or pasta :-). My weight is still ok. Currently, I am basically living on natural yogurt, dried and fresh fruit, vegetables and the odd piece of bread and potatoes. Chemo-side effects can be quite filling if you […]

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Come Away With Me To Ireland and Beating Cancer

Hello out there, how are you coping? I hope life is treating you well, despite everything. If you feel overwhelmed, remember you are not alone. We all feel like this, and you are in my prayers daily. I am a bit embarrassed. Last week I told you I start chemotherapy and then didn’t. I got […]

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Come Away With Me to Japan and Beating Cancer (20.4.2020)

Hello, all you good people of the blogosphere. How is your day going? I hope you have a wonderful Monday despite everything and that the new week brings only good things to your door. Last Wednesday, we learned the next steps of my cancer journey. I told you a little about my experiences on Saturday. […]

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We Can Do It but What Day Is It Anyway? Come Away With Me & Beating Cancer Edition (6.4.2020)

Hello out there in isolationsphere, how are you doing? I very much hope you and yours are well and safe. My thoughts and prayers go out to you daily, especially if you are a keyworker. You rock no matter where you work. It looks like I am not going back to any sort of work […]