Re-blog: Dear WordPress… by Cyranny

Attention: Cyranny’s post might be rather sarcastic 😁. Please enjoy

. . Dear WordPress, We’ve been good friends for almost 5 years now, and quite honestly, I’ve put up with your occasional glitches because that’s what friends do. I tried to find them endearing, thinking you had character and did things your way. So you can imagine how excited I was this morning when I […]

Dear WordPress…

6 thoughts on “Re-blog: Dear WordPress… by Cyranny

  1. I dare not comment on Cyranny’s
    blog because I like the new editor. I have been using for nearly a year now. I am sorry for all those who don’t, change is never welcome. I changed by accident but realized that was the way it would be so I stuck with it and learned and perceivered and now I really like it 💜

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