Gosh… 30 Years ~ #SoCS

Hello everybody out there how are you doing? I hope you enjoy your day and if not then I sent you a heartfelt hug!!!

I can’t believe it is 30 years since the Berlin Wall came down.

I remember 1989 very well. We in West Germany were watching people from East Germany leave their country since August. I think it was January when we first heard of the Monday Demonstrations which eventually led to the end of the German Democratic Republic which was the communist part of Germany until 1991 I think.

We were scared and excited. Scared because the Cold War so easily could have become a hot one but luckily it just ended. I was 19 when that happened. One of the most significant experiences in my life. That is why I do not like building walls.

The Berlin Wall separated families and friends. My grandma was a refugee from the East a couple of years after WWII ended. She left her friends and family behind and even after it was possible to visit the East it was a big thing to go and visit them.

Grafiti on Berlin Wall, photo by Schaefersystem via Pixabay

You came out of Western Germany and had to drive through a stretch of no-mans land. Then your passport was taken away for checking and your car was thoroughly searched by soldiers often with weapons on them. You got your passport back with a stamp that you are allowed to go on. Oh, and you had to apply for a visa months in advance. It was one of the most scary experiences I had in my life. I have no understanding for people who believe in walls and borders. To me they are the root of all evil. Just because someone is born somewhere else doesn’t make him or her less worth supporting. When it comes down to it we all  just want a better life. And the longer I live the more it seems to me borders and walls only help the rich to make more money. Communism might be dead but the class fight is alive and kicking in my opinion. But what do I know?????

I think it is more important than ever to remember November 9th, 1989. To remember the hope and positivity we felt then to not lose hope in these dark times of politicians who want to separate us from each other.

Thirty years ago

Walls and opponents crumbled

Is darkness coming?

Have a great weekend!!!!


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