Second #152 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ Halloween

October 2019

In 2014 and 2015 I did a blog event on my old blog which was called “A Prompt A Day For Bee“. I wrote a poem a day for a year but re-reading my posts I realised I did no 152 twice. Find the other post here. As this one had a topic I decided to put it on that day. Hope you enjoy it anyway πŸ™‚

October 2014

There are not many holidays that are more loved and hated than Halloween. And there are not many holidays which are more misunderstood than Halloween.

Halloween is often seen by practising Christian as an evil or heathen holiday that should not be celebrated. This belief has its origins in the churches early discrimination of the ancient pagan religion to make sure its own belief would thrive.

Samhain, as it is called in Celtic cultures, was meant to be the end of the harvest season and it was believed that the veil between life and death got thin. Spirits might come into this reality and spoil the new harvest or life-stock. Bonfires were lit and ghost masks were worn to either scare ghosts away or to pacify them. It was also seen as a good time for divination. Today’s Halloween of trick-or-treating has not been popular before 1911 when it started in the West of the United States.

I believe that religions were not created to destroy other believes but to show humans a way to find peace with the uncertainties of life and to live together in harmony. However, humans are fearful creatures and it often seems to be easier to fight what one does not understand than to learn about the new and different.

Even though I do not practise any religion as such I like that idea that the veil between life and death is thin and I like to believe that I have a closer connection to my ancestors on the 31 of October. That was one reason why my husband and I chose the 31st for our wedding day. We certainly have all the blessings of our ancestors in our marriage :-).

But that is enough about religion and Halloween. Let’s verse:


A thin veil
I greet
mothers and fathers
sisters and brothers
uncles and aunts.
Their blessings
asked for
with many
Β a treat.


Halloween on Wikipedia
Samhain on Wikipedia
Samhain on Huffington Post

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