Blast from the Past: The Bee Talks With… Rachel Thompson

October 2019

Today I share an author interview from 2015 with an incredible lady:

May 2015

Profile Picture R. Thompson via Goodreads

Rachel Thompson profile picture
via Goodreads

Today I am happy to introduce you to Rachel Thompson. She is a writer with topics close to my heart: sexual abuse, suicide, healing and love and she does it in poetic words. Her new book “Broken Places” is out and it’s on my reading list.

But no more words. Let Rachel tell you more about herself and her writing experience:

*How would you describe yourself in one paragraph?  

Determined, compassionate, driven, lover, quietly powerful.

•A fun fact about you?  

I took 10 years of classical piano, though I mostly play Beatles songs. I can pick out pretty much any melody by ear, though.

•What made you write in the first place?  

I fell in love with The Secret Garden in fourth grade and decided I wanted to write a book as amazing as that. It’s still a goal!

•Which Author has influenced you and why?  

John Irving — I love how rich his characters are.

•What is your favourite book?  

The Time-Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger — it has all the elements of a great story: a hero’s journey, time travel, romance, mythology, beautiful language, interesting characters, a plot that moves. I have read it repeatedly.

•Your writing ritual (if you have one)?  

I find a word or phrase that moves me and noodle it for awhile. Eventually, I shut out all the ‘noise’ of life — no internet, no kids, no phone — and typically turn on some quiet music and just write without editing, just letting it flow. Getting that first draft out is so important.

•Your secret “sin” when you write?  

Other than no self-editing, that’s really it.

•Do you suffer from writers block and if, what do you do against it?

Not really block, more making myself focus and do it.

•Your advice for apprentice writers?

Don’t self-edit. Write what scares you. Don’t think about what ‘others’ will say — nobody can see your screen except for you, so go for it!

Thank you very much Rachel for letting us have a peek into your writing experience.

Book cover R Thompson Broken Places

Photo source: Goodreads

Rachel’s “Broken Places”

If you want to know more about Rachel, please have a look here:

Rachel’s homepage
Rachel on Twitter
Rachel on Facebook
Rachel on Amazon

Rachel’s “Broken Places” on Goodreads

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