Brexit: The Great British Heist

Please, read this accurate description of Brexit. So sad but true! Please comment on Politics Punked blog and not here. Thanks🙋‍♀️🐝

By James Melville

Brexit means…taking back control of the things we haven’t lost, to lose control of the things we already have.

As a middle aged man, I am beginning to fall into the trap of yearning nostalgia for my youth. I now think that the good old days were better than today. The music was certainly better in my day, as was Scottish football. But the reason I have a yearning nostalgia for the bygone days of yore is the exact opposite of why many people people voted for Brexit, I am wistful for a time when British people wanted to be part of some sort of liberal internationalism with our European neighbours through the common market. I am also wistful for the day when foreigners were made welcome rather than seen as some sort of existential threat. But nostalgia is a powerful emotion. It needs to be harnessed…

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