Good Morning Writers! ~ Friends

September 2019

Ok, I admit this week is a little full of writing advice and resources. I hope you enjoy it anyway πŸ™‚

I can’t believe it is five years ago that I last saw her here in the UK and four over in Germany. But we talk on WhatsApp regularly. No matter how many problems the internet causes it is also a great way to stay in contact with friends

December 2014

How are you doing? How is your writing going? Do you have new plans? Do you need some inspiration? Or do you just want to hook up with a friend and celebrate your achievements?

Met a friend three weeks ago

Three weeks ago I met a friend in London whom I have not seen in three years. She is from Germany and took the cumbersome travel with a bus just to stay for about 12 hours in London and then get back for about 12 hours. I have to admit that I admired her for putting up with it. She had promised her teenage son to go to London with him so there we were.

Was like we met just yesterday

As we have not seen each other for a while and as much had changed in our lives, I was a little worried how our meeting would turn out: We met at the London Eye and she spotted me first, hugged me and we started chatting like we had seen us the day before over a coffee.

Hope everybody has a friend like that

I hope everybody has a friend like that. Actually, I am blessed with a few of them and I thank the Universe every day for them. My friend and I often do not communicate for a year or so. Maybe a Birthday card but that is it. And then suddenly we write to each other very often or like three weeks ago meet up and it is just like we never left.

Not only celebrating but encouraging each other in tough times

This meeting was more about helping one another to get to grips with great changes in our lives not so much about celebrating our achievements. However it could have been the total opposite as well: Talking about our families, her new career and my writing. We are the first to cheer each other when we arrived at a goal and also the first to encourage each other to get on with whatever troubles us.

Need someone like that in your life

You need someone like that in your life: You just do not need to explain anything. There is just that deep understanding no matter what goes on in the other person’s life you know deep down nothing has really changed. You just understand each other without speaking.

Meet a friend

So no matter if you are celebrating your writing achievements or need a little push to get on with it, just go and meet a friend this week. Give yourself the time to chat over a coffee and just take in the motivation and boost of energy it will give you and then go back and write!

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