Good Morning Writers! ~ Procrastinating

September 2019

What shall I say????…

December 2017

I topic I still struggle with. Here is what I wrote in summer 2014

June 2014

How are you doing? Has your writing gone well in the last 7 days or have you been procrastinating?

I have. Lots of and regret it deeply as I want to help a friend moving today and won’t have a lot of time to write. So getting ahead with my writing schedule was really important.

But obviously, I was not alone. Linda G. Hill wrote in her blog post “Forcing Myself” about all those tempting household chores and foods that kept her from editing her novel. She found lots of encouragement and advice too, as her readers are very supportive.

One comment made me think about procrastinating in itself, though: Irene from IreneDesign2011 asked Linda if she had thought about the fact that she might just not have been ready to do that kind of work on that day.

It made me wonder if our perception of procrastinating as something bad might be adding to the problem. What if procrastinating is just a message from our souls or higher selves that something is not right? Either we are afraid of something, in this case, maybe of “my writing is not good enough” or maybe it is just that we need a break and really should be doing something else for a little?

I have often experienced when I procrastinated, but did not scold myself for it and just went with what I felt I needed to do, I got much faster back into what I needed to do than if I was being negative towards myself. Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way” I think suggests that procrastinating is just

an expression of a fear we need to address. Once we are aware of the fear we can let it go and we won’t be procrastinating. So the theory. To be honest, there is something to it. At least in my experience, since I read her book and try to figure out what might lie underneath my actions I have become a lot more productive. I haven’t really found out though what was the cause of my last procrastinating binge. There’s some food for thought…. 🙂 What do you think? Would changing our attitude towards procrastinating make a difference?

5 thoughts on “Good Morning Writers! ~ Procrastinating

  1. It is really not helping us to procrastinate Bee, it is just to worry about something, before we start at all. I feel, this helps to practice to take things, as they come and just do what is needed to do. Mostly things aren’t that bad or difficult, we just need to start doing.


  2. Interesting post Bee. As a fellow procrastinator, I at least have found a way to work around by sticking to task but allowing time for other favorable distractions, only if I commit to getting back to task. Lol, does that make sense? 🙂


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