Book Review ~ “Spilt Milk: A Collection of Stories” by D.K. Cassidy

September 2019

Some posts just need repeating πŸ˜‰

*December 2017

I just found one of my all-time favourite book reviews and book again and want share it with my readers. If you need a great short story book for the book lover in your life then please give this a try.

November 2015

book cover courtesy of
D.K. Cassidy

Publisher: Pluvio Press
Publishing date: July 2014
Genre:Β short story
Formats: e-book, paperback
Source: own copy

Bees: 5 out of 6

About the Stories:

Meet George, Caleb, Lady Jewell & a few other troubled mothers, Naiad, Jared, Joy & Pria. Men and women like you and me but not quite. Their lives just suck that little bit more than ours. And they know it. Do they despair? Maybe a little but they also make something out of their misery. It is just not exactly lady- or gentlemen like.

About the Author:

D.K’s author page says about her: “D.K. Cassidy has been scribbling stories since she was a child and loves to write in various genres including Magical Realism, Science Fiction, Urban Gothic, and Literary Fiction. She has a B.A. in English Literature from the University of Washington.

D.K. Cassidy lives in the Pacific Northwest with her greatest fans: her husband Mark, twin sons Aidan and Jared, and three cats. When not writing, she loves to travel, run, knit, use the Oxford comma, and of course, read!” (source: D.K. Cassidy Author Page)

Honey bees in the book:

This book is full of everyday characters who decided to live their darker side. You don’t really want to meet them but you just cannot stop reading about them.

Reading these stories is a little like staring at the exhibits of the old Victorian Curiosity Show: It disgusts you but you just cannot look away (or stop reading πŸ™‚ ) However, there is more: These characters are tragic and you cannot help yourself but to pity them and wonder how they could have been helped.

What really made me love the book is the fact that you follow the lives of two of the characters more closely. You meet George and Jared as children and then find yourself in their presence again as young adults. They even meet each other and get pretty creative. And that is a great idea. I think I might have to steal that one from D.K….. ;-).

The situations those two and the other characters find themselves in are curious, hilarious and sometimes downright mad. And it is such fun to read about them.

The stories are illustrated by Mika Sugano who is a writer herself. Her illustrations give the stories that little bit extra with its superb simplicity. She works at Inkception Books but I could not find out more about her which is a shame as I believe she is very talented.

Well, and last but not least. D.K.’s first story is about “Bee’s Knees” and how can I resist those????? πŸ˜‰

Stinging bees in the book:

There are not many. This book explores the darker side of human life and that is not what every reader likes. I enjoyed them greatly as they are written in an easy to read style and I wished there were more of them.

And the mead of it all:Β 

Do not miss this book if you like well-written short stories of the darker type.

Spilt Milk at Wordery

Want more of D.K. Cassidy?

Author page:
Goodreads author page: D.K. Cassidy



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