Let’s get spiritual

August 2019

I walked the dog this morning and all along the way the calls of crows followed me. Later on in the garden they didn’t stop either. Looks like spirit of the crow is telling me something 😊.

So I’ll take my time to figure that out and leave you with a blast from the past about animal spirit guides πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈπŸ.

December 2017

December is always a time for me for reflection. Where have I started the year, where do I stand now and where do I want to go. I let myself be guided by the spirit world in all its forms and am always interested in learning more about animal spirit guides. A couple of years ago I wondered why we are so into crabbing and what the crab as a spiritual guide has to offer us. This is what I found out then:

July 2014

Those of you who know me a little bit better know that I am very interested in Shamanism especially in the concept of animal spirit guides. The idea simply explained (nothing is ever that simple though) means that certain attributes of animals give us guidance as to what we need to take care of in our lives or what we need to learn. The lesson to learn is either given by an animal suddenly popping up in our lives like a deer running over the street in front of us or a bird of prey that we spot. That is a lesson that is important just at that point in time. Or it is one that has been important to us all of our life like our favourite animal. That would be a “life lesson” something we need to take care of or learn all of our life.

I was not aware that the crab is connected very closely to the moon. Which of course gives the message of cycles. Are we going with our personal cycles and that of nature or are we trying to break those? Protection is another theme important when crab crawls into your life. As the crab has a strong exoskeleton which protects it from predators. And of course its funny way of walking on land: Never straight always sideways. A lesson that our life’s path is not always a straight one.

Resource: What’s In Your Sign

Video credit: Paranormal Radio via Youtube

4 thoughts on “Let’s get spiritual

  1. There is so much to learn from animals… I agree. Though I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting a crab personally. Who knows, maybe that too will come one day.


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