Good Morning Writers! ~ Describe your mood!

June 2019
My unprofessional thoughts on creating a character from 2015
June 2015
How is your main character doing? How is your poem doing? How is your article, blog post, essay doing? And: how are you doing?

Not asking questions

So often, we do not ask ourselves these questions: How are our main characters, poems, articles, blog posts and essays doing. But most of all: How are we doing?

Do we want to know the answer?

Do we really want to know the answer? Maybe not. Maybe we should though. Maybe our resistance to being mindful of our real being ~ be it well or not so well ~ makes us writers who could improve.
Because if we are mindful how we feel and how we act when we feel a certain mood or feeling would teach us how our characters feel and how we could put the words in our poem.

What we could do

We could find new words, new expressions, new images based on how we experience the cycle of moods that go round and round. Because moods and feelings, in the end, are just a cycle. They come and go. Sometimes they are more intense and sometimes less. I suspect that we are more capable of feeling our main characters’ feelings if we know our own and be able to name them.

Sounds simple

I can hear you say: “But Bee that’s simple!” Of course, you know how you feel. But try to express them to your partner or your friends when they ask: “How are you!” How much more than: “Good”, “I’m ok”, “I’m doing alright!” would you answer?
For a while, I answered “Could be better, could be worse!” which put it down quite nicely. But it did not show any of the anxiety I was experiencing whenever I entered work or the relieve I felt when at last I took St. Johnswort again, and the anxiety subsided.

Of course, we don’t want everybody to know

Of course, we do not want everybody to know how we exactly feel in our “real” life. In our “fictional” life though we need to let them know because otherwise the reader won’t get an insight into our characters. The reader would not get an emotional experience and according to the pro’s that’s what they want.

So, how ARE you today?

Feel free to use this question as a writing exercise today: Write down in as exact words as possible how you feel. I bet that will give you a boost of creativity!

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