Blast from the Past: Good Morning Writers! ~ Je Suis Charlie?

May 2019

I have to admit I still don’t know the answers to the questions at the end of this post. But my suspicion from 2015 after the Charlie Hebdo attack that radicalisation and fundamentalism would grow has proven to be right. Brexit and a President Trump are just two of the examples for it. My feeling is that the internet is an invention of the magnitude of the wheel, farming and the book print. When these inventions happened the world as our ancestors knew it fell into turmoil and we are at this point again. Where will it lead?

It can go in both directions I believe: More freedom and peace or more oppression and war. And we don’t even fully take into consideration that the climate changes far faster than previously thought and that the internet and its consequences might soon be of no importance anymore as all of us might have to fight for simple survival.

For some time now I practise mindfulness and my over worried mind seems to calm down a little. That doesn’t mean I am not worried anymore but I think of ways to do my bit to create a peaceful and healthy world for all of us. I might be a dreamer as John Lennon sang many moons ago but its the dreamers who change the world and we will soon find out whose dream will win…

January 2015

How is your writing going? Are you brimming with creativity or have the latest terrorist attacks taken away all urge to write anything?

My mind is brimming with questions, and maybe this post will just be one of the questions but no answers.

Je Suis Charlie?

When I first heard this expression I could not really relate. Of course, I understood that this sentence was meant to be a statement of solidarity with freedom of speech and the magazine Charlie Hebdo.

But to be honest, I wonder if it is the right way of using freedom of speech when you make fun of something that is really important to some people. You might not understand religious feelings of any sort but shouldn’t you still respect their traditions?

If you are made fun of in a confrontation it’s not considered proper behaviour so why should it be proper for magazines, newspapers or writers & journalists in general?


It seems to me that nothing is held sacred anymore, and that might be a reason some people find it the right way to use violence to bring back respect for something holy to them.

Of course, it is not the right way to use violence but if you look into yourself ~ if someone does not respect what is really important to you and even makes fun of it do you really stay calm and think:” Oh it’s his/her freedom to say something like that?” Don’t you get aggressive?

Don’t you expect the other person to respect your feelings? So why should it be ok for media to react differently?


Provocation of any sort seems to be the only thing that sells and in the end what sells seems to be the only thing that’s important. But maybe that is a dangerous way, and maybe that is a reason radicalism, and fundamentalism grows: it is just a reaction towards a provocation.

Does freedom of speech mean you can say anything?

That is one question I ponder about since last Wednesday. Where are the limits? Do we still have limits? Or are limits & respect considered censorship?

What do you think?

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