Good Morning Writers… To Blog or not to Blog and how much to Blog ~ That is the question!

This was first posted in July 2016

Good Morning Writers! How is your writing going? Have you started a blog or are you still just writing your novel?

I wrote the blog post which I put at the end of this post in September 2013. That was right at the beginning of my old blog ” The River is flowing…”. Funny to see that 2 1/2 years later I still am occupied with the same issues: How much can/do I want to write, how to blog effectively and how many blogs can I afford to write.

However, in the years in between, I seem to have let the idea of writing a novel go. Maybe blogging is my calling and maybe I can make a difference that way. It also feels that I have found my writing home with  “A Spirit of Healing” and “Just Fooling Around With Bee”. However, when I wrote this post it was May and I was taking part in #frapalymo (A German poetry project) and that always makes me long for my mother tongue. So this blog will see some bi-lingual posts in the future. Well, if you have a look into older posts you will find my bi-lingual posts from “Something Random Now and Then” which I have integrated in this blog in May :-). But now to what I’ve written in 2013:

Since Friday, I am occupied with figuring out how to organise the new blogging routine the best. For getting readers it works so well to have several blog posts a day but alas I only have 24 hours which are also filled with a day job, some sleep, housework and eating (I love to eat 🙂 so you understand my dilemma lol).

My little knowledge of search engine optimisations also tells me to have the blog posts at the same time is a good thing and I still want to do “Something random now and then”. Plus I need to get some translations for “Please help Aurela” done. Indeed a full enough schedule for this week.

No wonder the inner artist child Morgaine gets a bit frustrated and has no will to write at all :-). I struggle as well to find a new routine to get everything in my day.

How do I get about it then?

For now, I have decided to do one blog post less in “Something random…” which was a hard decision but a necessary one. I like blog posts to be at the same time for some strange reason. So “The River is flowing….(The Bee Writes…)” posts will be at 10 am (morning pages), 6 pm (Story Time) and 2 am (Poem at night) while “Something random….” posts will be at 6 am (whatever comes to mind bi-lingual), 2 pm (photo of the day), and 10 pm (quote of the day).

Yesterday I  made a list of ideas for this week to get it all going and then I hope it will kind of work by itself. So far it always has :-).

I agree with Julia Cameron that routines are deadly to any creativity because it sounds like being boring but I feel that creative habits which are a sort of routine are quite helpful to get the work done.

I have assigned our dining room table beside the window towards a magnificent old oak as my writing area. Sitting there somehow makes me write while when I am sitting on the sofa, I rather tend to go to Facebook and play. Which is a nice break now and then but if it gets too much it is not a good thing.
Also, a cup of tea and sometimes some music helps. For me writing in the early morning hours works the best. As my hubby is a baker he often has to work very early and I can get up with him and start my day creatively. Some minutes meditation to ground me energetically and some breakfast, later on, helps as well.

Insofar I have developed creative habits that help get on. But now it is time to take it more serious and take it that step further. Find my blockages, get over it and then write that novel :-).

I wonder what your creative habits are? Do you work at a certain time? Do you wear anything special or have a special place?

Julia Cameron encourages writing groups which work together democratically and support each other’s creative work. It would be nice if this blog could become a kind of international, online Artist’s Way group where we can help each other over the hurdles of creative life but also celebrate the successes we are bound to make.

July 2016

It didn’t happen that way. I didn’t create a writing community but throughout my blogging life I have found many friends all over the world who blog too and who have enriched my life enormously. Thanks!

0 thoughts on “Good Morning Writers… To Blog or not to Blog and how much to Blog ~ That is the question!

  1. Organizing creativity sounds like a conflict of interest 🙂

    I have fallen into a comfy rut of 4 times a week. It suits me, my job and I think it suits my readers. Growth has been slow but I’m ok with that. I split between two prompts/chsllenges, one subject of interest and who knows what will happen Saturday. I hope you find a pace/schedule that works for you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bee Halton says:

      It is but I find you need some sort of routine to give the creativity a safe place to grow. Unfortunately, I am not good with routines. A little “present” from my past. I never had any routines, because of my mother being ill and we had constantly different people caring for us. So routines changed a lot.
      That is why my poor readers have to put up with some excessive blogging at times and nothing at all at others :-). As long as your “rut” works for you it’s fine, I would think.

      Liked by 1 person

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