A Straight Talk with Greta & Svante Thunberg

YouTube suggested this video to me for some time but I didn’t realise that Svante is Greta Thunberg’s father. I also didn’t realise how much her parents are with Greta in her quest and how much they changed their lifestyle to give their children a future.

I am also wondering if we as bloggers have a responsibility here to call things by their name and to start blogging for climate security. If mainstream media isn’t willing or able to talk about what is really important when it comes to the survival of our species and our civilisation shouldn’t we use our blogs to enable humanity to get educated and make the changes that need to be done?

What do you think?

video source: UPFSI via YouTube

4 thoughts on “A Straight Talk with Greta & Svante Thunberg

  1. I think that the media and social media encouragement for individuals to make better choices like having a reusable water bottle, coffee cup, sopping bags etc have made an impact. A few years ago all my friends and I would be buying a bottle of Evian or a take-way cup from Starbucks etc. But now, everyone has a big hessian shopper with a big flask of water and a bamboo coffee cup in it. Both the media and social media do effect the decisions of individuals.

    Many individual people deeply care about our beautiful planet. I think we have all grown up being aware of pollution, but we thought that putting those Evian bottles and coffee cups in a recycling box was enough. But now we know otherwise because of the information broadcast in the media and the disturbing scenes of the damage to our oceans and the amazing creatures that live therein. Now that information has been made more public, many have changed their habits.

    I do think positive educational information enabling people to make better decisions is important.

    With regards to the decisions that need to be made by governments and the commercial world – yikes!!! I just don’t know what to expect of them.

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    • I suspect experiences are very diffrent. The people around me a parted. Half change their behaviour half dont but you are right education is half the battle. However, shouldnt we expect governments and media to tell us the truth of how bad it is? Otherwise I would consider it propaganda or worse censorship.

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      • Thirty years ago when I was at primary school, our teachers, the presenters on TV shows and other sources of information told us that humankind would have used up all the fossil fuels within the next thirty years so it was urgent to switch to other sources of energy.

        When I was a little one, most cars were using leaded fuel – then the switch came to unleaded. We saw all sorts of products that produced CFCs pulled from the shelves and we learnt all about the hole in the ozone layer.

        As children we were taught “do not drop litter” later we were taught about recycling and took part in huge recycling campaigns for Blue Peter etc. My parents taught us to be thrifty and try to mend our clothes and use charity shops. They have also helped us see the commercial world is forever wanting us to buy something and better and it is never ending, but we had to have control of our senses and not be persuaded by peer pressure and advertising to keep up with this crazy and wasteful cycle.

        For as long as I can remember there have been voices speaking out and warning us about the consequences of the current system, and there have been campaigns that have had some impact on people. Many people have perhaps hoped that the changes like the switch to unleaded fuel, the banning of these products producing CFCs, the local council requiring all of us to separate our rubbish and recycling, using renewable products instead of disposing of plastic bags, bottles, coffee cups etc…I think many have hoped that these measures would be making a difference.

        I have been on projects where we were litter picking from rivers and beauty spots, clearing up fly-tipping, clearing out discarded needles that drug users had used…all sorts! It grieves me that there are some individuals who do not seem to care.

        As an individual, my view of money is that is is my bread and butter – it pays the rent and buys my food. I am very content outside of that. But that does not seem to be the way the “world” works today. There is a vast commercial system which is built around planting the desire for more and more and more in people’s hearts. The income from the commercial world and the tax that goes towards the government helps them to provide all these services that we do receive benefits from – police, education, healthcare, rubbish and recycling collections, libraries, all sorts of social services.

        I am not political in any way, but I cannot think of a job I would like less – having making to make awful decisions about what big business is allowed to get away with whilst always having to balance the books in an environment where many people say, we need more police, better education services, better healthcare and more Doctors, nurses and facilities etc

        My view of the world is – and please don’t think I am trying to trivialise the enormity of the situation this world faces…but I think of it like a dog that is infested with fleas. Every now and then mankind rejoices because they think that they have kicked off one of those fleas “Yay! for dolphin friendly tuna”…”Yay” for a new wind farm”…but this dog is absolutely infested with fleas.

        I have read a lot from various scientists and economists and all sorts of people with grave concerns about the future of mankind and I don’t think the government has tried to censor those writers. But if those predictions and forecasts concern me and effect my decisions, I would hope there is some evidence that those who make up the governments are mindful of the very concerning evidence that human activity is having a very serious detrimental effect on our planet to the extent that many feel we are looming towards a point of no return and no recovery.

        I hope I don’t seem unbalanced – I have been a vegetarian for over thirty years and have been a volunteer working on many environmental projects since I was sixteen…but for me the scale of changes that are needed are something that I do not believe human governments could achieve, even if the entire government was made up of those who put the environment first.

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      • I think you are very balanced in your point of view and I love your comparison with the dog and the fleas. Fits perfectly 😁. And I fully agree it can’t be only governments who make the changes. In my opinion, it has to be on all levels from individual to society as a whole. But I also think these changes will happen because I believe we are at a crossroads. The invention of the internet is as big as the evention of farming, the wheel and bookprint. It will change everything and will give rise to a new social system however that might look like. I am not particular positive towards todays political elites though. I guess, I might be too much influenced by my socialist family 😁. I believe that governments come and go in waves. The gap between those who rule and those who dont gets bigger when the rulers get greedy and are not particularly interested in doing good for society. I feel we are at that point. It might be that this is a rather simplistic point of view and I certainly do not want a communist society. I grew up in Germany and have family in the East. I experienced communism and its not a workers heaven. I think both the internet and the climate crisis will lead to something entirely new and it is interesting what will come. Even though I fear it will come with a lot of violence until its birthed.


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