#219 of #365 A Prompt A Day for Bee ~ chaotic

May 2019

You can still give me prompts to challenge my poetry writing if you want to πŸ™‚

January 2015

Oh dear, today I just can’t get into it.
My mind is somehow blank, and no idea is crawling up. Yesterday’s tweet prompt was great, but I do not want to repeat myself too much. Am a bit tired of the haiku, and there is not prompt given by any reader… HINT, HINT, HINT :-).

What’s a poetess to do? Of course, she retreats to “Language is a Virus” to play a little…

Oh dear, Language is a Virus just didn’t do it. I actually had to go to ReadWriteThink for an idea. There you can find the Word Mover and I created a poem with it. Not sure though if I can share it with you…. it might be too silly:


the cliffs of tangerine
have sung a song
of endurance.
bee the bard is terrible
and time has a
hanging trans to a t!
are you bored?
tallying horses will never fail!

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