#218 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ 3.8 Billion Years

I posted this for the first time in January 2015

A few days ago I remembered to use a tweet as my poetry prompt. So today I went on the hunt and found this one:

(*this tweet does not exist anymore that is why it displays like this)

I always think like this pic.twitter.com/nwrjwOOXJU
β€” Fascinating Pictures (@Fascinatingpics) January 3, 2015

I am not sure why I chose exactly this picture and tweet. Probably because I cannot get rid of that feeling that evolution of the human race has come to an end: Common sense is dead, all sorts of radicalism spread everywhere and in so-called “civilised” societies the only thing that seems to count today is consuming as much as possible.

Do I really think so badly of us though?

That question is an invitation for you to verse with me!

3.8 billion

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