#215 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ Haiku

May 2019

I have posted a couple of the poems in this series on their original dates. That is why there is a discrepancy in the numbers in the headline…

January 2015

My biggest discovery in 2014 was the haiku.

In summer, I stumbled over a blog with haiku and as I often had thought about writing them I never got around to it.

A Prompt A Day For Bee was the perfect setting to try myself out and find out more about them. It is such an exciting poetry form that is in flux as the original Japanese form cannot fully be translated into western languages.

What I love about haiku is the shortness of it. You have to pinpoint down what you want to say in a few words. That, I believe is a wonderful exercise for a writer.

So I invite you to write a haiku with me today!

Description for visually impaired readers: light blue sky over a wooden shed and bushes. In middle of picture a tall rose bush with pink blossoms


frozen pond
a rose petal
falls from a bush

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