You go XRyouth!

I am not surprised that this meeting didn’t bring any results because the media I am watching didn’t say anything about it.

But here are the thoughts of youngsters who fight for their future and ours


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In a stepping stone towards reclaiming our future, two of our youth rebels, Savannah @savofmay and Felix @felix7felix , attended meetings with Labour mp John McDonnell and Environment Secretary Michael Gove today, after they agreed to meet with XR following International Rebellion. “No concrete outcome from meeting with Michael Gove.” Gove has claimed he needs more agreement across government before he will declare a climate emergency. Gove has failed to hear the young voices terrified for their future. The international rebellion will continue and we will continue to apply pressure until the 3 demands are met, until young people are given the future they were once promised. We are so proud of our young rebels for stepping up to represent us…this is the beginning of something new and exciting and we will continue to fight. #xr #xry #xryouth #extinctionrebellion #wetheyouth #tellthetruth #wherethefuckisthegovernment #climateaction #climatecrisis #youthrebellion #jointherebellion

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