🐢 I just had to share this… πŸΆ

Please check out this post by Jasmin the Greyt a greyhound whose owner does a lot of volunteer work.

Sophia’s development in the post just made me cry. It’s on Instagram and I hope all of you can see it no matter if you are on it or not …

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β€œHer name is Jasmine? Like the princess?β€πŸ‘ΈπŸ»βž‘οΈ Oh yes, I definitely felt like a princess after a whole morning of small human pets and kisses at the YMCA Healthy Kids Day, along with my friends @fergus_the_greyt and Ben and Edge from @greyhoundpetsinc at @millcreekymca πŸ‘βž‘οΈ Don’t worry, despite what his t-shirt said, he was definitely no monster. πŸ˜…βž‘οΈ And a very special shout-out to my new friend Sophia, who fell in love with my pointy face and kept coming back for more snuggles. 😍➑️ She even listened to all mom’s lines so well that *she* started giving the adoption and awareness spiel to the kids during her last hour with me. β€œDid you know greyhounds have tattoos? Do you know how fast they can run?” πŸ€“β˜ΊοΈ By the end of the afternoon, she knew she was going to adopt a black greyhound when she grew up, name her Jasmine, and take her to the national AKC show. 😍😍😍 Sophia, we promise to cheer you on. ❀️ #hkd2019 #ymcahealthykidsday #smallhumansrock #littlehandslittlepats #firsttimenofearforonelittleboy #newdogwalkingvolunteerforanother #sohonored #millcreekymca

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Ah, it did insert the post here. Wonderful. Couldn’t see it on my phone πŸ‘

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